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The Motel Clerk

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This is definitely a fantasy story, like this would ever really happen in real life, but for all you women out there, ya never know!

It was late, she found herself in a strange city, how she'd gotten here, she wasn't sure. But she did know that she had to find a place to stay for the night. She found a motel that wasn't all booked up, she went in to the rental office and found herself facing a dangerously handsome man behind the desk. "I need a room for the night!" She said. "I might be able to fix you up!" he studied her for the longest time. She felt as though he were undressing her with his piercing dark eyes. Her face went pink with a slight blush. "Do you have a room with a view of the town?" "Let's see here, MY room has a very nice view of the town, it overlooks everything!" "I'm not interested in taking your room, I'm only here for one night." "it only takes one night to get used to the comfort in that room, I'll be workin' down here most the night anyway, is there any certain time you need to be awakened?" "I think I should find another hotel!" she quickly said and started to retreat, "I have the only vacant room in town, there's a convention going on and since I'm the owner and manager here, I always have a room, and you're more than welcome to use it tonight." She stopped in her tracks, "you're telling me that you won't try anything with me?" "Not unless you WANT me to!" he winked and then showed brilliant white teeth when he smiled at her. "I guess I have no choice but to use your room for the night! How much do I have to pay for this room?" "Nothing, here's the key, go on up, get comfy for the night, I'll call you in the morning, but you didn't give me a time." "8:00 will be fine, thank you!" she turned to leave the lobby, "Excuse me Miss, but ... I'll be waking you up in person then, I get off at 7:00 am, and I'll be really tired, but when you get up to my room, the penthouse suite actually, you'll notice there's more than one bed in there, so don't worry, I'll try not to disturb you til 8:00" "Thank you so much for your hospitality!" she said then walked to the elevator. "When she reached the penthouse of the owner, she let herself in with the key he'd given her. She looked around and was very astounded with the eloquent beauty of the room, she just wanted to bathe and jump into bed.

Morning came quickly, she was awakened by the voice of her host, "Good morning Miss, I wasn't sure if you'd be hungry, but I had the kitchen make up a nice breakfast for you." He set the tray beside the bed. "Thank you!" she said in half surprise.

"I take it you slept well in the bed!" "like a rock" she said. "That's good, now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shower, and then I'll join you for breakfast!" "oh, sure, go ahead" She thought she'd take the opportunity while he was showering to get dressed and get out of there, but she wasn't quick enough.

"Leaving so soon? you haven't had your breakfast yet!" he came out of the bathroom, only wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. He was turning her on and he knew it, "come sit down and eat something!" Just then his towel drooped a bit, exposing his growing, thickness below, she could tell that he wanted her, but she wasn't ready for anything like this. "I really think I need to go now!" "Stick around, you might enjoy my company, I'm not quite ready for sleep yet, I need something to eat first myself." He got up off the bed, letting his towel fall to the floor exposing all his body for her to see, she turned as if she was embarrassed, but she didn't want him to see the lust in her eyes. He walked over to her, turned her around to face him and planted a kiss on her soft wet lips that made her gush wetness from below. She kissed him back, he picked her up and carried her back to the bed. He undressed her slowly, licking and nibbling as he went along, when he got down to her panties, he could tell she was wet for him, he removed those as well, in one swift movement, her legs were letting him between them and he was getting to her with his tongue at first, then moved up to slide his rock hardness into her very wet pussy.

She groaned a bit as he entered her, but he felt so good and she was so hot for him she came within seconds of his first few thrusts, then she kept on cumming, she wanted this man like none other she'd ever met, his rugged handsomeness and his big stiff rod made her want him more, "Fuck me harder!" she said, as she raised her legs up to his shoulders, he took her in one deep stroke then exploded his own load of hot steaming cum, He kept up the stroke as not to go down too quickly, and it never happened til the next time he came, he wanted to keep going in her til they were both physically and sexually spent.

When they were through, he got up, gently kissing the inside of her thighs and then got the tray of food and sat back down on the bed. "Well now, we seemed to have worked ourselves up quite an appetite, how 'bout some breakfast now?" She rolled over and looked at him, she smiled because she knew she didn't really have any place to go, she was a new stranger in town but that wouldn't last long. "Yes, I could go for something to eat, she said, and then she scooted down between his legs and started licking their juices off him, he was quite surprised that she would do this, but let her continue, soon he was ready to shoot another hot load of cum, he said "I'm gonna cum now!" she nodded her head as if to say, go for it. As soon as he did, she took him deep into her throat and didn't spill a drop, as she wanted to make this new man in her life happy. "Now," she said, "I'm ready for that coffee!" they smiled at each other and then he asked her to stay on a few days, she agreed, the days turned into weeks, then months, they partied together, sometimes they even went out to parties, but always went back to the motel and had hot passionate sex before they'd go to sleep.

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