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The Mailman, First time, a mailman delivers

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You know the saying ?the Mailman always delivers?, well I can honestly say that it?s true. I have lived in the same home for over 10 years and just recently began working from home. Talk about the pleasure of not having g to get up, get dressed and fight the traffic going to work and from work. I just get up, shower and have a cup of coffee and don?t have to leave the house. I can be naked all day!

Something happened before I started working from home. I was sick and home from work being bored to tears when the doorbell rang. I pulled myself up from the couch to answer the door and there stood a handsome mailman. Goodness, I almost fell out the door!He asked if I was Ms Davis-Brown and I said ?Yes I am?. He then stated he had a certified letter for me and would I please sign for it. As he handed me the letter, our hands brushed. The heat that his hand sent through me was beyond hot---it was electrifying! As I signed the form and handed the paperwork back to him, he said ?Have a good day?, and he was gone. I closed the door and I though oh my goodness, this mailman is at my home every day.I could think of all the things I would like to do to him and with him.

Trying to get those thoughts out of my mind, I went through the mail and sat down to eat lunch and watch TV. While I am watching TV, thoughts of the handsome mailman were in my mind. Suddenly I heard the door bell ringing again. Damn I thought, interrupting my dreams, who is it now? To my surprise, it was the handsome mailman! I asked if I could help him and he said I could. As he stepped into the house pushing the door closed, pulled me into his arms and started kissing me passionately. I struggled to get away from him. He then started to laugh. ?Well huh?, I asked, ?Am I that funny?? He said, ?No, it?s just that most women would love having the mailman kiss them and you?re trying to get away.? We both laughed at this. I then asked why he would want to kiss most women, and he said he feels that most women have a fantasy about being with the mailman and he had thought perhaps I did as well. At this statement, I stepped back into his arms and began kissing him, rubbing my hands on his body feeling him rise in his mailman shorts. I could feel his skin through the shorts??no underwear. As I lead him into the living room, I started to remove my clothes. He stopped me saying he would like to do that for me. I am tall and curvy, and he matched me for height but his curves were in totally different places. ?A Mailman?, my mind was shouting at me, ?Am I out of my mind!?

When all our clothes had dropped to the floor, we began to explore each other?s bodies. His cock was long and thick. It was massive! I pushed him onto his back and crawled between his legs, taking his cock into my mouth and sucking it into full hardness. As I turned my body around, not once letting his cock slip from my mouth, I placed my trimmed pussy over his mouth. As I felt his tongue explore my lips, I melted. I started to stroke his cock faster and suck quicker. As I massaged his testeles I felt the heat and could tell he was ready to release his seed in my mouth. I massaged faster and licked, stroked and sucked harder. I felt his cum explode into my throat! Unable to control myself, my pussy erupted into his mouth spilling all the passion that had been built up! As I rolled off him, I knew we weren?t through?he was still hard.

He positioned me on the couch pulling my bottom to the edge, and began licking my clit clean. His hands were gently pinching and twisting my nipples, making them hard and eager for his tongue. As he moved from my clit to my breast, I felt his hardness push into my opening, stretching me to accommodate his thickness. ?OHHHHHH!!!!? I moaned as each thrust came. I tried to keep up pushing my hips against each thrust, meeting his hips with mine. His cock seemed to grow bigger with each lunge. Putting my hand between our bodies, I rubbed my clit so he could feel what I was feeling. My pussy muscles tightened to hold him deep in me. I was in heaven to say the least, and with the mailman at that! I felt his body go rigid against mine, feeling him fill my pussy, feeling my juice mix with his, and seeing the fireworks explode!!

Gently pushing his body from mine, I asked how often he did this on his delivery route. Laughing he said that this was the first time and this wasn?t his regular delivery route. But he would be sure to make it his now.

So now you know the Mailman always delivers, and I should know because I married him

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