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The Last Train....erotic train ride.

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As I awoke this morning, I looked forward to a truly amazing day with my babe. We were going on a train tour through the Wine country, and I felt in my heart that this would be a trip to remember.

The Napa Valley can be so beautiful at this time of the year?.All the vineyards were at their peak, the vines full of luscious robust gr*pes, that eventually were made into select nectars?As we boarded the quaint little train, I noticed inside, that this was not your typical train..It had small private berths, ornate in rich red velveteen hues, deep mahogany wood and brass fixtures. The seats were of a deep brown leather?and their was a small bar in each berth?The train itself, smelled of cedar and orange oil?These were very seductive scents?My man slid the door to our berth closed, and stood at the door, turned around and grinned at me?He said," Darlin, this is absolutely perfect, and look here, the berth locks from this inside out." My eyes lit up with a twinkle, and I felt myself go flush?I stood up and went to the window in our berth and looked out?.the sun was beaming through, and it warmed my skin?I turned around, and saw him looking at me?..undressing me?.he loved it when I wore short skirts, thigh high nylons and garters, sheer blouses and lacy bra's. I wanted this to be a perfect trip?.one that neither of us would ever forget?.Slowly, I lifted my skirt up to my belly and showed him what I had in store for him?.he licked his lips, and smiled?.."Nice baby?.very nice". As he walked over to the bar, he asked me if I wanted to taste the treasures that was left on the cart?..I asked him for some tart white wine?and he poured two glasses?As I lifted this nectar to my lips, the bouquet was intense, and I slid my tongue into it?it's taste lingered in my mouth, mmmmmmm..this was delicious?.I watched as he sat himself down on the leather couch, undid the buttons on his jacket, and sat back and admired me?As I stepped back?I looked at his piercing blue eyes, and devilish grin?I knew he wanted a show?..and a show was what he was going to get.. Music was being piped into the berth, it was a seductive, slow tempo music?and I swayed my hips to it??As I set my glass down, I stood in front of him and started to strip for him?..First I undid the small black buttons on my blouse, one at a time,? watching his eyes dance over me, made me feel so wanted, so loved?it slid off my shoulders and fell to the floor?there I stood, in a small burgundy skirt, black lacy bra, and high heels?.He loved this?.my fingers were on the zipper of my skirt, unzipping, and I looked up as he undid the zipper of his trousers, and started to caress his cock..I stepped out of my skirt?there I stood?.legs slightly apart, but firmly planted in front of him?..and I reached up and put both forefingers and thumbs on each nipple, and gently stroked?.I loved the way this felt?.and my nipples became erect immediately?slowly, methodically, I circled each one?..feeling the pangs of desire emit from the pit of my stomache?as I reached around and unsnapped my bra?..I saw that his erection was wonderfully full, and he stroked slowly as he watched me..I tossed my daintys at him, and he immediately raised them to his nose and inhaled?He loved my scent?.He thought it was intoxicating?.I stepped back and placed both hands cupping my breasts, slightly pushing them together and massaging them?These were definetly a message center for my whole body, and I shivered in anticipation of the cumming events?I lifted one nipple up to my lips..and tasted it?mmmm?..while I was doing this, I felt my breath intensify?and swayed my hips with the tempo of the music?..I could feel myself starting to get very wet?.I looked at him and he motioned for me to come closer?as I drew nearer, I saw that the head of his cock was glistening and wet?..I smiled?I was so happy to see that he was enjoying himself as much as I was?.Standing in front of him?..he placed his hands on my hips, and brought me to his lips?.sliding his tongue deep inside of me?.and running his hands up and down my thighs?I closed my eyes and rocked to his rhythm?.I felt my self start to drip..he raised his fingers to my aching lips?and slid then down my crease?into a pool of honey, and back up to my clit?my legs started to shake?.I had to have him right now??as I stepped back, he looked at me?with puzzlement, but as I sank to my knees, he smiled?and I leaned forward and slipped off his trousers?he was fully erect?As I leaned forward to take him in my mouth, my nipples brushed back and forth on the tops of his thighs?this sent sparks of pleasure down my spine?..I took him into my wet, warm lips, and darted my tongue over the top and around the rim?.he stiffened his muscles, and arched himself to my lips?with one hand I stroked him as my tongue travelled up and down his pulsating cock?.and I could taste his wetness?mmmmmm?.I truly savored this taste..I knew I wanted to feel him inside me. all warm and stiff, so as I lifted myself up to him, and put one thigh on each side of his hips..I inched my way down on to him?.rolling my hips in circled motions?I bent my lips to his, and , hungrily, searched for his tongue with mine??we kissed deeply and wetly? hands on his shoulders, I sped up my circling and rocking on his cock?his fingers tightened on my ass, as they caressed each smooth cheek, and I felt the sweat beading up on my neck and face and spiraling down between my breasts, and pooling at the spot between us?.I looked into his eyes, and saw that he was close to cumming?our moaning intensified?as I slammed my self harder and harder down onto him??I leaned back, and rubbed my clit on his cock, and felt my self starting to cum?and as I told him babe, "I'm cumming"?..he let out a moan in ecstasy that he too was cumming?.we pumped furiously?.draining each drop of each other, and feeling the spasms of delight?.I layed my head on his chest, breathless?..panting??and there was a knock on the door?..It was the Porter,?? please??We hadn't even left the station yet??.mmmmm?.six more hours on the train?this would be something I'll never forget??


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