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The Lagoon

I went to the lake with Jerm, my boyfriend, and Mark, his roommate.
They had a boat and wanted to go fishing. I was going to go swimming
and get some sun on my winter pale body. I am a red head with pale
skin and lots of freckles. It takes a lot of effort to tan. I
usually use the commercial tanning salons. But since it was
latespring and the weather was nice I would use the old fashion method

I got a favorite book and sat on my beach towel for a couple of
hours. I became bored and took a walk. The winter and spring had
been real dry. The lake was very low which created an out of the
ordinary wide beach area along its banks. The beach was lined with
interesting rocks and drift wood. The patterns in the sand were
interesting to see. Every few yards a different animal track led to
the water.

As I walked along looking at the things on the beach, I was unaware
of the distance I had traveled. Not that it mattered to me anyway,
but I had gone around two or three coves in the lake and had walked
for about an hour. I had come to another cove, but this one was not
open to the lake like the others. It was a small opening a little
larger than a creek with overhanging tree limbs from a large willow.
As you passed through the willow branches the water opened up into a
lagoon area about fifty foot across and long. Water was feeding into
the lagoon from a creek at the opposite end and running into the lake
under the willow branches. The sun shown through the trees that
surrounded the area and reflected off the water like a mirror ball in
a dancehall. Light flickered on every tree. There was a small area
were the trees were not close to the water and a sandy beach was
formed. The sun hit that spot almost all day.

I had found the perfect secluded spot. I spread my towel and laid
down to sun and read my book. After a few minutes I decided I was
hidden enough that I could remove my bikini and tan nude as I do in
the commercial tanning booths. I laid there, my nude body exposed to
nature. It was wonderful. I have always enjoyed being outdoors and
the added excitement of being nude started in my inner soul. I
couldn't concentrate on the book I had and laid it down. I sat and
soaked up the sun on my body. With my eyes closed I listened to the
birds in the trees. I could hear boats racing by on the main portion
of the lake. The first time startled me and I raised up ready to
clothed myself. I realized that they were either heading in to the
dock or out to the fishing areas. If they even looked my way they
couldn't see me through the willow branches. I relaxed and ignored
the boats.

The spring day was warm. I soon found myself parched from the heat.
Sweat was covering my body. It felt good to warm in the sun after the
winter months but I needed to protect my pale skin from heat. A cool
swim would do the trick, so I waded in.

The water was nice. It relieved the burning sensation immediately.
The lagoon was deep in the center. I ducked and swam its length under
water. When I emerged on the other side, I found a muddy bank. The
mud felt good on my skin. I rolled in it, covering my entire body and
hair. The lake I was on was fed by the Red River at the border of
Texas and Oklahoma. It was named for the Red mud of the area that
washed down it. I was now covered in that red mud. I rubbed it into
my skin and caressed my breast with it.

I heard a sound from close behind me and to the left. My head turned
so fast it sprained my neck. The pain in my neck made me yelp
slightly. I heard steps but couldn't turn my head. I had to turn my
whole body to see the approaching intruder.

It was a boy. Not a young boy. Older, senior high school age.
Maybe not a boy at all but his face was boyish. He wore overalls but
the straps were hanging down behind him. He didn't have on a shirt.
He was tall and his hair was sun bleached. He was wearing lace up
work boots that were untied and open, showing absent socks. He was
dirty in appearance but handsome in form. His full chest suggested he
spent most of his time in hard labor. He had a fishing pole and
small metal tackle box in his hands, not the fancy type that Jerm and
Mark had in their boat, but an old faded stiff pole with a reel made
of tin. The tackle box looked like a beat up tool box that was no
longer strong enough to haul tools.

He stopped at the edged of the mud and looked at me. I didn't say a
word but blushed under the mud. I tried to cover myself with my arms
and hands but he had already seen the whole me. I thought about
diving back to the water and swimming for my clothes and towel. I
would make a dash for safety of the open lake area. But I didn't

The stranger squatted down on his heals still staring at me. The
straps to his overalls dragged the ground.

"What!" I yelled at him.

He didn't answer.

"I'll scream!"

No one would probably hear me but I had to bluff.

He still didn't answer me. He sat down and removed his shoes. He
then stood up, smiled at me, and dropped his overalls to the ground.
He wasn't wearing anything under them. I would have screamed and ran
at that moment but I was stunned by what I saw. He was huge. Really
huge. I have had many lovers with organs to brag about but he put
them to shame. He just smiled at me and grabbed a rope hanging from a
tree. I watched as he swung out over the middle of the lagoon and
dropped into the water. When he came up he was in the center. He
waved at me to come to him.

I stood up a little off balance in the middle of the mud. I was no
longer hiding my nudity. The boy's smile had disarmed my fear and his
body had started a desire deep inside me. I fell climbing the bank of
mud. The boy laughed from the water. It was the first sound I heard
from his lips. I struggled to the bank top and gestured to him. He
waded a little distance to the end of the rope hanging to the water.
Pulling back, he slung it to me. I missed and he grabbed it on the
return. Again he slung it to me and I clumsily caught it before it
fell back. A knot was tied in the rope near the end. I put a foot
into it, jumped and swung to the middle of the lagoon.

With a splash the mud was gone from my body and hair. I emerged from
the now red cloudy water into the boy's face. He smiled at my pale
skin and wet red hair. As he looked at me I was drawn to him. He was
slowly wading backwards from me, back towards the mud bank. I
followed like a stray puppy that had been discovered, given attention
and now wanted to play. When he neared the bank close enough to touch
bottom, he stopped. I still couldn't touch it and wrapped my arms
around him. Our lips met as he kissed me.

This boy was a stranger but I felt as if he had been destined to be
my lover from birth, as if my parents and relatives had told me
stories about him all my life. I had never seen him but knowing every
detail anyway, I was in love with him and wanted him.

I melted into his arms and wouldn't relinquish the kiss. He carried
me up to the bank and laid me in the soft mud. My arms would not
unwind from his neck. His big hand caressed one of my breasts,
covering it again with mud. He kissed my neck. I turned my head,
laying half a cheek into the red moisture. He took the clean nipple
into his mouth as I moaned and arched my back with pleasure.

The mud felt as if it were a bed of silk sheets flowing onto our
bodies. The seeming mattress was feathered and so soft that any
movement would sink into its mass.

I willingly spread wide for him as his erect organ started to
penetrate me. I moaned loudly as it entered and pushed deep inside.
I could feel his weight pressing me deep into the mud. At first I
hurt from the size of him but it soon turned to passion and warmth.
With my arms around his neck he lifted his upper body as he began to
pump into my warm insides. My hands slid down, rubbing the mud that
was on his chest. I closed my eyes and let the moment happen with
this boy.

I listened to the wind blowing through the trees of the lagoon. My
mind was clear, my body was flowing with the rhythm of my silent lover
and my heart was racing with the excitement of intense passion.

I felt the orgasm flow up my body. It started deep inside. I moaned
with every push he made inside me. And with every moan the orgasm
rose closer to the surface. He could feel it come up inside me as his
own body picked up pace. I was spread by the size of him and started
to shake. I felt him miss a beat and then force his whole organ deep
into me. I shook and groaned loudly as he pulsed his seed into me.
My own orgasm shook my body.

The mud that was splattered and smeared over our bodies was dried
along the edges. The boy kissed me long and then lifted himself from
my spread body. I raised up watching him slide down and under the
water. He emerged just beyond the mud bank and climbed out. I
continued to watch as he walked back behind the mud, found his
overalls and pulled them up but left the straps hanging. He sat down
and put on his shoes but didn't tie the laces either. He smiled,
picked up his fishing pole and box, turned and walked away.

I watched as he disappeared in the trees. I wished I could follow
him or he could come with me. But we were from different worlds. It
would spoil the memories we had.

I washed the mud off in the lagoon and returned to my towel and
clothes. When I got back to the boat dock, Jerm and Mark hadn't
returned. I laid out my towel on the sandy beach and watched the
light reflect the ripples in the water. I would never forget the
boy's face or the passion of that lagoon. I hoped that he wouldn't
forget the muddy girl he found at his fishing hole.

End of Story

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