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The Interview

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I received E-Mail for an interview for a new job I had applied for on-line and get prepared to go check it out the company, it is new to me, and I don't know the interviewer at all or much about the company itself so I want to make a good first impression. I head into the bathroom and shower, shave, get dressed, and put on a dash of my favorite cologne. Looking at my watch I punch the address into my GPS to see where it is located and make sure to leave myself plenty of time so I won't be late. On the way driving there I start to wonder what kind of questions they will ask me, how will I answer, am I too old, too young, I'm getting nervous but I keep driving, traffic is light and I get there a little earlier than the 5:00pm appointment so I find a coffee shop and sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee before I go back for the interview.

As I drove back to the companies parking lot near the main entrance at 4:50pm and I notice a lot of people coming out and getting into there cars, must be the end of there shift I think to myself. Looking at my watch I notice it?s almost 5:00pm I don't want to be too early or late so I go in the front door and walk over to the receptionist?s desk. "Hello may I Help You" comes from an elderly lady behind the desk, "Yes I am here for an interview with Ms. Tremble in the H.R. Department I have a 5:00pm appointment with her," I replied. "Okay let me see if she is ready to see you,? she answered. The woman picked up her phone and dialed, after a brief pause she said "Your 5:00 Interview is here", "Okay I'll tell him" after hanging up the phone she directed me down a long hallway, "It is the last office on the left, and good luck" She said and I thanked her.

As I walked down the hallway I noticed that it was very quiet, almost to quiet for a manufacturing company, and all the office lights were off as I continued down the very long hallway. I see the last office has a dim light on and I stop for a second to check my appearance, it is summer time and I'm wearing a pair of Docker Shorts and a Polo style shirt, I have sandals on my feet and wonder if that was appropriate but it's too late now to change anyway, besides it is the hottest part of the summer I'm sure she will understand. A few deep breaths to try and calm my nerves then I knock on the door. "Come In it's open" I hear from the other side.

Entering the office I see Ms. Tremble, and she is talking to someone on the phone "Hi Joe, sorry my interview just got here," a short pause then "No problem you can go, just leave the light on in the table area so I can show this guy what he will be working with," a pause again, "Have a great weekend yourself too it has been a long week, bye" I extend my hand to her and she stands up to greet me, "Hello I'm Patty Tremble" and we shake hands "You must be Larry?", "Yes mam I am here for the supervisor position", is my response. Patty is a very attractive woman I would guess too be in here mid to late 30's, just over 5 feet tall with long shoulder length hair. She is wearing a short pencil type skirt with stockings that nicely showed off her shapely legs, high heels, and a button down shirt that is conservatively covering her small but pert breasts. Patty moves from behind the desk and takes a seat next to it and motions for me to do so as well in a chair directly facing her. She reaches over to the desk, grabs a folder and opens it up, "Lets see here,? "You have a very impressive resume, it appears you are very well qualified for the position.? "Thank you Ms. Tremble," I respond, "Oh, we are not that formal here just call me Patty", "Okay Patty".

It is very warm in the office and I loosen a button on my shirt, "Damm those guys they must have shut off the A/C for the weekend, I told them I would be here late", Patty says seeming slightly angered. The phone rings again and she picks it up, "Hello Shelia, yes that is fine I'm okay go ahead home and enjoy the weekend, looks like those idiots shut off the A/C again", a pause and a laugh, "Just go ahead and lock the door behind you I will lock up when we leave", Sorry about that Larry that was the receptionist", "I understand,? I reply. Patty continues reading my resume and as she does she unconsciously crosses her legs hiking her skirt up so I can see the top of her thigh high stockings and a tiny peak of her pink cotton panties. I try to turn my head away and not state but it is too late I can feel my manhood stating to respond to the mental picture sitting right across from me. I try to adjust my sitting position to cover up my starting to get obvious arousal. "Like I said it looks like you have the experience, what about your salary, what are you looking to earn with us?", I look back at her again this time she is holding her hand at the top of her shirt and unbuttons the top button of her blouse, "Excuse me but it is so hot in here I need to get more air," Patty continues to unbutton a few more of the buttons and then pulls her lapels back waving her hand like a fan and smiling at me as I sneak a peek at her push-up bra and the tops of her nicely shaped breasts. I adjust my sitting position again but it isn't working as she keeps showing me more and more of her body and I really want to reach down inside my pants and readjust my growing erection but can?t. Now I am stuck like the proverbial deer in the headlights and can?t stop starring at her legs and chest when she asks again,? So Larry what are you looking for earnings here if we were to hire you?" I pause for a second, remembering where I am and look directly into her eyes, " If you could match the salary I have at the last job and promise me performance raises along the way that would be fine with me.?

?I think we can do that, let me show you what you will be working on," follow me.

Patty stands up and readjusts her skirt that is stuck to her stockings and blushes a little before motioning me to the door. I hold the door open and we both walk out into the factory. Not knowing where I am going I follow behind Patty, she has a very sexy and sensual walk and my eyes are glued to her pencil skirt and swaying hips daydreaming about what is underneath it now that I had a stolen a peek at her thigh highs and panties. Patty stops and waves her hand around in a circle, "We manufacture furniture, mostly catalog type stuff but also custom built as well, you would be in charge of the custom department that is in the next warehouse." Patty begins walking again, it is very warm in the factory, but my eyes are still fixated to her legs and backside as she walks along and talks. I don't even remember what she was saying and the next thing I know we are in the second warehouse.

"Well this is it, your new home if you want it?', Patty laughs as she turns around to face me, "What kind of custom furniture do you make here?", I ask. ?Let me Show you,? she says. We walk a little further and there is a bunch of furniture in different stages of completion, "Sometimes it is just a custom fabric or color and sometimes a unique piece a little shorter or longer than the normal dimensions, but this is my favorite piece we make", Patty points to a massage table with a dark teal colored leather covering. Patty taps the top of the table and says, ?Sit on it it's really comfortable.? I hop up on the edge of the table and she?s right the stuffing is remarkable something like memory foam padding that conforms right around my butt and almost feels like your floating. Patty unfastens a few more buttons on her blouse and fans herself with her hand again, "It is so hot in here today I can't take this, sorry if I'm embarrassing you," "It is hot it's okay, not a problem" I now have a view of the butterfly type pattern of Patty's bra and even spot her nipples are poking out a bit through the thin material and the bra is pushing her breasts in and up creating some very nice cleavage as well. ?You seem a little uncomfortable Larry,? Patty says as she hops up next to me on the table. "I'm okay,? I say as I look down to her legs and see the exposed tops of her nylons again. Patty places hand on the back of my neck, "Your nervous aren't you?", "Yes, I really need a job" I reply, "Well don't be we are a small company and we are all very friendly if you know what I mean", she says then winks at me. I must have blushed a little because I could see where she was headed. "Ever use one of these?", Patty said, patting the table next to her. "Well I like to give massages but have never actually used a real table usually a bed or chair.? "Oh it's so much easier on the table.? ?How about giving me a massage so you can get familiar with the tables we make, besides I haven?t had a decent massage in a long time", Patty never even waited for my answer she just started to lift her already halfway unbuttoned shirt right off over her head. ?Oh that feels cooler already, let me take yours off too.? Patty then proceeded to lift my shirt off and I offered no resistance. "Mmmm, nice chest you have," she said as she started running her hand over my hair covered chest, ?I can't wait to feel those nice strong hands on my body," I was slightly dumfounded but I watched intently as Patty stood up, unfastened her skirt, let it fall to the floor, then stepped out of it. She was now standing in front of me in her see through bra, pink panties, black thigh highs, and high heels, very sexy indeed. Patty then raised her leg toward me and said "Be a sweetie and take of my shoes and stockings for me", I unhooked the strap of the first shoe and gently tugged it from her foot, then slid my hand up over her calf to the top of her stocking and slowly slid the thigh high from her leg while staring at the prominent impression of her vaginal lips that formed in her panties. Her skin felt so soft and feminine the feeling was wonderful against my rough working hands. "Nice, your half way there keep going", Patty raised her other leg to me teasingly and rocking her foot up and down like an exotic dancer, "I think your liking this too much?, she giggled, "Oh yes you have a very beautiful and sexy body and it will be my pleasure to massage every inch of it,? now losing some of my shyness. With both her legs are naked she spun around so her back was toward me. Patty pulled her hair to the side and said, "Should I leave the rest on or will that make you uncomfortable with me being completely naked?" "What ever you want is okay with me," was my reply. Patty motioned toward the bra strap "I like the nakedness feeling when I'm being massaged it is very relaxing and it?s so hot it will feel nice and cool, go ahead take it off."

My hands were trembling but somehow I managed to undo the hooks and let her bra fall forward into her hands that she had cupped over her breasts to catch it. She surprised me when she then spun around quickly and wrapped the bra around the back of my neck pulling me forward toward her. She smiled at me in a sinister way as she stared directly into me eyes, we paused a second, my lips parted and I felt the softness of our first kiss, we backed away from each other for a moment, then I leaned forward without her pulling on my neck and her kissed longer and more deeply, our tongues intertwined with our eyes closed tightly it was amazing. "Mmmm, very nice but lets get started", it was like nothing even happened and I was slightly disappointed. Patty laid on her back lifted her butt up and pulled her panties down and off her legs exposing a nicely trimmed pubic area. Patty lifted herself up n her elbows she said, "You like what you see,? and winked again. I was mesmerized and didn't know what to say just nodded my head in agreement.

Patty laughed and rolled over onto her stomach "Okay let me see what you got Larry". I walked to the end of the table and started with her feet taking each one in my hand and carefully but firmly massaged the bottoms of each foot, gently tugging on all of her toes and massaging the arches firmly. ?Oh that?s a good start, I do a lot of walking here and my feet get very tired.? After finishing with her feet I slowly moved to her ankles and with long soft strokes up her calves to the back of her knees and I could feel her muscles relax and was noticing that her legs were falling slightly more open with the relaxing touch. Patty stayed silent; it was so quiet I think you could hear our hearts beating and deep breathing that was about it. Moving still higher I began to massage Patty's thighs, she had tan lines from her bikini so using that as a reference I began another series of a little firmer long slow stokes from the back of her knees to the edge of the tan lines them returning on the outside of her thighs. "Oh that feels really good", Patty said softly, "Keep going".

Patty's ass was very shapely for a small woman and very firm to the touch. I took each of her cheeks in my hands and began a circular motion massage pressing just a little harder every few minutes using my thumbs on the very bottom where it met her thighs being careful not to be too rough. After a few minutes of caressing her buttocks I climbed up on the table with her and straddled her legs so I could work on Patty?s back. Starting at the small of her back I stroked upward with my hands then when reaching her shoulders I slid them over to her sides and caressed her sides on the return stroke. Patty moaned a little so I could tell I was doing a good job for her, "Are you sure you never did this before", she asked, "Never on a table like this", was my reply. "Oh it feels really good don't stop", I continued to rub her back for a while until Patty rolled to the side and said "Okay lets see how you do on the other side before I fall asleep."

I got off the table again and let Patty roll onto her back. Starting again at her feet I began massaging but to be honest the growing in my pants was getting the best of me and I rushed over to her ankles again, slowly and methodically stroking from her ankles to her knees in a smooth fluid motion. Reaching further up I began to rub her thighs again running my hands slowly up the inner thighs and crossing over at the bikini lines to return on the outer thighs. She was liking this I could tell as Patty's legs parted more and more each time I slid my hands ever so slowly over her silky soft skin, I increase the pressure a little then later decreased it to a feathers touch in the end lightly grazing my fingertips over her nicely tanned legs that were shivering with the light touch. Moving to the side of the table and purposely skipping over her now obviously moistened pubic area I began stroking her chest from her hips to the bottom of her breasts opening my hand to gently cup each of them at the top of the stroke before dragging my knuckles back down her stomach to the top of the bikini line and feeling her tighten her tummy with each stroke. "Am I tickling you", I asked. A very weakened "No, keep going" was all I got out of her so I continued. Reaching her breasts and cupping them at the top of my stroke I paused for a moment and gently squeezed them making her tremble slightly and stopped touching them for now.

I then started on Patty?s hands taking each of them and rubbing the palms and stroking each of her fingers like they were tiny penises until they fell limp in my hands. Working my way up her wrists to her forearms then her shoulders of both arms, and laying them gently by her side after I finished. I then moved to the top of the table and positioned my hands under Patty's neck caressing her neck and her shoulders to the top of the back of her head then leaned forward and kissed her eyelids lightly brushing my tongue against each of them kissing lightly until I reached her lips that were already parted. I leaned forward a little more and I could feel the warmth of her breath as our lips touched and we kissed passionately her tongue slipped past my lips and into my mouth meeting mine we teased each other?s tongues lightly brushing against each other. Patty opened her eyes and reached over with her hand to the front of my shorts and pulled at my belt to try to undo it, I backed away and said, "Not yet your not done", she put up no resistance as I got on the table again a straddled her, while slowly caressing her firm breasts with my hands in a circular motion but avoiding her eraser shaped nipples that were hard as a rock now, after a few minutes I would let me fingers accidentally and ever so lightly brush against the tips of her nipples. Patty's breathing was getting heavier with each passing moment and she was arching her back a little as well trying to push her breasts into my hands. I stopped stroking and leaned down to lick and nibble her ears and neck and she let out a low moaning sound and I raised back up and flipped my hands over ever so lightly brushing the back sides of my hands over her firm globes and she would arch up to try to make my touch firmer but I would back off and continue to keep it light and tease her a little, I was starting to like this. Leaning forward again toward her breasts I gently blew the warm air of my breath on her one of her nipples while still brushing light with my fingertips on the other one, I moved closer and extended my tongue and with the tip lightly licked her rock hard nipple bringing another chill though her stretched out body. I continued doing that from one side to the other and again, licking, blowing kissing then gently nibbling each swelling teat and she would arched her back up to meet me in anticipation, but this time as I sucked hard on her nipple I slid my hand down her stomach and gently over her moist pussy lips, they were warm and already lubricated with her juices.

"Hmmm, looks like someone's waiting to see me", "Come here you", Patty demanded, "Take those pants off now," even louder so I know she meant business. I unfastened my belt but I guess it wasn't fast enough because she sat right up and practically ripped my pants and underwear right off me, and I laughed. After stepping out of my pants I moved back a bit so I was just out of her reach and said,? Lay back down", Patty reluctantly did and I lifted and bent each of her legs so I could have good positioning for my head between her thighs. I started kissing and licking the inner thigh area just above her knees slowly working my way downward stopping just short of her vaginal area and stopped a second to admire her full engorged lips all wet with moisture. I then began kissing then parting those swollen lips with a gentle lick of my outstretched tongue. Her legs spread wider as I continued to lick her sacred area, slowly sliding my tongue along side and over the thin sheath that covered her clitoris while listening and watching Patty's reactions. Gently I inserted my finger inside her curled upward and began to rub repeatedly and gently while still using my tongue encircling the dampness of her wet lips. Patty started to quiver her hips moving ever so slowly like she was making love to my tongue then she tightened up and moaned loudly but I didn't stop and a couple minutes later another wave came over her this time her reaching down and forcefully pushing my head back telling me to stop, now panting she blurted out, ?FUCK ME NOW?

Placing my hands on her small hips I pulled Patty down to the end of the table so that her ass was resting right on the edge and her legs dangling off to the sides. I held my rock hard cock in my hand and gently stroked it's full length while she panted in anticipation, "Stop teasing me, please fuck me", a much calmer tone now. I continued to stroke myself teasingly and took my time moving closer before pressing just the head of my cock against her wet pussy. Patty grabbed her breasts in her hands and started squeezing them as I rubbed my manhood up and down her wetness a few times to get it nice and lubricated. "Please stick it in me", "Please I want to feel it inside me", I couldn't torture her any longer and brought my helmet shaped head against her damp opening pushing my hips forward and allowing just the tip to go inside her. "Ahhhhhhhh, that is so good" she moaned,? So good! I want all of it" Slowly I moved my hips back and forth as I lifted her legs up to my shoulders to rest comfortably. With each stroke I ventured a little deeper until my full length was completely inside her tight soaking wet opening. Slow steady strokes followed just like a ticking clock but every so often increasing in speed as I felt her vaginal muscles contracting and squeezing my intruding penis, the feeling was amazing and I never wanted it to end but I was beginning to feel my testicles contracting and I knew my climax was imminent too. Faster and faster I thrust the full length of my cock deep inside her, Patty was shaking and pushing back against me in rhythm now with each forward thrust she impaled herself like a lust crazed animal. Patty lost control of her thrusting and her whole body tightened with her mouth hanging open as she squeezed my cock so hard I though she would crush it. I could feel my own knees going weak just as the overwhelming feeling of warmth and lubrication around my cock as it pulsed over and over again leaving my semen deep inside her.

I fell forward on top of her and put my hands under her arms and pulled her forward, kissing her lips for what seemed like an eternity until finally I had her move over and spooned up behind her so we could both take a breather cuddled together as one on the table.

The rest became a nap because when I woke up I was on my back and felt Patty's tongue licking my now stiffening shaft....but that's another story.

I hope you liked it and if I get enough positive feedback I may even continue the story...LAR 8/5/10

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