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The Home Inspection

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We are heading out to dinner for the evening when I tell you that I need to stop by at a house that I have designed. The framing needs to be inspected. We get to the house to find that the outside is mostly finished but that the inside is just studs, no drywall. We walk through the first floor as I check out the second floor framing and then we head upstairs so I can look at the roof framing. While I am doing that you are wandering around and come across some strips of Tyvek housewrap tied to a doorjamb. You call me over and ask what the strips are for. "They are for you my dear' I respond with a devilish twinkle in my eye. Leading you over to the doorway, I place you in the middle and proceed to tie your hands up near the top of the door and then spread your legs wide and tie them to the bottom of the jamb. "Its time to play" I say as I walk over to a corner and pull out a toolbox. I bring it over close to you and reaching in I pull out a pair of scissors. Lifting your skirt, I proceed to cut your panties from you. Then I stand up and start kissing you while slowly gliding my hands over your bare ass, then lightly up and down your inner thighs. I can feel your breath quicken. Breaking the kiss, I reach down and unbutton your blouse exposing your bra and belly. Pulling away, I reach down into my toolbox again and pull out a feather. I start teasing you with it, first caressing your cheek and then your lips, slowly sliding it down your chest and across your belly and down to your thighs. My face is just inches from yours now as I slowly tease your inner thighs with the feather, getting close but never touching your pussy. You twitch every time I get near there. I'm having fun with you, watching you squirm, tugging at your bonds, staring into your eyes to see your reaction as I finally slide the feather across your pussy lips, just barely touching them. You moan, a breathy sound, and you sag a bit, your knees failing you. I am enjoying this, the tease. Of course, this is affecting me too. My cock has been hard since we started but that moan makes it so hard it almost hurts, I can feel it oozing into my underwear. I'm not ready to bring him out yet, but I do need a kiss, a long passionate kiss, my hands cupping your face, our lips pressed together hard, our tongues dancing to an unheard song that only they know. The kiss finally breaks, both of us breathing heavy. "Its time for another trip to the toolbox" I tell you. I put the feather away and pull out my surprise, a big screwdriver. "I know you've used a screwdriver before but has anyone ever used one on you?" I ask. Grabbing the blade of the screwdriver, I bring the handle up to your lips and say "Suck it." You start licking it, running your tongue up and down the sides all the while looking into my eyes. Then you slip your lips over the top and take it into your mouth. Now it's my turn for week knees, my body is shaking from the sexual tension. I don't want this to end yet though, I still have one more thing I want to do to you. Pulling the screwdriver from your mouth I grab your hair and kiss you, hard, real hard, pressing my body as tightly against you as I can. Me, feeling your breasts pressed against my chest and you, feeling my throbbing cock against your belly. Our kiss has to stop though; neither of us can get enough air to breath. I kneel down in front of you and start running the screwdriver up and down your inner thighs, but not for long. I bring it up to your clit and start to slowly and lightly rub it. You moan again and start to squirm. Looking at your face I can tell that you are getting close so I move the handle down to your pussy lips and tease them for a minute. "Put it in me" you say "I want it in me." I look up into your eyes and say "What's the word?" "Please, please put it in me." you say. I do, sliding the handle in until its almost gone. "Yes, oh fuck yes" you say. I'm sliding it in and out of your pussy now, watching you, trying to find the rhythm that will put you over the edge. The sight of the screwdriver sliding in and out of your beautiful pussy is getting to be too much of a tease for me too. I NEED to touch you. I move my mouth up close and start to lick your pussy lips and the screwdriver, tasting your juice, my body shaking all over. You are so close now and I want to push you over the edge, I want you to cum on my face, so I raise my tongue up and start flicking your clit. Teasing at first, just to see what it will do to you. "Oh baby, yes that's it, yes" you moan, a slight crackle in your voice. I can see you are there, ready to cum, so I put my mouth over your clit, sucking and flicking with my tongue. That does it, your body spasms, shouting out "Yes, yes, yes!" you cum. Your orgasm, wracking your body with twitches, making your head roll back and your mouth open and moan. You look so beautiful. I pull the screwdriver out and start to suck and lick your pussy, not wanting to miss licking up a single drop of your juices. This makes you twitch even more. I've pushed myself to the limit and can't take it anymore, my cock is so hard its about to burst. I get up and go behind you, dropping my pants and lifting your skirt, I slam my cock into your pussy right up to the hilt. It only takes a few of these thrusts and I explode, cum gushing out of my cock all over the inside of your pussy. A moan escapes my lips, so loud it startles you. My orgasm is so intense I nearly lose my balance. My cock still in you, I reach around to grab your throat and turn your head so I can kiss you. A long passionate kiss, both of us exhilarated, invigorated and exhausted all at the same time. Finally my cock slips out of your pussy, our juices dripping out of your pussy into a puddle on the floor. We break our kiss. I have to take one more look at you, tied in that doorway, our juices dripping from you. What a beautiful sight, one that I want to remember the rest of my life. I finally untie you and we clean each other up. You want to clean up the puddle on the floor too, but I won't let you. I want the workers to know someone has had a very good time in this house. We go to dinner, you with no panties, me with cum stains all over my underwear, both of us with big goofy smiles on our faces anticipating what will happen when we get home.

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