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The Encounter

It was early May, and Dan was anxious to get out
in the yard to do some gardening work, he urged his
wife Cindy to make dinner quick so he could still have
some daylight. As she was preparing the meal the phone
rang, Dan called to her "let the machine get it, we'll
never eat if you get talking". Cindy hated to let the
machine answer though, so she answered. It was her
sister, and they talked until Dan demanded that she
get off.

Finally dinner was served, and Dan could tell
something was up. Cindy finally got enough courage up
to tell Dan why her sister called, her sister had
proposed a long weekend at the beach for the two of
them, no husbands, kids etc. Knowing Dan was not too
keen on the idea in the past, she practically begged
him to let her go, it was only three days in mid-July,
and she promised to leave him plenty to eat etc. Dan
finally agreed, although reluctantly.

Several months passed when the weekend finally
arrived, and Dan kissed Cindy as he left for work that
Friday, and told her to have a good time, but behave!
Dan's Friday at work was full of activity, and after a
week of more stress than normal, he was glad it was
over. He hopped into his car shortly after five, and
had a passing thought of stopping on the way home for
a few cold ones, but thought otherwise as he was just
too tired. He arrived home, grabbed a cold one and
plopped into his favorite chair. The next thing he
knew he heard the doorbell, and looking at the clock
it was 7:30, he must have been dozing. He yelled "just
a minute" as he awoke and buttoned his shirt. As he
opened the door he saw Ann, Cindy's good friend
standing there, "Hi Don, is Cindy home?" Don explained
how Cindy was at the beach for the weekend. Ann said
that she had some things for Cindy, and could she
leave them, "sure" said Don, and he went out to the
car to help her with them.

Ann and Cindy were very close college friends,
but had drifted apart after graduation. About a year
ago Ann, who was recently divorced, moved back into
the area, and their friendship had renewed as if it
had never been interrupted. Dan always thought Ann was
attractive, but not much more. She was about 5'8",
dirty blond with a nice body, Dan always guessed a
pair of C's. She was not a knock out by any
imagination, but nice looking, and socially they
always had a good time. Dan's biggest complaint about
Ann was some of the jerks she dated. As they carried
the boxes in Ann commented about the unrelenting heat,
Dan offered a cold beer, and Ann readily accepted.

They went out on the deck that overlooked a very
pastoral setting, as Dan & Cindy's house was in the
country, some distance from anyone else. Dan commented
that he had not eaten, but had plenty, so he prepared
a quick meal, and they enjoyed dinner as the hot
summer day came to an end. Ann glanced over at the
Jacuzzi on the deck, and commented how nice it would
be to relax in it on the hot evening, Dan
agreed and offered one of Cindy's bathing suits if Ann
would like to hop in. She reluctantly accepted, saying
she should be going, but was easily persuaded to stay.
Dan fished out one if Cindy's older suits, it was a
red bikini that Dan thought would be interesting as
Cindy was a marginal B, and he imagined with delight
Ann stuffing her boobs into those small cups. Dan was
in the Jacuzzi when Ann came out, he was not
disappointed. Ann had always worn very conservative
one piece suits in previous times he had seen her, and
was amazed at how beautiful her body was, not to
mention the bulging bra. They continued to drink and
the conversation grew more and more free flowing. Ann
then asked Dan for a back rub. They repositioned
themselves, and Dan began to kneed his hands over her
beautiful skin. Much to his surprise Ann commented
that the top was in the way, and would he mind if she
unsnapped it so he could massage her entire back,
obviously Dan said he would not mind, and even did the
honors. Ann was obviously loving his touch, and before
he knew it she relaxed so that the top fell from her
shoulders, and she didn't even make a motion to grab
it. Dan was in heaven as he looked over her shoulder
at two of the most voluptuous mounds that he had ever
seen, they were bigger and better than he ever
imagined. He slowly let his hands wander, first
cupping the left tit, then the right. Ann never made a
move to stop him, but sighed in delight at his touch.
He continued his massage, along with small pecks on
the back of her neck.

As Ann reached for her beer she found it empty,
and said she needed another, before Dan could move she
was out of the Jacuzzi to get them both a beer. Dan
figured now was the time, so he slipped his suit off
while she was out, and watched with glee as she strode
toward him with two beers, and two of the bounciest
boobs he had ever seen. Ann slipped in, and
immediately noticed Dan's lack of attire, she said
"how dare you", and immediately stood up and shed her
bottom, "now were even!"

In eight years of marriage Dan had never strayed,
as he and Cindy had a great sex life, she pleasured
him in every way imaginable, giving Dan no reason to
want more. Although he always thought Ann was
attractive, he never imagined her more that a friend.
As Ann drank her beer, her right hand rubbed Dan's
chest as he laid back and enjoyed the moment. Before
long her hand discovered his erect cock, and she began
to stroke him in a way he never experienced before.
Her touch was so gentle, but so stimulating. To add to
it her tits seemed to float on the waters surface,
jiggling with Ann's every stroke. As Ann touched him,
she explained that she had never done this before with
a married man, but was always jealous of Cindy, for
having someone like Dan in her bed every night. As
passions grew hotter, Dan began to explore Ann's
voluptuous body and found that his touch was evoking a
great deal of pleasure for her. Ann then asked Dan to
sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi, he willingly did so,
and then Ann came up and enveloped his cock with her
mouth. Her technique was so good, making Cindy seem
like a second string quarterback. She stroked him in
and out of her mouth, enveloping all of his cock,
while her hand massaged his balls, and occasionally
fingered his ass. Dan was about to explode, and
finally had to stop her.

They traded positions, and Dan gently spread her
legs, then the lips of her creamy pink pussy.
Surrounded by a well manicured mound, Dan dove into
the pussy, exploring every nook & cranny with his
tongue. Again he compared it to Cindy, who was nice,
but no comparison to Ann. As he explored with his
tongue, his hand explored also, working his way into
her juicy pussy. Ann moaned with delight as Dan
pleasured her in ways she had never experienced
before. Ann even exclaimed "damn you Cindy, damn you",
Dan immediately stopped and asked what was the
problem, Ann explained "I am mad at your wife for
having such a good lover, I want you all for myself",
Dan was obviously honored as he delved back into the
task at hand. One thing Dan loved was anal
stimulation, but Cindy was never comfortable with it.
As Ann sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, Dan allowed his
juicy finger to explore behind the pussy, feeling more
and more of Ann's anal area. he was expecting to be
brushed off as Cindy always did, but Ann just
positioned herself so Dan had even more access, and
continued to moan in delight at his every tongue
caress and finger exploration. In time Dan had his
first finger well entrenched in her pussy, his thumb
well up her ass, and his tongue wrapped around the
every crevice of her clitoris. Ann was cumming fast,
and there was no mistaking her shouts of glee, she was
definitely not faking it.

Ann was exhausted with pleasure, and looked at
Dan and said "now your turn." They traded positions
and Ann began to once again stroke his cock with her
beautiful mouth. At the same time her hand was
exploring also, and taking a cue from Dan, she also
explored his anal area, and also made penetration. Dan
knew it was not long, and warned Ann, she replied, "I
want you to cum, I want to swallow every last drop."
Ann was true to her word as she sucked until Dan
exploded, and he felt fireworks he never knew existed.
She continued until he had no more to give, then they
fell into each others arms in the warm swirling
waters. By this time it was almost eleven, and both
were exhausted from the activity, as well as the long
week that had just passed. Dan suggested that Ann stay
the night rather than drive home at this hour, she
accepted with only a little prodding.

Dan and Ann shared a little night cap, then he
offered Ann the guest room and one of Cindy's night
gowns. Dan then went to take a quick shower before
bed. As he lathered he heard a "hello", it was Ann,
"can I join you?" Dan was amazed at his continued good
fortune, and welcomed her. His soapy hand caressed her
beautiful tits over and over again, while she did the
same to his limp cock. They finally dried each other
and fell into the king size bed. Arm in arm, they fell
asleep. Dan was always an early riser, and had a list
a mile long he wanted to accomplish on Saturday. He
awoke to see the bedside clock showing 6:10. It was
already light out, and the light filtered into the
bedroom, he glanced over at Ann, still not believing
his good fortune during the past twelve hours. As he
was moving to get up, Ann slid her hand to stop him,
"where are you going?" she asked in a sleepy drawl,
Dan explained, but she would not hear of it as she
embraced his naked body with hers. Now the previous
night was just sexual with little more that a passing
kiss, but as Ann held him, she began to kiss him in a
way he had never experienced. Their embrace grew
tighter as their kisses became longer and more
passionate. Dan rubbed his erect cock against her
body, as he realized that his plans for the day were
probably shot.

With Ann on her back, Dan lifted himself up and
straddled her with his cock laying on her beautiful
tits. Dan gazed at them, they were creamy white
against her lightly tanned upper body, with nipples
that were pinkish, not too large, but perfectly round
and very erect tips that were a delight to caress with
his tongue. As Dan gazed, Ann asked "do you like
them", Dan replied that they were beautiful. "May I
ask there size", Ann replied depending on the fit
either a large C or small D. After Cindy who could
hardly fill a B, Dan was in heaven. Ann cupped her
tits and enveloped Dan's cock, "how does that feel"
she asked, Dan was in heaven. "Cum" she said, "I want
to feel your warm cum". Dan began to stroke as he
looked down at Ann as she squeezed her beautiful
mounds around him. The feeling was ecstatic, and in no
time he was near climax, then it happened, his cum
shot from between her tits, and he wondered if he was
only dreaming, Ann then massaged his gift over each
breast as he watched in shear delight. After a short
while they again enjoyed a shower together. Dan
finished first, and told Ann he was starving, and
would fix them some breakfast.

As he prepared breakfast, Ann strode into the
kitchen with a robe on. It was Cindy's with her
initial embroidered on it, but Ann looked smashing in
it. Her hair was wrapped in a towel, Dan was amazed at
how sexy that looked. As they sat down across from
each other Dan explained how much he enjoyed the past
evening, and how he never imagined how sexy Ann could
be. "To me you were just Cindy's friend, nothing
special, but boy was I wrong." Cindy confessed that
she always had eyes for Dan, but could never betray
her friend Cindy, and always repressed her urges. Dan
then asked why last night, she shrugged and said it
was not her intention, but it just happened.

As they ate, Dan could not take his eyes off Ann,
"I never realized how beautiful you were" as Ann
blushed "it is a shame to have that robe hide your
beauty". Ann took the hint, put down her coffee and
slipped the robe off and allowed Dan to once again
gaze at her beautiful pair of tits. As they finished
Ann insisted on cleaning up, Dan sat back and watched
her beautiful naked body as she moved around the
kitchen. "You know" Dan said "you're a CPA." "What do
you mean, I don't even like accounting?" said Ann. "Oh
Ann I have an entirely different meaning for CPA, Cute
Piece of Ass" Dan said as he perused her tight cheeks
while she stood at the sink with her back to him.

It was almost ten, and Ann confessed she had a
myriad of things to do, and they parted after one last
kiss, during which Dan's hands found those voluptuous
mounds one last time.

Dan's day was going nowhere, even though he had
so much to do, he could not get his mind off Ann, and
the events of the past day. He was out back working in
the garden when the phone rang several times
throughout the afternoon, He finally went in to check
the messages, but none were ever left. He took the
portable out with him, and just before he started the
tiller it rang. "God I miss you" Ann cried out, "I
want you again". Dan shared his delight with the
recent events, but guilt and thoughts of Cindy were
setting in. Ann would not take no for an answer, and
within a few minutes it was agreed that Ann would be
over about 8 with Dan's favorite, Chinese carryout & a

By day's end it began to rain, so Dan quickly put
everything away, and went in to take a shower. He got
dressed, tidied up and before he knew it he heard
Ann's car coming up the gravel drive. Umbrella in hand
he rushed out to help her in. The family room was
large and comfortable, Ann insisted on a few candles
as they set up for a cozy dinner. Once again Dan could
not believe his eyes, Ann was even more beautiful,
although dressed casually, she had definitely taken
time to dress and prepare for the evening. Ann did
most of the talking during dinner, primarily about how
much she enjoyed the past evening., Dan just enjoyed
her company, the food and wine. The movie never made
it into the VCR as Dan pulled out a favorite sleeping
bag, and they were quickly embracing in the middle of
the family room. Dan had eyed her blouse at dinner as
her nipples stood so erect in their obvious braless
state. Disrobing her was very easy as he discovered
there were no panties either. Once again they were
enjoying each others bodies to the fullest. Dan's
mouth explored almost every part of her body, with
special interest at her tits and pussy, while Ann once
again enveloped his cock to an almost near state of

As they played Dan realized that the only thing
had not experienced was the warmth of her pussy around
his cock. Without a word being said, Ann almost
instinctively guided his cock to her juicy pussy, and
gently guided him inside. Now Cindy had one slight
fault in that she never had a tight pussy, but over
the years Dan had grown used to it, plus Cindy made a
real effort to exercise her vaginal muscles to make
her grip even stronger. It was obvious that Ann was a
whole different situation as she was as tight as could
be. As Dan stroked, he could feel the warmth, pressure
and silkiness of Ann with every stroke. He moved slow
at first as he laid on top of Ann, both enjoying the
closeness, but Ann then asked him to go for it, she
wanted him so bad, and just wanted him to fuck the
shit out of her. Dan raised himself up by his arms as
he began to move faster and faster. As he looked down
he marveled at the expressions on Ann's face as she
felt each and every movement, and accompanied her joy
with sounds of glee. Even more gratifying was to look
down at her tits as they gyrated in rhythm to each and
every thrust, one of the biggest turn ons to Dan
sexually, but with Cindy's small tits a sight he could
only experience in the past by watching x-rated
videos. Ann's pelvic area moved in concert with Dan as
they both approached climax with raw energy. Ann hit
her peek first as she let out a deafening "Oh my God",
but Dan was only seconds behind as he shot the largest
load of cum he had ever felt, as Ann's pussy had a
hold on him that was undescribably satisfying. They
were both exhausted and fell into a never ending
embrace, occasionally whispering how good it was to
each other. Obviously tired they both fell asleep in
each others arms. Dan awoke to see the VCR clock
reading 12:23. He went into the bedroom and grabbed a
light blanket and pillows, he gently covered Ann's
body, and slipped a pillow under her head.

It was late Sunday morning when they awoke, and Ann
had to hurry because of a tennis commitment at noon.
Their parting was quick, but the look in their eyes
told the story of a wonderful weekend.

Dan put things back in order, had some lunch then
headed back out into the garden. Before he knew it he
heard a yoo hoo from the deck, it was Cindy, she came
running across the lawn and gave Dan a big embrace,
"Ooo I missed you" she said. "I see Ann brought by
some stuff", Dan just smiled and said "yea, and I have
been so busy I just left the boxes on the floor of
the foyer".

End of Story