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The Elevator

It was a Friday and the week had not gone well. I was on my way to my
last meeting before returning home and the only thing on my mind as I
entered the building was slipping into a hot bath with a glass of wine
when I got home.

I approached the elevator after finding that my destination was on the
14th floor and stood silently as I waited for my ride. I wasn’t
alone, but though the man standing in front of me was gorgeous, I
wasn’t thinking of him at all. After all, I had all the men I needed
back home and the only thing I wanted was for this meeting to go well
and get to the airport and be on my way home. This had been an awful
week and I’d had all I could take.

It seemed to be taking forever for the elevator to be reaching me. I
stood nervously adjusting my skirt, making sure my blouse was neatly
tucked in, that my jacket was open enough to show some of my physical
attributes. Finally, the elevator arrived and I stepped in, following
the man that was standing in front of me.

Once on the elevator, I took notice of the man I was to share it with.
He really was nice looking, very athletically built and rather nice
looking. He had a dark tan, so I figured he was not from the Midwest.
He stood about 6’1" tall, something I liked in a man because at
5’10", I judged myself too tall. My chin lowered to my chest and I
noticed there was a large bulge in his pants. I thought what a
gorgeous man.

The elevator doors closed and the man turned to me and gave me a half
smile and said, "and I trust your day is going well?" I smiled and
nodded. My eyes followed the crease between the doors to the ceiling
then across the ceiling to the top of and advertisement pasted on the
wall of the elevator. I was beginning to fantasize what it would be
like to be with this man.

He was talking to me, small talk, but I wasn’t hearing a word he was
saying. I was envisioning this man in a bathing suit, laying on a
private beach, sipping a cocktail, and talking on his cell phone. In
my vision, I was sitting next to him, reading one of those women’s
magazines and sharing his cocktail with him.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my arm, tapping on it. I looked to his
face with a questioned look on my face and stood silently as my eyes
made contact with his and he said, "You haven’t told the elevator
where you want to go." He smiled and I replied, "Oh, I’m going to the
14th floor." How stupid I felt.

His hand remained on my arm and I was noticing how his hands were
smooth and soft for a man, and there was warmth that was very
noticeable in his touch. The warmth I was feeling had a very seductive
aura to it. I must be a sensitive person because I could notice this
warmth so vividly and it set my mind into working overtime. I shook my
head and thought to myself, "this is just a chance encounter and
don’t make anything of it."

I felt his hand drop from my arm, then heard him remark on my perfume.
As I heard his words, I could feel his hot breath on my neck. It sent
shivers up and down my spine and set my mind back to fantasizing.
Without his seeing it, I smiled softly and tilted my head back,
saying, "thank you." as I did so my head bumped into his face and I
felt so foolish. I turned to apologize and my eyes came within inches
of his. I fumbled for the words but I was so distracted by the
gentleness in his look that I could hardly speak.

I reached up and put my hand on top of his and managed to fumble with
the pleasantry, "why thank you."

We were close enough that I could feel his breathing on the exposed
part of my breasts just under the edge of my blouse. I could feel the
warmth, but it felt like it was emanating from within. I could
certainly feel the excitement my body was communicating to me. Make no
mistake about it; this closeness and his gentle eyes had my body
speaking very clearly to me.

Could this be true? I could feel the warmth of his breath surrounding
my breasts, as I would dream his hands would feel caressing me. I
could feel this warmth engulfing my entire upper body. I thought, this
only happens in books.

Remaining still for what seemed like minutes, I didn’t know what to
say definitely an unusual situation for me. In the stillness, I felt
his lips lightly brush across mine and I parted my lips and my tongue
reached for his. My eyes closed and my hands instinctively reached for
his shoulders as we began a soft, gentle kiss. When his tongue touched
mine, I could feel a rush of excitement run down through my body. I
became acutely aware of my femininity. This feeling was what being a
woman should be all about.

By this time, I’d completely washed the thoughts of my meeting from
my mind. The only thing I could think about was the passion I was
feeling and the sensations that were sweeping around my entire body. I
wanted this. I knew it was wrong, but somehow that didn’t make any
difference at this moment.

I felt his hands on my hips, causing electricity to shoot down through
me. I could feel the tingling in my flower as his touch excited me. I
was so aware of what this man’s touch was doing to me, and I didn’t
care where I was or what I was doing, I only knew that I wanted it.

His hands were big. I could feel his thumbs on the front of my hips
and his fingers seemed to be halfway around my back. His touch was so
gentle, almost mystical. I stepped slightly closer to him, feeling my
stomach touching the outside of his pants. I moved even closer and
could feel that he was excited as well.

His hands gently rubbed up and down my sides through my blouse as his
tongue masterfully found every spot in my mouth to increase the
excitement I had already felt. My mind focused in on this moment and
all outside thoughts drifted up through the ceiling of the elevator as
my arms reached around his shoulders, pulling him tightly against me.

I felt his hand slide down over my butt and with caressing motions,
reach underneath my butt, down the back of my leg and finally under my
skirt. That touch of his mighty yet gentle hand on my nylon clad legs
sent another wave of electricity through me. I was becoming more and
more aware of what this man was doing to me. I felt the moistness
forming from inside my flower and seeping out to moisten my lace
panties. I wanted him; I wanted him so badly now.

He lifted my skirt and I could feel the increasing excitement as his
hand covered my bottom with soft caresses, first through my panties,
then under them. I couldn’t wait. I felt the urgency of the moment
and wanted to feel this man completely.

My hands ran down his back, my fingers kneading into his flesh as they
traversed their way down his back, around his buns and over the tops
of his thighs. In what seemed like eternity, my hands finally found
the front of him and I took his stiffness in my hands through his

With what little control I could manage, my fingers found the zipper
to his trousers and I tugged at it trying to release him. I pulled it
down and reached my hand inside and found the whole in his boxers and
finally touched his stiff manhood and wrapped my hand around it,
stroking him and squeezing him.

He lifted my skirt over my hips, slid his hand down over the front of
my lace panties, and let his finger slip under the leg band of them.
He pulled them to the side and touched me. It was like being shocked
by a cattle prod when his fingers slipped past my swollen labia and
into me. He remained there for the briefest moment, sending and
increasing excitement right into the pit of my stomach. Then his hand
reached down and pulled my leg up and rested it on his hip as my hand
guided his manhood to the entrance to my tunnel of love.

I was totally lost in the emotions of the moment by this time.

I held the head of his manhood to the entrance to my flower and felt
the pressure as he pushed it tightly against me. I was ever so aware
of the pressure and his penetration into me. I could feel the pressure
as he slid inside, parting my vaginal walls, pushing through the
muscles of my tunnel. He was larger than most men were. Yet, as I felt
the smooth stiffness of him entering me, I offered no resistance.

As he slid into me, I could feel the orgasmic pressures building in
me. I felt the pressure and knew that I would reach the ultimate end
with this man. Suddenly, as he continued to slip into me, I felt a
huge rush of feeling surging through me. I felt faint and fell against
him. My orgasm erupted and I began to shake uncontrollably. I screamed
out, holding on to his shoulders tightly and raising and lowering
myself onto him as he pumped in and out of me.

When it was all over, I adjusted my clothes as he did, brushed my
hair, refreshed my lipstick and just as I finished, the elevator door
opened to the 14th floor. I stepped through the door and he followed
me. I looked at the sign on the wall, found an arrow pointing to the
left and started walking in that direction. The man walked along side
of me till I reached suite 1464. I reached for the doorknob only to
find his hand beating me to it, opening the door and he smiled as he
said, "step into my office."

Now I knew this week would not be a total loss.

End of Story

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