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The Date

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The Date

It is a cold evening. I can see my breath in the air as I wait for the car to warm up. I try and dress to impress her. Nice navy blue slacks, a gray shirt and my black leather jacket. Every item meticulously picked out to make sure that I impress her. I thought about wearing a tie but didn't want to be too formal. I drive to her house in the rental car. It has been weeks since I saw her last. I'm nervous as hell. The questions race through my mind. Do I give her a hug? Do I try and kiss her? What if she changed her mind? What if she is no longer interested and only going out to be nice? What if I say something stupid or offend her? What if she doesn't laugh at my jokes? What if I am boring? What if she hates the restaurant I chose? What if ..........

I have to get myself together. These thoughts keep going round and round in my mind. I find her house easily. My heart is racing a bit. It feels like someone is pounding on my chest. I can't believe how nervous I am. I decide to take one loop around the neighborhood to get my mind straight and calm down. All I can think of is the last time I saw her. I can remember those lovely piercing eyes that reached into my soul. Her lips were soft and she kissed with just the right pressure and affection to make me forget my own name. The smile was so genuine and unbelievable. Her smile immediately disarmed me. She had cute earlobes that I just want to nibble on. She had a long sensuous neck that I want to spend all day placing soft kisses on. Her hair framed her face just right. I mentally mapped every inch of her body so that I would never forget this incredible woman.

I finally park in front of her house and gather myself. I walked up to her door and rang the bell. A minute passes and I wonder if I got the right house. The door opens and goddess opens the door. Standing there, the most exquisite site I can behold. My memories of the last time I saw her just don't do her justice. She says hi to me. It takes me a second to pick my jaw off the floor and say hello to her. She allows me to walk in to the house. I'm still nervous and never figured out if I should hug or shake her hand. She solves my mental dilemma for me by stepping close to me and wrapping her arms around me. I instantly reciprocate. She feels wonderful wrapped in my arms. I hold her close and run my hands up and down her back. She has a shapely back and I can tell that she is toned. She pulls back slightly and looks at me. Our faces are inches apart. I look into those eyes and see the answer that I was waiting for. I lean in closer to her and she leans in too. We kiss. Her lips are nice and soft just like I remember. It quickly goes from a friendly hello kiss to something much deeper. I suck on her bottom lip slightly and continue to kiss her deeply. I pull her body tightly against mine and we begin a deep kiss. Our tongues intertwine. I lost track of and stopped caring about time as we kissed. All I can think of is her body pressed against mine. I can feel her lovely breast pressed solidly against my chest. My big arms swallow her as I wrapped her tightly. The only thing that forced the kiss to stop was the need for air. Thoughts of just skipping dinner come to mind but are quickly discarded. She is a lady in the classiest of senses. She is someone who demands, earns and deserves the utmost of respect. As much as I want to lay her down and feel her entire body, my belief in being a gentleman overrides my physical attraction to her. I suggest that she go and get her coat. She suggests that I have to let her go before she can do so. Slightly embarrassed, I let her run to get her jacket. While she is out of sight, I have to adjust myself. When she comes back, we head out to the restaurant.

The restaurant provides a nice casual setting where we can talk. We chat about work and the last time that I was in town to see her. I have to force not to stare. She is just a lovely sight that I want to remember every aspect of her. She catches me staring and asks me why. I give her a half ass answer that she accepts. The reality is that I'm still in shock that such a wonderful woman has given me the time of day. The more we talked the more I became impressed with her. She has an incredible radiance that lights of the room. Her intoxicating personality captures and holds my attention. Clearly, she is a brilliant woman who can easily hold a conversation on any topic. I didn't even notice how much time had passed as well finished our meal and just sat talking. The waiters were cleaning up the restaurant when it finally occurred to me that it was getting later. I suggested that we go back to my place.

We arrived at my hotel and we got comfortable. A king size bed took up most of the room with a chair, ottoman and desk taking up the rest. I turned on my ipod and speakers so that we could have music. I searched my ipod for the right music and chose my jazz playlist. Walter Beasley played saxophone in the background. She was sitting on the bed and I asked her if she would like to dance. She looked at me like I was crazy. She said "Here?" I held out my hand and said yes. She put her hand in mine and I helped her up. There wasn't much room but it was convenient for us to stand close together. Our bodies touching as the music played in the background. I had my hands around her waist as we began a slow dance. Her perfume was intoxicating. My hands rubbed up and down her back as we made small circles in the room. She rested her head on my shoulder and held me close. We didn't say a word. We just listened to the music and danced. After two songs, I asked if she wanted to stop and take a break. She smiled and sat down on the bed. She took off her shoes and then crawled to the top of the bed. I took off mine and joined her. I lay flat on my back and she lay on her side. My arms were wrapped around her. She wrested her cheek on my chest. I slowly rubbed her arm and her back. She said that it felt wonderful. I offered to give her a back rub. She gladly accepted. Letting her roll over and lay face down, I straddled her left leg and started to rub her back on top of her clothes. I asked permission to rub her back underneath her shirt. She agreed. My hands went underneath her shirt and I felt that soft supple skin. It felt wonderful to the touch. My big hands and long fingers were gentle rubbing her shoulders and then working my way down to the small of her back. I used just enough pressure to elicit a moan of pleasure from her. My hands kept catching on her bra as I rubbed her back. She laughed and reached back and quickly unhooked the bra. I pushed her shirt up more so that I had unimpeded access to her back. I started at her neck and massage the muscles. I worked my way down to her shoulders giving them ample attention. I worked her shoulder blades and then down her spine. The whole way I was applying some pressure but and working my hands on the muscles. I would get all the way to the small of her back and then work my way back up. She was totally relaxed. I continued to massage her back. I tried to get to her arms but her shirt was in the way. She quickly fixed the problem by pulling off her shirt and bra. The only clothes she had left were her skirt and panties.

I continued to massage her back but added soft kissing. I would rub her neck and then place soft kisses in the places that I rubbed. I alternated between rubbing and kissing down her back. I rubbed her sides and keep feel part of her breast as I worked my way down. My indications that I found the right muscles were the slight moans that would escape her lips. As I kept working my way down her back, my hands began to massage her ass. It felt wonderful in my hands. I continued down further massaging her legs. I made sure to kiss them as well. My hands worked down to her feet and then back up. Instead of going on top of her skirt, my hands drifted underneath. I massaged her inner thighs. I can feel those muscles relax as my hands applied just the right pressure. I quickly realize that she was wearing a thong. I had her ass cheeks in my hands and rub them. I work my way to her inner thighs and pull them apart. In my deepest sexiest voice I recommend that I take off her skirt. She agrees. In my efforts to pull off her skirt, her thong also comes off. Now, she is laying face down and naked. It's an awesome sight to behold. I continue to massage her. She asks why she is the only one naked. I quickly remedy that problem. I continue massaging the lower half of her body and then begin to kiss her thighs. I worked my way up. Kissing and running my tongue up her inner thighs. This elicits a moan from her. I have her roll over. I climb up to her and give her a deep kiss. Our tongues and bodies embrace. I can feel the warmth of her body against mine. My body is pressed against hers as we continue to kiss. I move from her lips to her earlobes and make her giggle. I kiss and lick her neck. She holds on to me as I kiss her in the right places. I work my way down to her breast. Those beautiful nipples are erect and feel wonderful in my mouth. I suck them slowly in and out of my mouth. I build up the pressure and pace as I continue to suck on her nipples. I make sure that both receive ample attention. I continue to kiss down her body. My tongue runs down her sternum to her stomach. I keep going further until I reach a warm wet spot between her legs. With her legs spread apart, I kissed and sucked on her inner thighs. Eventually, my tongue found a sweet tasting spot and I plunge my tongue inside. I sucked her pussy lips and then lick her clit. My tongue darted in and out of her very fast. I stop at her clit and sucked it in and out of my mouth. My tongue worked it back and forth. I slipped a finger inside of her and begin to rub. I worked my tongue and lips faster and faster against her clit while I ran my fingers in and out of her. I could feel her moving her hips to my motion. Her breathing got heavier. I can tell she was close to an orgasm. She grabbed the back of my head and hold it pressed against her. Her moans got louder and her hips move more. I wanted to feel her have an orgasm and throw myself into the work. My tongue darted in and out of her. I then licked and sucked her clit in and out of my mouth. Her body began to shudder as waves of pleasure roll across her. I stopped and let her enjoy the moment. As She lay there panting, all I could think to myself wass that this was the start of a fun evening.

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