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The Cowboy Hat

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The Cowboy Hat I decided that as a BBW I needed to join a few groups that enjoyed people as they are not only there body?s but there inter self?s I was lonely, I had desires that ran deep and a beautiful soul inside that needed to come out .

I knew who I was and was proud of it, I am a strong women one that knows in her heart she wants the same in a man one that can control her yet be controlled. One that does not see it as being weak but letting go. I was looking for a man that knew how to please a lady. To know we are not controlling each other but more like molding into each other becoming one, letting our bodies rise and become one with the fire then come down like a soft waterfall.

With that in mind I posted what I wanted in a person and the truth about what I am a BBW how I was a short shit 5?2, blonde hair (short) because I liked it that way and how the best way to get me going was kissing. Now I am not into thinking negative but have heard a lot about groups and when on yahoo had men im me and the first thing out of their mouths is ( are u wet what do u have on) that is such a turn off it they only knew it.

It was fall in Maine and the wind is chilled at night now so I opened the window just to smell the chill and I could hear the night sounds when my yahoo massager popped up and someone said hello I hope you don?t mine smiling I said now why would I mind are you going to be rude? He said no I am not like that, now that got me to thinking maybe I should talk to this person and he must have been thinking the same he said my name is Rob and I read your profile and it was so honest and deep I just had to say thank you for showing others you can be you self in a group. We talked all night I did not want to stop but my eyes would not stay open. My mine fills with Rob and last night how we talked but yet about nothing, I knew he had 4 girls and that they were very important to him that is when I knew this man was for real Not a player. Men with a caring heart someone I needed to know more of. I crawled out of bed at 11 am and got coffee, toast and checked my email and surprise I had an email from him he told me good morning and how he enjoyed his self so much he needed that. Ask if he could give me his phone number and to call when I felt comfortable doing so. I took a deep breathe let it out watching my DD?s going up and down with it , they sure needed a gentle hand and soft lips to caress them.

Hearing the doorbell ring I get up and answer it a man is standing there with flowers I am like what the hell, Delivery for Melba I said that is me he handed them to me and left, thinking nice ass giggling I go back inside now who would send me flowers it is not my birthday, I Open the card it read friends Rob.

WOW why , how, frowning not really understanding I pick up the phone and call really before I even knew who I was calling the a deep but yet soft voice said hello and all I could say is ?WHY? he said why not. This went on for a few weeks talking and the yahoo im?s we learned a lot about the likes and dislikes. We talked about meeting I was a little scared but I wanted to know this man I was feeling something deep inside. He showed me a picture as I did him and all to could say was how beautiful I was and how my blue eyes draw him into my soul how thought them he could see the garden of Flowers growing in my heart, the colors of the rainbow shining, like a morning sun over a meadow I laughed and said right. He told me he has never said that to anyone and it was all true.

He sent me his picture, he was all I knew he would be tan, tall nice wide shoulders and a face like gezz not sure even how to explain it a male goddess. His eyes are the eyes of the spirit, within, dancing with each breath he takes. I was lost He ask would I please not think bad of him if he send me one more I smiles and said I could never think bad of you. The request came to download the picture and I hit yes watching the bar move it seemed so slow but it was not I open it and my mouth drops open and eyes go big I have seen a lot of pictures I have taking a lot that is my hobby but never one so - so OMG so wonderful he was standing , holding a black cowboy hat , the light the way it just hit , just right and how he had a peeking tom at the bottom of the hat, The head so big and round how it curved just a little as in saying hi I see you too. With Silent acknowledgment I just stared at it the beauty in it and what it said. I saved it for later I could not help it. Hearing the yahoo beep at me I looked up and read what he said cane we meet soon I told him I had to go and I did but to think this all over not because I did not want to, it was the other way around (because I did want to) but not sure I could take it if he hurt me I was falling and hard.

Later that day he calls me asking me if I was ok and he was sorry if I got offended by the picture still not able to tell him what it really did and how it touched my soul I just said it didn?t rob said good. We talked and made planes to meet for dinner Friday night I ask him if he could wear the hat hearing him chuckles he said never leave home without it. We did not talk much the few days before our date I was trying to get my act together.

I try to gather myself mentally and emotionally before steeping from the car to meet Rob, Breathing in deep I slide out of the car my black dress slides up showing the tip of my garter on my fish net hoses sliding my hands down the soft silk I stand feeling my new shaved lips touch my thighs I looking into his eyes and tip toes to softly kiss his lips. Both of us pulling back feeling the fire between us, He takes my hand bring it to his lips and kisses it saying shall we go in.. Nodding was all I could do I do not remember ordering, eating just his eyes. When the chill of the night air hit me I realized I dreamed though the whole dinner asking him if he would like to come over he said he could think of nothing else that would make this night better and ask if it was ok if he met me there he needed to drop his girls off to family. Grinning I leaned up and kissed his full lips tugging at them whisper yes I would be waiting , giving him what he needed to find my house I left I had a plan in place not knowing it or how it came about I followed it, feeling the beating of my heart I ran home. I slip out of the black dress that covers my hot body and dr*pes it over the chair, looking in the mirror seeing the fish net hose black garter belt over sheer butterfly crotch less thong, lace black bra full round mounds filling them. I take the flowers he gave me and placed them in a trail to my bedroom, turning on soft music I lite a few candles and incense. Licking her lips she lays and waits for him a bold move yes one she will regret never. Hear a car door shut she takes a deep breathe , watches the candle light play a dance to the music on the walls she catches a faint whiff of his cologne . As he steps into the room the sound of soft, sensual music begins to fill the room the candles start the fire dance over me with my knee up and the other laying out long , he touches it runs his finger down to the ankle flips of my Shoe then glides his thumb in the other and slowly pops it off. Not a word was being said none was needed. Still standing next to the bed he leans over and places a kiss of love upon the sensually shaped lips, kissing her with a fiery passion, a kiss a lover would bestow upon his prey, his tongue prying her lips open as they are parting willingly, accepting the kiss, the tongue that now explores within her mouth, letting it enter and taste the sweet kiss she offers.

Feeling the beating of her heart as he sides up along her hot flesh his movements deliberately slow, sliding his hand over her lace pushing it over her head, the tongue flicking over the hardened nipples he takes her left breast licking around the base kissing the flesh of it, flicking the nipple as she feels him take her nipple between his teeth and gently pull and flick the end with his hot tongue his tongue was on fire. Hearing the soft moan escape as her lips, moans of desire and pleasure. Makes him quiver knowing that is for him.

As he moves to get closer she feels the lean manhood making her quiver and feel a need deep in her, her soul plays a song her body beating to it, hands run in his hair down his neck pulling him up the side of her, flesh meeting flesh and mingling Her lips find his she runs her tongue over them sucking them in. Rob pops her ass stop that I can?t handle it giggling I kiss his neck, his cologne is a mix of sweat and spice. I get dipping wet hiking my leg up his, my soft shaved lips on him, he moves over me, kissing his way down my burning skin flicking his tongue under the black garter pull at it now with his teeth, I left my hips in the air needing free I help him slide them down over my hips taking the hose with them. He pops the lacy on the side of my panties slowing pulling them between my thighs parting my lips as he pulls up over my pussy I moan arch up. He rolls me over on top of him, feeling his man hood at the back of my smooth ass; I left up to let it run between my lips over my swollen clit burning with fire. I move ever so slightly the head pushing the top of my pussy I could feel it pulling from my ass up, I started riding like this going faster now he pushes me down on his cock hard and holds me still my clit throbbing over him trying to control it I feel him growing larger. When My clit calm down some he tells me to spread my pussy over his face and tongue and ride him moving up grabbing his cowboy hat I straddle him and lower my lips over his face and hump his tongue slowly at first my head back an arch in my back my eyes close, the air kicks in blowing my face and I ride like this as if on a bare back horse, the hat on my head I am in for the ride of my life. I reach back and grab the saddle horn a hard trobble cock rubbing it we ride tell I feel the horse start to buck and I left up and shoot fiery liquid down his throat pump my body giving him all I had. I collapse on him and move my body down him and his cum still him rubbing over me as I move the head of the cock pushes into my lips and deep in me we hold still for a few minutes kissing a exploring each other?s mouth I start moving tell him I need a fast hard fuck now to pound me by this time I am not feeling sorry for him or me and slamming my pussy on him it was going so deep I could feel my self-tearing a little. We both scream now!!! We went on with this all night not as hard but slow and gentle. We feel asleep doing this our body could not keep up with our souls take meet and became one fire. Mfaye

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