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The Country Girl and the Biker

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Sophie gets home from work and decides to go out. It's a Friday night and she is tired of sitting home alone. She fixes herself some dinner and then goes in the bed room to get ready. She takes off her clothes and looks at herself in the mirror. First turning to the left and then to the right with her hand on her belly. She thinks how she has to go work out because she has a little bit of a belly and doesn't like it. She fills the tub with warm water and gets in. She feels the warmth of water cress her as she slips in. She lays there for a moment to relax. She soups up a soft cloth she and starts to wash herself. The smooth silkiness of the soapy cloth moves over her breasts and crosses her nipples. She feels a little aroused and thinks about the last time a man has touched her. With her eyes closed she moves her other hand slowly down her smooth soft belly and reaches her lady mound. She stops there and just enjoys the feel of her had on it. Slowly she slips her middle finger over her clit and starts to twirl it. She runs her finger up and down feeing the blood rush down from her head over her body and to her spot. The inside of her pussy starts to quiver and she can feel it getting wet from the excitement. She slips her fingers to her pussy lips and spreads them open to allow access. She slips two fingers in and feels how wet she is. She thinks to herself It's not from the bath because it's more slippery then water. She lifts her hips out above the water and takes her fingers out and puts them to her lips. She always liked the way she tastes since the first time she had a man eat her and came up to kiss her with her juices on his beard. He would tell her how sweet she tasted. She slipped her fingers back in and started playing with her G spot. She could feel the blood engorge her inside as she swells. She stood up and watched her pleasure herself in the full length mirror she has in her bathroom. She thinks a woman's body is so exciting to see and touch. She thought about the first time a she had sex with a woman and that excited her even more. She slides her fingers in and back out of her soft hairless pussy. She could see her fingers disappear between her lips in the mirror. She felt an urge to thrust her fingers deep inside and hold it there for a moment. As she pulled them out the dragged across her G-spot and she felt her explosion of ecstasy. She almost collapsed to her knees as she exploded. She could feel her wet cum over her fingers and put them in her mouth again. When she was finished she lied back in the tub and rubber her hump and clit a little while thinking how much she would have loved to have a man in her at that moment and how it's been to long since the last time. She finished washing and got out of the tub. She wrapped a towel around her and took another look in the mirror. She thought to herself she didn't look that bad. "So what should I ware tonight to tease the guys? Yea never know I might even get lucky." She chuckled to herself. She let the towel drop to the floor and put on a black lacy thong. Then she pulled out a sexy strapless black push up bra and put it on. She looked in the mirror and thought "Yep I like that." She went to her closet and pulled out a nice snap down shirt, her tight jeans and a pair of her favorite western boots. She put the shirt on and snapped it up to the last two snaps and left it open just enough to show off what she had. She then stepped into the jeans and pulled them up squirming some to get them on because they were so tight. She put on a light amount of makeup and brushed her hair back so it was long and flowing over her shoulders, sprayed on and little Pink from Victoria Secret. She put on her boots and grabber her western hat and thought to herself "now I'm ready to take on the world" and laughed.

She got in her car and drove to a Country bar where she likes to go listen to the bands. She took a spot at the bar and ordered a Corona. She put it to her lips and took a big swig. The band was playing so she put the drink down and went out to dance. As she was dancing she saw an older biker walk in. There was something about his look that excited her. He must have been at least 20 years older than her but that didn't even cross her mind. She liked that bad boy look with his leather, jeans, bandana and western boots. He was about 6 foot tall, long salt and pepper curly hair almost to his shoulders, a nicely cut beard but a little long and mustache that was the same color as his hair. She watched him take a seat at the bar and order a Jack and Coke. He didn't even look around. She thought to herself he must have just stop in for a drink and then is going to move on. She could not stop staring at him. Little did she know he saw her when he sat down in the mirror behind the bar and was watching her too. After a few more dances she walked over to the bar and took her seat a few stools down from him. She took another long drink of her beer and set it back down on the bar. She was still watching him from the corner of her eye. She saw him glance her way and thought now is my chance to get him to notice me. She looked his way. Looking him in the eyes she nodded. He returned the nod. She said "do you mind if I join you?" he said "your choice". She took the stool next to him. She said "I see you ride" he answered yea do you?" Her reply was "I've ridden a few." He smiled and thought to himself that could be taken two ways and would love to find out what way she meant. She said to him "Whi Y'all not from round here. You sound like a northerner. ""Yep" he replied. "So what do you do for a living?" she asked. "I used to do computer support. You?" I am a waitress." She replied. He said "and with a body like yours I am sure you do very well." And gave her a glance over. She smiled and said "I do ok." The band started to play Who Are You When I 'm Not Looking. She asked him "do you dance?" He said "sure" and put out his hand. She took it and they walked to the dance floor. She put her arms around his neck across his shoulders like they have known each other for a long time. And he put his arms around her at her waist with one hand resting on the top of her butt. There was something strange with him she felt. She felt so safe and secure in his arms. Very trusting of him. Something she has never felt with a stranger. She looked into his eyes and said "I don't even know your name." He replied "Max and yours?" "Sophie. Very nice to meet you Max." "Nice to meet you too." As the song went on she rested her head on his chest. She could feel her breathing start to deepen and her pussy get a bit wet. They finished the dance then went back to their drinks. He said to her" So you have ridden a few hummmm ready to take another ride?" He said with a smile. "Whi sure" she replied. He asked "Where would you like to go?" She replied "It doesn't really matter as long as I'm riding with you." Ok then let's hit it." He paid for both drinks and they walked out the door. It was a warm summer night with a slight breeze and a dark starlight sky. He got on and started the bike then motioned to her with his head to get on. She climbed on like mounting a steal horse and wrapped her arms around his waist. They took off. They went winding around country curves and up and down the hills of the road. She again felt so safe with him. She put her arms over his shoulders and onto his chest and held on tenderly. He took one of his hands and held on to both of hers as the rode on. She leaned up and give him a kiss on his neck and then rested her head on his back. He let go of her hands and for a moment she thought she went too far. He reached down and put his hand on her leg and started to rub it.

She felt a feeling of excitement rush over her and her breathing get deeper. She thought to herself whi am I feeling like this? He is just touching my leg. Then he started to stroke up and down her calf and up to her thigh too. Now she could feel she was getting damp. She said softly in his ear "you better stop before you get us both in trouble" and laughed then started to rub her thigh higher. He leaned back and said "maybe that is what I want to do" and laughed too. As the rode on she looked at the stars and thought to herself what a wonderful night to be laying in a field and enjoying the night. His hand now up on her thigh reached back and touched her little spot and she shivered with enjoyment. She took his hand and pulled it tight into her crouch. He started to play with her pussy over her pants She could feel it getting so wet almost like she peed herself. She did a reach around for his cock to see what he had. She found what she wanted and thought to herself I need that inside of me. He pulled the bike down a little treed path and stopped. He turned off the bike and told her not to move. He claimed off and grabbed her by the hair and puller her to him. He put her lips to his and kiss her. Their lips met and then so did their tongues. They kissed deep and passionate. She was so turned on by him grabbing her hair and forcing himself on her she was almost ready to explode. She grabbed his cock and started rubbing it over his pants. He broke the kiss and started kissing her neck first one side and then working under and around to the other. She was breathing heavier and heavier. He grabbed her shirt and ripped it open popping the snaps down to her waist. He kissed down her chest and cleavage then reached under her bra and pulled one of her breast out and started sucking on her nipple. All the time she was rubbing his cock feeling is pulsate as it grew. He reached around and unclasped her bra and pulled it off of her and tossed it on the front seat. He now had them both in his hands and was massaging them. He went back to her lips and thruster his tongue into her mouth. He opened his zipper and she pulled his cock out. She rubbed it from head to base. He pushed her head to it and she took the head of his throbbing member into her mouth. She sucked it long and deep taking it all the way down her throat holding it there and then back out. He went crazy with that. After a few more times he reached under her and lifted her off the bike. He took her to a tree and pined her up against it. He took off her shirt and through it to the ground. He then started kissing her again and holding both of her arms above her head. Holding her arms up with one hand he reached down and opened her pants. He slipped his hand down inside her pants to her V and worked them off. She stepped out of them. He slipped a finger inside of her and started to play with her G-spot. His thumb was hitting her Clit. She could not move because he had her arms pined. He then whipped her around and pulled down her thong. He bent her over and made her hold onto the tree. He got down and started to lick her ass cheeks, then to her butt crack and over her little butt hole to her lips. He slipped his tongue up and down from her dripping wet pussy to her ass and then back. She was about ready to explode when he stopped got up and graded her by the hair and while she was still bent over and slipped his hard member into her drenched opening. He thrusted deep and hard pulling her to him by the hair. With the other hand he would smack her ass with a loud crack. She flinched a little but loved every bit of it. He then pulled her up by the hair and reached around grabbing her by the neck and kissed her. As he fucked her harder and deeper he tightened his grip around her neck. She started to quiver inside and he could feel it. He pulled out and stopped everything and told her to stand there naked and vulnerable.

She was so turn on she was about passed out and ask "whi? Did I do something wrong?" He said "No I want you to stay hot and turned on like this and take me back to your place." He started the bike and turned it around. For a moment she was scared he was going to leave her like that. Then he said "just put on your shirt no bra and pants no panties. Leave your pants open so I can reach around and finger you to make sure you are still wet. I then want you to stroke my cock as we are riding back." She was nervous but excited too. She did as he asked thinking to herself why am I so trusting of him? As they were riding back she could not help but to think about what she just experienced and that kept her wet. He would reach behind and put his finger into her and check. He would play with her G-spot from time to time too to keep her going. She wanted to wet here self each time. He would tell her to reach and stroke his cock or he would have to pull over and take her pants down and spank her then make her deep throat him on the side of the road. She did what he commanded and they road on. She told him direction to her place. When they arrived it was late and her neighborhood was dark. He told her to make sure her shirt was open and to take off her pants. Again she obeyed not knowing what he would do if she didn't. She could feel the cool night air against her wet pussy and clit. It was stimulating along with the thought of being outside at home naked. He reached into his saddle bag and took out what looked like a plastic shopping bag. She said "What's that?" he replied "You'll find out soon enough." That kind of worried her but she thought for now he has not hurt me or miss treated me. I have trusted him to this point why stop now. They reached her door and as she went to unlock it he spun her around and looked her square in the eyes and said "Thank you" then gave her a long and passionate kiss to reassure her that this was all just sex fun and she could trust him. She was surprised and said "for what?" he replied "for trusting me. I promises I will not hurt you except in a good way and if I get to much for you just tell me and I will stop that I swear to you." She could feel her lips getting wet again. He pressed her up against her door and started to kiss her while fingering her again. She was so turned from her experience on the wooded trail and the fingering she had on the way back home that she almost immediately reached that point again. He reached for her lady mound and started playing with her clit again. Rubbing it up and down. She reached for his cock and he pushed her had away he said "this one's for you." He slipped his fingers in and thrusted them deep inside. She could feel him curl his fingers and as he pulled them out he dragged them across her G-spot. She jumped a little because it was so stimulating. He did it again and again. Each time it was a little faster and a little harder. He could feel her tense up and her insides swell. He went as fast as he could now and she exploded. She squirted down his hand and left a puddle on her porch. She came so hard she got weak and he had to catch her. They entered the house and she led him straight to the bedroom. She was still curious to what was in the bag. He told her to go into the bathroom to freshen up. When she came back out she got her answer. There were two small ropes tied to each corner of the bed and laying across it and a blindfold on her pillow. He took her in his arms and started kissing her again with passion. She only had her shirt on but that slid off her arms and onto the floor. She was starting to get excited again but nervous. This was the first time anyone tired her up and she didn't know what to expect. She could feel herself get wet again. She thought to herself how much more wet could she get? He pulled back and took her tenderly to the bed and lied her down.

She made a loop in the first rope and slipped her right hand through it and tightened it. Then he made another one in the rope by her right foot and slipped that into it. He did the same on the other side all that time staring her in the eyes looking for panic or fear. There was none just excitement. She was spread open and could not move much. He put the blind fold over her eyes and again started kissing her. There tongues met and went wild with each other. He pulled away and just stood there staring at her beautiful body legs spread and wanting him between then. He would touch her pussy a little from time to time. After a few minutes she asked "what are you doing?" he didn't reply. It was so quite she wondered if he was even in the room. All of a sudden she felt something very soft touching her right breast and then circling her nipple. It then went up her cleavage to her neck and then down her belly to her mound. It has a sweet fragrance to it. She could feel it rubbing all over her body. She thought to herself "this is more intense then she thought it would be. Maybe because I can't see my senesces are heightened?" She thought to herself. She then felt his soft kisses at her mouth while the soft sensation was exploring her body. He started caressing her neck and shoulders with his kisses and tongue. Working his way up her arm stopping to suck and kiss the crease of her arm and moving down to her hand. Ever so lovingly kissing it one finger at a time. He slowly worked his way back up and across her chest just brushing lightly over her nipples to her other arm and down again to the crease and then to her hand. When he came back to her chest he worked his way around her neck. She tried to reach for him but couldn't. The ropes had her so she could not do anything except grab them and pull. He then worked his way to her breasts and fondled them. Kissing and sucking one while playing with the other. He took her nipple between his fingers and began to roll it and pull on it. He bit the other one lightly with his teeth being careful not to hurt her. She was squirming but could not move much. He moved down to her naval and kissed and licked it for a minute then continued on to her hump. He would kiss and lick around it then lick down between her V and her thigh. Licking down to her ass and back up the other side. He was careful not to go between her lips or to her clit. He would lick almost to it and the skip over to the other side. He got up and took off his cloths. He walked up to here he head was and grabbed her by the hair and pull her head to his cock slipping it into her mouth. She sucked it like she was making love to it. Tender and soft licks and sucks in and out of her mouth then licking down to his balls tiring to suck on them too. She then licked his shaft back to the head and took it in deep and fast all the way in and held it there. He was about to shoot is load in her mouth so he pulled away. He rubbed his cock over her face and then slapped it a couple times with it. She tried to reach for it again with her mouth but could not find it. He reached over and freed one of her arms then reached down and freed her leg. He slipped his arm between her legs and twisted so she would turn over on her belly. She started to take off the blindfold but he slapped her on the ass and said "not yet!" with a firm voice. He then kiss and lick her thigh very slowly downward to her crease behind her knee. He spent a minute there and moved down to her foot. By this time she was so turned on and wet she was leaving little spots on her bed spread. He then worked his way back up and to her ass cheek and across to the other and then down the other leg to her foot. When he came back up he put one of his legs between hers and spread her open. She then started kissing up her back to her neck letting his hard cock rest between her ass cheeks. He thusted slowly so that his cock was fucking her ass crack.

He moved down a little so she could lift her ass and his cock reached for her pussy hole. His head slipped between her lips and was about to go in when he got up. He moved down to her ass and licked her crack running his tongue over her ass hole and down to her pussy. He tasted her sweet wetness and thought to himself how sweet she tasted. He has never tasted one as sweet as hers. He then licked back up to her ass. He could tell she was a little uncomfortable with that but he reassured her that it was all good and to just relax. He worked out some spit and laid it on her ass. She was relaxing a some. He then slipped his tongue in it a little. She squirmed a little with enjoyment. He licked back to her pussy and grabbed her ass and pulled it to his face pushing his tongue as deep in as he could get. He reached her G-spot with his tongue and she quivered. He flipper her back over. He tied her hand and foot back up. He took off her blindfold so she could watch as his tongue spread her lips and entered her wet hole. He licked up to her clit and put it in his mouth. He made his tongue go over it licking with upward strokes. Slowly at first then faster and faster. He then reached under her ass and lifted her. He licked to her pussy and then under to her ass again and back up to her clit. He put her down again and concentrated on her clit. He slipped a finger into her pussy and felt all the wetness she had. He finger fucked her deep and then out to the front. He would pass over her G-spot as he did and she would tense up with enjoyment. He put two in and figured her harder and deeper. When he would pull out he would curl her finger to make sure they dragged over her G-spot. She was getting so hot her juices started to flow. He could feel her swelling up inside and then it happened she thrusted up and he could feel her squirt onto his chest. She moaned and screamed with pleaser. Not once not twice but three times. She soaked the bed and then collapsed and said "Please sir let me rest. My God I have never done that in my life. That was a first for me and the most intense orgasm I have ever had." He untied her and then turned her over. He raised her ass so she was on her hands and knees and spread her legs. He grabbed her by the hair and slipped his hard cock into her pussy. He slapped her ass a few times. She moaned with pleasure. He fucked her hard and deep and would slap her ass from time to time. "Come on bitch fuck me." SMACK " Work your ass for me." SMACK another one. She was so into it that she didn't notice pain just the pleasure. He reached around and grabbed her by the neck pulling her toward him so his chest was at her back. She liked the feeling of his had around her neck and he could tell. She would kiss her neck and bit it lightly. He squeezed her neck harder and harder as she rode his cock. He knew what would be too hard so he was careful just to squeeze enough but not too much. He reached for her breast with his other hand and fondled it kissing and her neck while he has pressure around her throat. He could feel her getting tighter and tighter inside again. Again she exploded soaking him. That was such a turn on for him that he exploded in her at the same time. She could feel his cock get harder and harder inside and then the pulsation of him Cumming. Filling her with his white cream. He came so hard that she could feel almost every squirt. As he came he pushed her onto her belly and pulled out finishing between the cheeks of her ass. Squirting up her back. They both were so exhausted they collapsed with pleasure. She curled up to him her back and his chest. He wrapped his arms around her holding her body tight against his and they both fell to sleep.

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