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The Campfire V2 Complete

As the sun began to set lower in the sky and it was the end of a warm sunny day, temperatures began to cool but it was just too nice to go inside. Cher grabbed some logs and sticks to build a fire in front of the lake. Cher was still wearing her shorter sun dress from the day out on the lake. The fire was soon roaring and crackling and smoke was rising straight up. As the sun went lower and lower into dusk, the glow of the fire became ever more vibrant.

The light that the fire gave off was a low orange light. Cher moved her arm chair closer to the fire to feel it’s heat. With her legs spread open, she realized that she still wasn’t wearing any panties. She had removed them earlier in the day, but the warmth of the fire was rather appealing. As the inside of her legs felt the warmth of the fire and soon she felt the warmth on her pussy and she realized it was rather erotic.

Tom had moved his chair to a position almost across from Cher. After some light conversation, Tom noticed Cher had slid slightly closer to the fire in her chair. He noticed that her legs had spread a little wider. He had to glance down to take a peak and the light was just too low to see anything. The crackling orange light briefly illuminated Cher’s legs. Cher had noticed Tom’s glance at her legs and thought hmmmm. She then decided to slide a little lower in her chair and forward towards the fire.

She leaned back and put her arms behind her head in a relaxing/stretching manner and looked up at the stars. She knew that sliding forward in her sun dress would pull back her dress higher and make more of her thighs visible. Looking at the stars invited another peak from Tom at her legs. Tom took a peak and could faintly make out that Cher was not wearing any panties. As sparks from the fire added brief amounts of additional light, it was clear that Tom was seeing glimpses of Cher’s pussy. Knowing this, Tom’s cock began to get hard in his shorts.

Cher then looked down back into the glow of the fire. In the corner of her eye, she noticed Tom had fidgeted in his chair. She briefly glanced over at Tom’s waist and saw something pointing up in his shorts. Cher thought to herself, he noticed that I’m not wearing any panties. The thought of Tom’s cock growing harder in his pants was arousing Cher. While staring into the fire and thinking more and more of Tom’s hard cock, Cher’s pussy began to tingle and she realized the desire to reach down and rub her pussy.

She could not in front of male company as she is old fashioned. She then decided to feel more warmth on her pussy and slid closer to the fire and backwards into her chair. She leaned her head completely back and began to gaze at the stars once again. She new her pussy was now completely exposed in the light of the fire.

Tom immediately looked into Cher’s legs and in the orange glow of the fire could see Cher’s pussy. As the light flickered he could completely make it out. His cock was exploding and pointing almost through his shorts. Cher said aren’t the Stars beautiful tonight and Tom got out of his chair and moved quickly on his knees towards Cher’s pussy. Cher had heard the noise of the chair but remained staring at the stars. She then felt the soft tongue begin to lick her pussy.

She moaned with delight at the first lick. Tom’s tongue slowly licked around Cher’s clit, softly all around and in an upwards and downwards fashion. Then he moved down a little lower and pressed his whole tongue into Cher’s pussy, licking in a circular motion and inside her hot wet hole. After a few minutes, Tom realized how hot the fire was on his back and repositioned Cher’s chair and Cher parallel with the fire and then began to lick straight up Cher’s clit and in a circular motion, slowly at first, then harder and harder. Tom realized his cock was erecting harder and harder into his shorts.

His cock had to be released from his pressing shorts and while Tom worked Cher’s pussy he removed his shorts and underwear. Cher noticed and in one motion pulled her sun dress straight over her head and off. While still licking and sucking, Toms hand reached up to Cher’s aching breasts and rubbed them slowly and then began to work her nipples harder and harder.

Tom’s tongue continued to lick Cher’s clit harder and harder. Cher spread her legs over and across both arms of the chair to give Tom full access to her pussy. With her legs spread open and her pussy being licked harder, Cher screamed out in ecstasy as she exploded. Tom’s fingers then moved to Cher’s pussy where they would first just message her clit and then slide down and move deeply into your hot, wet pussy.

At first in and out, in and out, slowly at first then harder and harder until Cher’s moans were too loud and then Tom moved his fingers back to Cher’s clit where he rubbed harder and harder until Cher exploded again and this time squirted straight towards the fire.

Cher still sitting back deep in her chair with her legs still over the arms and wide open was just to inviting for Tom’s rock hard, throbbing cock. Tom grabbed Cher’s spread open legs and still on his knees thrust his cock into Cher’s hot, wet pussy. Holding onto Cher’s legs he thrusted his cock deep into Cher’s hole and began thrusting her harder and harder. Cher screamed for more and wanted it harder and harder.

The chair was rocking back and forth and became unstable on the ground. Cher moved forward and pushed Tom to the ground where she got on top and moved his big hard cock back into her pussy. She began to ride him harder and harder. She moved her hands to the ground to get balance and began to fuck his cock as hard and as fast as she could.

After a few minutes, and her pussy just throbbing for another orgasm, she moved her fingers to her clit and began rubbing harder and harder. She thrusted her body around to move that big cock in her pussy and then just exploded.

Cher was exhausted, Tom just couldn’t wait for more and moved Cher on to her back near the fire. He positioned her legs wide and high as he moved his cock back into Cher’s pussy. He began to pound her pussy harder and harder. He moved his hands off her legs and up to her breasts. At first rubbing them and then grabbing her nipples and squeezing both at the same time. All the while he is still pounding her pussy harder and harder.

Cher’s pussy is now just throbbing again and she moves her fingers back down to her clit where she begins to rub her clit harder and harder until she squirts right into Tom’s cock making her pussy even wetter. After this orgasm, Tom decides Cher needs more leverage and he turns her over onto her hands and knees. Cher’s pussy is very wet and Tom thrusts his cock back into her pussy from behind. He begins to thrust his cock into her pussy slowly at first and then harder and harder.

His hand then reaches around to rub Cher’s clit, while being fucked hard from behind, Tom’s finger rubs her clit harder and harder. Tom’s cock is pounding Cher’s pussy from behind and continues to rub the clit until Cher just screams out with another orgasm. Tom then moves Cher back on to her back and with his big throbbing cock moves back into Cher’s pussy. Tom then begins to pound Cher’s pussy all over again. He moves her legs high and wide while pounding your hot wet pussy. Then Tom’s cock would shoot it’s hot load and fills her pussy. Both lay back in front of the fire, gazing into the stars with grins on their face.

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