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The Cab Ride

I have a friend named Walter who is a cab driver. He sometimes offers me a ride to work I often refuse but this morning I said yes. I got into the front seat with him and he asked me to help him put his watch on his arm for him I said yes. He started rubbing my breast with his hand. He said they are so big. I didn't say stop so he lowered his and pass my stomach and lifted my skirt and start rubbing my pussy.Then he put his hand in my panties and start playing with my pussy while I was rubbing illustrated hand across his very hard dick. I was so wet I couldn't stand it. I just wanted some sick really bad. He drove me to his place around the corner. We went in. I lowered his pants for him and stroked his dick with my hand. I sat on his sofa and he spread my legs and start eating my pussy. I came all over his tongue. He put his dick in me and start fucking my very wet pussy.He flipped me over and I start riding his big hard dick. I came at least 4 times on his dick. Then he said he was about to cum I got off of him start stroking his dick again and he came all over my breasts. I called off for work and he start playing with my pussy again. Here we go again ..

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