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The Bliss Continues

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The erotic energy that had been ignited by our first trip to the lake was ucontainable. Barbara had learned that she had my blessing as she explored her sexuality to the maximum. Nothing was off limits it seemed. She was strumming and humming

Barbara is a gorgeous lady who has the kind of legs that Pamela Anderson has. Nice full thighs direct all attention upward to the juncture of her torso and legs.

Her breasts are a perfect size. Her nipples ride gr*pefruit size mellons that give unmasked expression when she is turned on. Later in our adventures one of her lovers referred to them as THOs, or titty hard ons. We loved it when they were on display through her blouse.

Her ass spread with a perfect flow. While I could touch her freely you could tell in other men's eyes that they would give half of their kingdom to put their hand on her ass. Some did. (We didn't get our part of their kingdom though.)

Our next trip to the lake was full of energy ,excitment and anticipation. Barbara prepared knowing she was going to get fucked as often as possible. She was wet most of the time. We both tried to think of settings we could create that would give Bruce herself and me time alone so we could pick up where we left off.

We were both eager to see Barbara fucked as often as possible. But we had a big challenge; we were among friends who had no clue we were having sex at every opportunity.

When we arrived I soon realized I needed some batteries. A trip to the country store about three miles away was in order. Bruce, Barbara and I decided to go.

All three of us got in the front seat with Barbara on Bruce's lap and me driving.

We had no sooner gotten out of the driveway when Bruce and Barbara started petting heavily. Barbara's breasts were being stimpuated as they kissed with open mouths, their tongues tangling with passion. Barbara was rubbing Bruce's chest and pinching his nipples. One hand reached his cock. It was already hard.

Barbara stroked Bruce's cock through his pants. Bruce never wore underwear so she had great access to do her pleasure.

Barabra's tits were out and being kissed. I reached over as I drove and rubbed Barbara all over. Her bare tits were glorious. She quickly sucked my middle finger into her mouth. Bruce had found her pussy. She squealed then froze as he rubbed her in all the right places. She moaned and laid back in surrender to bliss.

Barbara leaned toward me so I could feel her tits better then she raised up a bit and moved toward me so I could feel Bruce's fingers in her pussy.

We got to the store and all of us got out. Barbara fixed her clothing so she was legal. We went into the store. I found the batteries. As I turned down one aisle I came upon Barbara flashing her tits to Bruce.

When Barbara wasn't wearing her tiny little orange bikini at the lake she wore a cute little knit top with a pair of cut off jean shorts.

The first time she put the shorts on I told her she would have to take her panties off because they showed below the bottom of her shorts in the back.

She took the panties off and about one third of her ass cheeks stuck out below her shorts.

Again, the other ladies were much more modest but Barbara was so sweet they didn't seem to mind. They would often say, "If you've got it flaunt it." Little did they know that Barbara was hot to fuck and was doing so at evey opportunity.

When Barbara was walking you couldn't tell that the tiny little strip between her legs was barely covering her pussy. The material was very narrow and she said it would rub her pussy just enough to keep her in a state of arrousal.

Often when Bruce was behind her and no one was looking he would cup her exposed ass. Barabra would wiggle her ass then move away.

It was not uncommon that Bruce's and my hands met in the middle while Barabra would try to contain a squeal. Our fingers would slip into her pussy briefly as she moved away. She loved it but modesty prevailed.

We got the batteries and got back in the car. As we left the parking lot Barbara said, "We are going to fuck!" She quickly got out of all her clothes and got Bruce's pants around his ankles in a flash. She opened his shirt so she would be against his bare skin.

Bruce was already as hard as a rock. Barbara straddled Bruce while she faced forward in the front seat. I reached over and took Bruce's cock. I held it up toward her pussy as she came down on it. She wiggled a bit to spread the juice around on her pussy.

She pushed down slowly at first then quickly. As she did so my hand was pushed down to Bruce's balls. I gave them a gentle squeeze and pulled my hand away.

The fucking had begun.

Barbara was groaning, squealing, whimpering, yelling all at the same time. Bruce was a wild man as he was pounding Barbara as fast as he could. The sounds of sex were filling the car.

I was beside myself as I observed the scene beside me. I loved seeing and hearing this passionate fuck.

I drove slow enough to observe while not wrecking.

I reached over as often as possible to caress Barabra in every place possible.

Cars were passing us from the opposite direction. They must have had quite a show. This beautiful blonde was naked and showing a passion that can only come from unbridled sex.

Barbara and Bruce bounced as they fucked util the passion was too much for both of them. Bruce unloaded his juices into my Barbara's pussy as she was squealing and sqirming in bliss.

I reached down and felt the sperm running out of Barbara's pussy. I placed my finger at her mouth. She gobbled my finger like it was better than candy.

I touched her again and placed some of their communal juices in my mouth. It was glorious.

As we turned into the driveway Barbara and Bruce had gotten their clothes back together.

We sat and talked for a bit about how we would try to get alone as often as possible over the week end.

The weekend had begun with a passion. My cock was the center on my senses. They expanded from there into a rush of passion and love for my wonderful wife.

The story just gets better!

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