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The Beginning... First time

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I Couldn?t believe I was doing it; I was in my car on my way to meet him. We had met a couple of times before but both times his wife and my husband were with us. Two nights before they had invited my husband and I to their house for a small gathering of couples who were also into swinging, it started out as a nice evening lots of laughing and such, there were 4 couples all together and some stripped and got into the hot tub.

My husband and I stayed inside and talked with one of the other ladies. We were new to swinging so were a little hesitant.

After the others came inside, I was standing at the kitchen counter and he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I immediately felt the electricity and in a few moments, from the feel of the bulge pressing into my ass I knew he felt it to.

We stood that way, neither of us letting on to the excitement we were feeling for quite a while. The others were sitting around talking and watching something on the T.V. But I couldn?t begin to tell you what it was. I was in a totally different world. I could hear his irregular breathing and feel his heart pounding against my back, all I could think about was having him inside me, I can?t remember ever being that excited before, my panties were soaked through.

My husband finally decided it was time for us to leave, so I stepped into their spare bedroom to get out coats, the light was off and I couldn?t find the switch so I was just using the light filtering in from the living room. He came into the room to see if was finding everything, funny he didn?t bother to turn on the light when he came in.

He and I looked at each other and couldn?t stop ourselves we reached for each other at the same time and shared a brief kiss and I felt his hand reach up and brush my tits. I though I was going to cum right then.

We both pulled away afraid someone would walk in, I said something really intelligent like ?Wow? and laughed and he said ?I know what you mean? and we left it at that and walked back to the living room not saying anything about it to anyone.

I was hoping no one (especially my husband) saw how flustered I was and tried to act as normal as my breathing would allow.

My husband and I left and headed home. When we got home I couldn?t sleep, I was so wound up I slipped out of bed and went into the living room and laid down on the couch, I had to cum so bad it was driving me crazy.

I slipped my hand into my panties and came as soon as I touched my clit, I was so excited I came three more times before I was able to fall asleep.

The next day I talked to him on the computer and wasn?t sure if I should mention how I felt the night before, after all this was supposed to be a swinging thing and all I wanted was him alone and I was afraid he wouldn?t understand if I told him.

After we had talked about the ?nice evening? we had, he was the one who mentioned the ?heat? in the room. We laughed it off and said goodbye.

The next evening again I was talking to him and he told me he hadn?t been able to stop thinking about the electricity between us, when I told him I hadn?t been able to either, he ask me to call him on the phone, his wife was working late and my husband was still at work and he felt we should talk about this. I logged off the computer and called. I was so nervous, I didn?t know what he was going to say.

I thought maybe he was going to tell me what a bad thing this was and how he and his wife only played together and that we should not do this again, but instead he said, ? that every time he thought about me he would get so turned on he couldn?t think?.

I asked him " what are we going to do about this?" and he ask if I could get away so we could meet, I told him I thought I could get away after my husband came home and made arrangements for me to drive to their house two hours later.

When I walked up the stairs to their front door I ask myself out loud ?what are you doing?? But I knew there was no way I was leaving unless he asks me to go. He opened the door and let me in and took my coat, making small talk. I could tell he was as nervous as I was. I was shaking and he asked if I was cold, I said no and he looked at me and knew why I was shaking.

He took me by the hand and turned me around and like two nights before wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I knew right away he was as excited as I was, I could feel the heat coming from him, he whispered in my ear, ?I can?t believe you?re here, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this? then he turned me around and very gently kissed me, it was so light, so gentle. I reached up put my hand on the back of his head to pull him closer but he stopped me and said ? not here? took my hand and led me to his bed.

We faced each other and I ask him ? are you sure you want to do this?? and he said, ?I have to do this? and kissed me again, his lips gently parted mine, his tongue entering, touching mine quickly, softly, and pulling it out as quickly as it entered. Catching my lower lip between his he sighed softly. We kissed and touched for what seemed like forever, I didn?t want to wait, I wanted, needed to feel him and taste him.

He took total control of the situation and wouldn?t let me, he said he wanted to take this nice and slow ?something this good should never be rushed?. As we undressed each other he kissed a trail down my body, he laid me down on the bed and His hand traveled up my inner thigh, not stopping until it reached my soaked panties.

He traced my lips with a finger, so softly, making me squirm and moan. He kneeled in front of me and ran his hands up my thighs to the sides of my panties. He pulled them down slowly and tossed them on the floor, his eyes never leaving mine. His hand ran up my thighs to my now naked pussy. I was shaved completely smooth.

He traced his finger around my clit and up and down my swollen lips. I couldn?t help moaning loudly He licked up and down my thighs as I squirmed under him. He reached out and licked my clit quickly, then kissed it. He kissed all over my wet pussy, slow soft kisses.

I reached down and pulled him up to me and kissed him. He lowered himself on top of me and placed his face just inches from mine, staring into my eyes. He placed the tip of his cock at the opening of my pussy as my legs wrapped around him tightly. He slowly slid himself into me, staring into my eyes the whole time.

The emotion and passion and hunger of the moment took control of me, as I felt my pussy contract around his hardness. I was Cumming already. Low moans escaped both if us as he completely filled me. When my orgasm subsided he was smiling down at me. He slowly began rocking in and out of me. God he felt good inside me, No one had ever made me feel close to the way he was. I didn't want it to ever end. I needed to taste him now.

I pushed him away and slid down to my knees, I began to kiss the base of his erect cock, teasing, tasting, and savoring the taste of my cum on him. I licked his balls and took them into my mouth, my tongue teasing and tasting like they were candy. A slight moan passed his lips as he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my face closer. I was stroking him now as I licked and sucked. Over and under, lifting his balls and kissing underneath, biting gently, all the while stroking.

He pulled my head up suddenly and kissed me passionately, but said that he was afraid his wife would come home early and ask if I wanted to go for a ride with him.

As hard as it was to stop I knew he was right and so we quickly dressed and I followed him to a Parking lot near his house where I left my car and got into his truck. I slid over next to him and started kissing his neck and my hand slid down to his lap; I could feel his cock twitch as I touched him I couldn?t wait to get him inside me again.

We drove for just a few minutes luckily he lived on the outskirts of town so it was easy finding a secluded area. We joked about the fact that neither of us had made out in a parked car in years but it was very exciting.

After we parked he leaned over and slid his hand inside my top my nipples ached to feel his mouth on them, I couldn?t stand it any longer and started taking my clothes back off, he understood the urgency and did the same.

We switched places on the seat so he was on the passenger side and I leaned over and took his hard cock in my mouth, his touch was pure pleasure, as he lightly ran his palms over my legs, arms, chest, neck, everywhere, making me so hot, bringing my desire for him to a higher level. His hands became heavier, and then he was grabbing me, squeezing random pieces of flesh, firmly but not painfully.

His fingers slid down never losing touch, sliding down my ass, to part my wet slit and gently rub my hardened clit. I drew in a deep breath, when he touched me it felt like electricity. Then I couldn't help myself as my hips moved of their own accord, pushing myself down against his hand and fingers, moaning loudly with his cock deep in my mouth god he tasted so good.

I stopped and swirled my tongue around, teasing the tip of it with my tongue. I moved my mouth back over his throbbing cock and pushed it deep into my throat once again, flicking my tongue around and around. I was so wet I could feel the juices running down my thighs I rose up and told him ? I want you to fuck me now, I need to have you back inside me?.

I climbed up and straddled him and felt the head of his cock just at the entrance to my pussy as he slid it back and forth over my clit and then pushed it back as I slowly slid down onto him so I could feel every inch of him going in, I was so wet he slid in easily.

When I felt him all the way inside me I could feel my pussy tightening on his cock, ? that?s it baby, cum for me again? he said.

After My orgasm slowed he rolled me off him and laid me back on the seat. He started a lazy rhythm burying his hard cock deep inside me, pulling all the way back out, forcing me stay still as his swollen cock head nudges its way back inside me. My breath was heavy, mixed with moans begging him to fuck me harder and faster ?I want you to cum for me, inside me I need it so bad? I said.

He ignored my pleas for what must be the longest moments of my life before indulging me at last. Suddenly he slammed his full length quickly into me, fucking me hard and fast. I could feel him pushing trying to get more and more of his cock buried inside me. I wanted him as deep inside me as he could be with each thrust. He brought me to orgasm after orgasm, listening to my moans as I cried out to him begging to feel him cum.

I felt him thrust with the urgency of his own cum building inside him. With a final thrust he buried himself deep inside me, pulling me up against him shooting his hot cum deep inside, I cried out in my own orgasm. My pussy got almost painfully tight as It contracted around him pulling the last drops of cum from his cock. He collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my arms around him, as we both rode the wave of pleasure rippling through our bodies. Drifting, both of us dipped in and out of reality as our bodies slowed. . Over an hour had passed and neither of us had any notion of it. It was time to get dressed and say goodbye. We knew if nothing else, we would hold this passion between us in our memories forever.

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