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The Amazing Woman

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The amazing woman Well, it all started this way. Mary and I, each had a store in the same shopping center, and we knew of each other but not that much current knowledge. It was closing time and by coincidence our cars were parked next to each other. I surveyed the view of her from behind and shook my head at her legs and butt and so on. She was a bit shorter than average, with fantastic legs (my specialty) and a beautifully shaped body in a very tight outfit that showed off two beautiful breasts and lots of cleavage.

I tried to move between our cars to open my door but one of us had parked too closely and my driver?s door could not be opened enough to get in the car. I grinned at her and said this looks as if it?s going to be very hard to get out of here. For a lady she had a really boisterous laugh and she said, Honey I love to take care of hard things you just wait a minute and I?ll show you how I do things like that. I stepped back with a grin, loving what she just said, and she got into her car and backed up into an open spot in the next row over. Then she got out and walked over to my car and opened the door and said have a seat darling, maybe there is a room for a lap dance. J k new of her reputation but she still surprised me. She looked all ways as she stood beside my open door and grabbed at my cock in my lap and said I?d love to take care of this hard thing you have here. Then, she added, follow me home and I?ll make sure everything is OK again. She laughed that laugh again and jumped in her car and led me across town and into her driveway. She opened the garage door and drove into the garage and motioned to me to drive in, too and park next to her car.

She pressed a button beside her car and the garage door went down. Then as it closed she walked around her car and up to me and grab bed at my cock and balls and said, Oh good, still hard and then she pulled at the lump in my pants and dragged me through the door into the house, towing me behind.

Once in there, she again surprised me, and said drop your pants darling, I plan to do some exploring. I undid my belt and fly and my pants fell to the floor and she quickly grabbed my undershorts, and said don?t ever wear underpants when you come to my house darling. Soon both pants and under ants were at my ankle and she knelt and grinned and said yummy, I like nice hard cocks. And I especially like the size of yours, I bet the ladies love to play with you. Then she laughed and said and some men too, I?ll bet.

She sucked me into her mouth and gave me a thrilling feeling, and then she moved away and pulled my balls in her other hand. I gasped and said Oh Mary, It won?t take much to have me make a mess all over you. She took my cock into her mouth again and gave me a sucking better than I had ever experienced. Then she grinned and winked at me as she worked my cock over like a real professional.

She gasped and moaned and did her job quickly and I spurted my load into her mouth. She moaned and winked at me and nodded yes as she continued to drain my balls through my even harder and very sensitive cock. I had never even seen such a beautiful job in so few minutes, even on the x-rated videos I have seen. Then she suckled another time and smiling, she pulled her face away from my crotch, and then she opened her mouth enough for me to see her mouth was full of my load. It has been a few days since I came and she got a mouthful.

Then she stood up, letting my cock wave in the air and wrapped her arms around my neck and said I love it honey, where have you been? I was smiling, too and once she was up and against me we kissed and I tasted some of the load that was still in her mouth, and mostly on her lips and chin. I have always hated the taste of my cum, but this time it was different, yes, a strong ammonia-like smell and a terrible taste, but I liked it for a change.

Then we both swallowed and licked our lips and she pulled me by my hand and said follow me darling, I want to get to know you better. I almost fell down with my pants around my ankles and she giggled and knelt down and untangled my clothing and now I was wearing only a shirt and socks. Even with everything that had happened, my cock was still hard. I was proud of that, of course. Then she pulled me over to the sofa and pushed me back onto it. She giggled and said I hope I?m not too rough for you.

Then she straddle my lap and pulled up her blouse and revealed two beautiful tits with huge hard nipples and she said, so tell me darling, why haven?t I seen you before? Are you Gay, Bi, Straight or anything else? I removed my mouth from her stand out breast and said Bi but with very little Bi experience.

Hmm, a dream of yours, to make love, with a man? I said well, yes, but I still like beautiful women like you more. Much, more.

She said, when were you with a man last, darling?

In college, some years ago.

She laughed her laugh again and said, a lot of years ago, right darling?


She grinned and raised up over my lap and sat down, without using her hands onto my stiff cock, taking me inside her as she sat down, smiling. Then after a few deep breaths from both of us she said honey, I would love to introduce you to some of my friends. I have a beautiful hunk of a man who would love to give you the screwing of your life. She giggled and said I?ll bet his beautiful cock up your ass would be painful but wonderful at the same time.

I said, that sounds exciting, but I would rather make love to a women like you.

Ashe said honey, flattery will get you everywhere and she raised up and let my cock pop out of her pussy and pulled me off the sofa and down the hall and into a bedroom. We both finished taking the clothing we still wore. Then we were on the bed and she lay face up and legs wide apart and I dove between her luscious thighs. Her pussy was shaved and very wet and my first good taste was a thrill and then I really went to work on her dripping wet pussy.

The next hour was filled with sucking and fucking in every position we could think of. She was beautiful, and sexy and voluptuous and had an amazing imagination, all the things either of us could think of.

She said one thing I should tell you, honey. I love to make love, lick, suck and fuck and so on, but I should warn you that I tell you, and other men what and how I want things to happen. I am the boss, does that both you?

Hell no, ma?am I have always wanted to be a slave boy for a beautiful woman.

She grinned and grabbed my balls and pulled and twisted them a bit and said and I warn you, if you say you want it, you will get it, and no begging will make me stop. Then with a naughty grin she said I have a drawer pull of ropes and lather cuffs. I said wow I love bondage.

She said so do I you bad boy.

There will be more about her, I promise you, she is my favorite lady of all time, and I am proud to say I have been with her in many ways, all of them exciting.

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