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The Act

Parts 1, 2, & 3

The following story is fictional and contains strong sexual content and
verbage which may offend some. If descriptive sexual activity is not your
thing, then trash this now - otherwise, read on!

He embraced her in his arms, pulling her lithe body to him, warm and
sensual, her breasts up against his chest. The thin material of her shirt
did nothing to reduce the sensations of the friction, and her nipples
stood noticably erect under the thin white fabric.

With a finger, he tipped her chin upward, and they kissed; a slow,
wonderful, sensual kiss, the moans reverbrating in their throats. The
heat and intensity of the kiss increased, their bodies twisting and
writhing, necks cranning to field all possible positions. Their tongues
interwined, their hands moving over each others bodies with an urgent

She broke the kiss first, desparate to tell him, "God - I want...need
you!" Her eyes told him all he needed to know, half glazed with lust, her
body trembled with excitement.

His hands moved to her buttocks, and, as he kissed her again, he picked
her up; instinctively she wrapped her legs around his waist, grinding
furiously against the ever hardening bulge in his slacks.

They nearly made it to the bedroom, but her grinding and writhing and
needing prompted him to stop in a hall, pushing her up against it, hands
moving lightly over her breasts, fingers lightly playing over the erect

She gasped, then moaned, her back arching a little, wanting more than just
a light brush.

His fingers responded deftly to her needs, lightly pinching and twisting
the swollen tips, standing up like pebbles against her shirt. His hands
massaged, molded, and caresses, occassionally grinding his palms against
her nipples and aerola.

She cried out, the sound dying into a loud moan, as she pushed him away
from her for a moment. He looked at her questioningly, but saw the answer
before he had a chance to ask. With a quick movement of the arms, she
removed the shirt, tossing it in a random direction, the article of
clothing not even hitting the floor before she grabbed him and embraced in
another kiss.

The black lace demicup she had on thrilled him, the sight of her soft
white skin, the hard nipples escaping from just over the tops of the cups,
excited him further. He broke the kiss with her lips, and travelled down,
to explore.

His lips and tongue softly flicked and licked their way down her neck,
across her throat, spending time there in response to the gasps and cries
of pleasure that came from her sensual lips. Another ragged groan
escaped, this one from deep in her throat, a loud rumbling need. He
smiled a little, to himself, his lips and tongue roaming further.

Light little flicks of the tongue danced across her breastbone, his hands
caressing, fingers lightly playing across the soft skin of her breasts.
Her moans were more lusty, with the occassional "Oh god...yes...yes, baby,
that's so good." As her passion increased, so did the heat between her
legs. He could feel the dampness through his slacks and boxers, her
arousal driving him nearly insane with lust.

His tongue flicked across an erect nipple, her mouth opening in a small
"O" as she cooed. Her hands went to his head then, fingers twining in his
hair, nails digging softly to prompt him for more. He responded, his
tongue swirling around the erect nipple, and then around it, dancing
across the aerola with the tip. She moaned again, her hips grinding
against his, her heat increasing every second.

His hands were still at work, which only increased the pleasure, his
fingers lightly touching, playing with her other nipple until he moved
away from the one he had been paying attention to, his tongue flicking,
lips sucking their way across her breastbone, and across the mound of her
breast. His fingers moved to the newly slick nipple, playing, twisting,
and sliding, her groan, gasps, and verbal encouragement more than enough
to know how much she was enjoying this.

He sucked at her other nipple, teeth sliding gently across it, her hips
jerking in response, thrusting against his now pulsing hardness.

She pulled his head away from her suddenly, looking at him directly in the
eyes, her chest heaving. Her eyes showed the emotion, the lust, the
arousal that she was experiencing. He knew she wanted more, but waited
patiently to hear it from her.

"Fuck Please," she whispered softly, trailing a finger down,
between her breasts, across her stomach to unbutton her jeans and unzip

End Part 1.

He was happy to oblige. They slid down the wall, onto the carpeted floor,
both of their hands, helping to remove some of the extra clothing from her
body. He worked on her shoes, tossing them aside, and then pulled her
jeans off while she arched for him, exposing her lovely body for his eyes.

The silk and lace panties were the perfect match, and he smiled, realizing
how delightfully wicked this woman could be while dressed so casually.

He stood up then, stripping off his shirt, his skin as white as her's, not
having had a chance to let the coming summer sun do its work. The thick
bulge in his pants gave clue to what was underneath, and he had some
difficultly in getting the slacks undone and over his throbbing erection.
She giggled a little, eyes watching him, a smirk on her lips.

She then sat up, and moved around until she was kneeling in front of him.
He was so busy trying to get his shoes and slacks off, he had hardly
realized what she was doing until he heard himself groan.

With a flick of the hand, she had coaxed his erection out of his boxers.
Her delicate long fingers wrapped around the length, and he groaned, long
rattling sound from his throat. She smiled, her hand sliding up and down
his shaft, pulling, then pushing.

They both watched her hand, as if entranced by it, the sensuality of the
act in itself arousing. She moaned, whispering how much she liked it; so
hard, thick, tastey, and just big enough to fill her entirely.

"I can't wait to feel it inside me, fucking me, filling me, coming in me,"
she glanced up at him with a delightfully wicked smile, "but first things
first...I want you to come in my mouth."

Before he could even fully register the comment, she had taken him inside
her mouth. "Damn! Oh God!" was the only thing he could say, his body
reeling, pleasure coursing throughout it. His hips twitched, and she
moaned erotically around his half engulfed erection, the sounds of her
labor turning them both on even more.

She slid her mouth back up and down his shaft a few times, getting his
length nice and wet. Her fingers took the rest of his length, sliding
back and forth in small short strokes.

She moved to the tip of his penis, licking around the edges while she
stroked, tongue dancing, flicking and licking around the crown. She
glanced up at his face, watched the mask of eroticism that he was wearing
and reveled in it. She loved knowing how much this drove him wild; she
could feel her own sex growing damp and hot as she licked and sucked on
his pulsing manhood.

And then she decided she would try it - the only thing she wasn't sure she
would be able to do. Her mouth took his head in, her tongue sliding
across it, back and forth, she used both her hands, fingers caressing his
balls and holding the base of his shaft straight up. She closed her eyes
and concentrated on his pleasure, and her wet sex, thinking about how this
would drive him so wild he would give her the wanton fucking she so

And then she took him, her mouth sliding downward, her thoughts on his
groaning, moaning, and exclamations. She tried to ignore the feeling of
his head as it slid against her throat. She involuntarily flexed her
throat a few times, trying to swallow his huge erection, before relaxing,
and letting his throbbing shaft be caressed by her throat and warm mouth.

Up and down she slid in rapid succession after the first, engulfing his
shaft to the root in her mouth. The muscles in the back of her throat
caressing and coaxing the head, trying to pull the delicious cream which
she was now desparate for. She moaned around him, long and loud, and she
reached back with a hand to touch her own sex, nearly dripping with
anticipation and desire.

She felt herself, warm and wet, the product of everything that had
happened so far. She caressed herself, her body shuddering at the
sensations as her fingers brushed timidly across the hardness of her clit.
She was unaware of her body writhing, her moaning, or how much harder she
had begun to suck and engulf her partners erection.

His hips were nearly bucking, his fingers twined through her hair. He
could feel the climax coming, the pressure building behind his balls as
the slapped against her chin with every buck. He watched her moaning and
writhing, so engrossed in the act of doing that she was nearly oblivious
to everything else. It felt so good, the way her throat caressed him, the
way her tongue slid around on him, it was overwhelming, and he could feel
it starting to surge, pulsing through his shaft, racing...

"God, god, yes, yes!! I'm coming!"

She was aware of what was happening then, feeling the salty warmth of his
jism blast against her throat in surging pulses. It turned her on so
much, knowing that he was there, coming full force in her mouth. She
reveled in it, and let his hard shaft pop out of her mouth, wanting to see

As she watched his hard erection shoot, she was aware of the burning fire
coming from her stomach, and travelling through her body. Her hand,
intent on its mission, had been forgotten, but had not stopped. And then
she, too, was coming, gasping and crying out as warm wetness spilt over
her fingers.

The two of them paused for a moment, both gasping, one hand of her's
stroking him softly as her tongue sought to catch the escaped jism, and
then other tenderly caressing her sex, causing her body to shutter, her
memories going over and over the moment of orgasm.

End part 2

He helped her to stand, her body sliding sensually up his, breasts lightly
caressing him; over his thighs, catching his erect penis between them,
across his stomach to finally stop against his chest. She gazed at him
through half lidded eyes, hardly able to believe how intense the
experience has been.

They walked over the piles of clothes and into the bedroom. Barely though
the doorway, he picked her up, strong arms underneath her knees and behind
her back. He lifted her gently to the bed, lying her down against the
soft comforter. She stretched, then, working her way to comfort in the
plush fabrics.

He sat down beside her, asking her to roll over. He had a surprise for
her. She smiled, perhaps a little mischief in her lips, and rolled over,
wiggling her buttocks at him.

He slid long fingers over her back, the tips rubbing, caressing the
muscles in her upper back. She groaned, the heat from the massage seeping
into her being, perfectly complimenting the afterglow of climax that was
still coursing throughout her body.

His hands worked, massaging and caressing, working across her back, up and
down, soft and sensual. His breath occassionally cascading across her
skin, his head bent down against her.

He massaged down to her rear, capturing each side in turn and working with
both hands. Her moans of pure delight incentive enough to work harder.
His hands glided barely inches away from her still wet sex, reaching in to
work on her inners thighs. Caressing and rubbing, massaging into the skin

He took time to work along her legs, carefully working, hands deftly
massaging all over, across her thighs , knees, calves, and then the feet.
She moaned a bit louder as he took her right foot in his hands and worked
it between his fingers. Rubbing 'round and 'round, across the heel,
through the arch, and down to the balls of her feet. He heard her murming
how good it was; how it just drained her of tension. He smiled to
himself, pausing to take her other foot in hand and work on it awhile.

And when he had finished massaging her back, he leant down and whispered
into her ear for her to roll over so he might continue. She rolled over
lethargically, reluctant to move, for fear that the pleasure she was
experiencing might in some way be diminished.

He kissed her softly, something of an "Mmmmmmmm" coming from her throat.
His hands worked across her neck, massaging it, caressing it, along the
collar bone, fingers dancing across her skin sensually.

He paid special attentions to her breasts, caressing and massaging the
skin and muscles, taking care to work over every inch. He was tempted!
Oh so tempted! To nibble and suck, lick and tongue, they did so beckon to

He resisted the urge, knowing that soon enough he would have his chance.
He massaged her stomach, her sides, all the while loving the feel of her
body. So smooth and wonderful; it aroused him to know that such a
beautiful woman can be so pleasured.

She murmured something that he wasn't quite able to catch as he moved
around, positioning himself between her legs. She opened them for him,
her eyes still closed, lost in a land of dreamy warmth.

He worked on her thighs, massaging the skin. Inside, and out, hands
moving across. The smell of her arousal was doing nothing to stave his
desires. He licked at her, not knowing what prompted him to do it. Her
taste, salty sweet in his mouth shot right to his penis, causing it to
flare, pulsing to its full size.

He licked at her again, a little more demanding this time, pulling more of
the lovely honey from her damp petals. She moaned in response, shifting
her hips, but her eyes remained closed. Oh, how sweet her taste, how
delicious, it satisfied him in the more carnal way.

He was licking now, lapping up her sweetness, and moaning against her.
Fully aware of what was going on now, she raised her head to watch him
work, her hands gently squeezing her own breasts, fingers lightly playing
with her erect nipples. It aroused her to no end to see him there,
licking and sucking - it was unimaginable. The sensation coursed through
her, hot raw passion welling up from her loins as his mouth brought gasps
and moans of pleasure from her.

His tongue dancing across her wetness, sliding over and between the petals
of her sex, caressing her with his tongue as he drew more of her sweet
nectar out. His hands held her sex open for his seeking tongue, the
fingers caressing and massaging her out folds..

Her body writhed under his labors, hips twitching under his delving
tongue. As his tongue slid back and forth across the hard nub of her
clitoris, she cried out in pleasure, hands immediately in his hair, urging
him forward, pulling his mouth to her.

He continued this, licking, sucking, teasing her clitoris while his
fingers massaged her open sex, his thumb caressing just the outside of her
sweet tunnel. She responded ever more urgently, her hips moving up
against his mouth.

"Oh, yes, baby...please, take me, lick me, fuck me with your sweet mouth.

Her cries of pleasure became more intense, he could tell she was close,
teetering on the edge of abyssal pleasure. An index finger caressed her
opening for a moment, before she bucked her hips, taking his finger in to
the knuckle.

Her head came off the pillow and she held onto him as her body went rigid,
his finger setting her off like a bomb. Waves and waves, screaming all
through her body, an intensity she had so rarely felt. Her body thrashed
as she came, her lips calling out his name in a ragged cry of orgasm.

End of Story

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