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The Abduction

Rae was exhausted! It had been one of the most hectic days of her life with her new, but extremely attractive, well-built, muscled VP boss. It was 8 in the evening and she was starving with no end in sight. Rae didn't finish one request that he wasn't yelling out another order!

At least he was easy on the eyes as her grandmother use to say. OK -- she admitted to herself that she was attracted to him, but he was definitely trying her patience day after day. Working until all hours of the evening -- she was about to lose her boyfriend because of the late hours and her exhaustion when she arrived home or dropped by his apartment. AND Rae was not sure if her boss, Mr. Martin, was pleased with her work or not. Well, at least it was a good job, good benefits, and paid VERY well.

Rae finished typing the last correspondence on the dictation tape, printed it off, softly tapped on Mr. Martin's opened door. He motioned her while he continued his nightly dictation into the machine she was beginning to view as a MONSTER. Rae placed the sheets on the edge of his desk, but as she turned to walk away she heard the rustle of the papers as they fell to the floor. Rae turned and as she bent to pick up the papers she looked up because she noticed Mr. Martin had stopped speaking -- he was staring at her chest as she bent -- suddenly she realized that her breasts were heaving forward through her sweater for his eyes to drink in -- ughhhhhhhh! How embarrassing! She saw a lustful look before she shyly looked at the floor and felt the blood rush to her cheeks.

To be continued...

End of Story