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The 3 Minutes That Changed My Life

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Three minutes. That’s how long the r*pe lasted. Even though Herbert, my husband, was only a few feet away, he doesn’t know that Frank r*ped me. My name is Lisa. Frank is Herbert’s cousin. Both of them are 28 and grew up together. Frank had just been released from federal prison earlier that day after serving a 10 year sentence for I don’t know what. Both Herbert and Frank are 28. They were really close until Frank went to prison. I had never heard of Frank until a week ago, when Frank’s sister called and told Herbert that Frank had asked if he would pick him up from Lompoc and let him stay the night before he caught a flight home to New York. Herbert said sure, even though Lompoc is 200 miles away. Herbert wanted me to go with him but I get motion sickness. I told him I would have dinner ready when they got home. On Sunday morning, Herbert left at 3 a.m. Frank wanted to be picked up by 8 a.m. Herbert packed the roast beef sandwiches that I made for them and took a cooler filled with beer.

I spent the morning cleaning the house and the spare room where Frank would sleep. Around 5:30 pm, Herbert called. They were an hour away. He sounded drunk. I told him that dinner was almost ready: home cooked lasagna, French bread, tossed green salad and red wine. I could hear Herbert tell Frank what was for supper. Frank got on the phone. He had a deep voice He told me he was looking forward to meeting me. He said Herbert was a lucky guy to have such a beautiful wife. I laughed and told him that Herbert exaggerates a lot. Frank said his sister had sent him a picture of Herbert and me which she took at our wedding three years ago so he was not relying on Herbert’s description. I didn’t know what to say when he said he had our picture pinned up on the wall next to his bed. Herbert then came on the line and said that Frank asked if I could invite a girl over to join us. I laughed and told him I didn’t know any single women. When Herbert told Frank this, I heard Frank yell that he didn’t discriminate against married women. They both laughed and Herbert said they would be home soon.

The lasagna was ready so I took it out of the oven and let it cool. I stuck the bread in the oven for it to warm and put the salad in the refrigerator. I popped the red wine to let it air. I then took a quick shower to freshen up. I shaved my legs while showering and used orchid fragranced body soap. I washed my hair with baby shampoo and brushed my teeth. After blow drying my hair I put on light make-up. I wanted to make a favorable impression. I decided to wear my fitted pink thigh-high summer dress. I wore only panties. I have nice full breasts, 35C, which look larger because of my thin frame. I am 35C – 25 – 34. I have long straight naturally blonde hair. I have green eyes and perfect teeth. I am tall, 5’9”, and a very thin 115lb. Growing up, I was teased goose neck because of my long neck, and called spider legs, because my legs are too long for my body. But, now, at 23, I hear the whistles and remarks from men, about how they like the way my legs come together, or what a cute little girl’s ass I have.

I soon heard Herbert’s loud pickup truck pull into the drive way. The sun had set and it was dark outside. I opened the front door and stood at the entrance to greet them. They both stumbled out of the truck laughing. Frank was at least a head taller than Herbert. He looked lean and muscular. He was wearing tight jeans, boots, T-shirt and a cowboy hat. He had a beer in his hand. They stumbled to the foot of the stairs, and then both of them just stood there and stared at me. I felt both their eyes burning through me for a few seconds. I was getting uncomfortable, when Herbert burst out laughing and said that they could see right through my dress. I was shocked. I quickly bent over and covered my breasts and my private area and backed into the house. The light inside of the house had projected through my thin dress and gave the two men an eyeful. I was so embarrassed. Frank followed Herbert into the house, smiled and said nothing. I could tell by the way he looked at me that he liked what he saw.

I gave Frank a kiss on the cheek and welcomed him to our house. I had to tiptoe to do this and held his arms for balance. They felt like steel. Herbert said he had to go and quickly went to the bathroom. I told Frank that dinner would be ready soon. Frank followed me into the kitchen. When I went to the refrigerator to get the salad, Frank came up behind me really close, pressed himself against me and cupped my right breast with his right hand. I stood motionless not knowing what to do. We didn’t say anything. I heard the toilet flushing and felt Frank squeeze my breast and pinch and twirl my nipple before he stepped back and walked into the living room. I heard the bathroom door open and heard Frank say he needed to use the bathroom. Herbert came into the kitchen, hugged me and said he was so happy to be with Frank again. Frank came back into the kitchen and stood at the door. Herbert said he was going to get the cooler out of the truck and left. I began putting the dinner out. When Frank came towards me, I went around the table, making sure it was between me and Frank. Frank took a drink from his bottle of beer and looked me up and down. He then said that as a teenager he knew a girl who wore panties with bunny rabbits just like me. I looked at him and realized that he had gone through our hamper. I wanted to kick myself for not removing our soiled underwears. Frank said he liked how I smelled. He massaged his crotch as he spoke and I noticed he had an erection. His jeans were so tight that I could see the shape of his penis running down his left pant leg. It was obvious that he was much longer and larger than Herbert.

Just then I heard the front door open and Herbert joined us in the kitchen with the cooler. Frank sat at the table and Herbert and I joined him. The two were famished and took large portions. Frank had a manly appetite. His table manners were horrible. He gripped his fork with a fist and shoveled huge portions into his mouth. He didn’t chew his food and only swallowed. He filled his wine glass to the brim, emptying a third of the bottle, and drank it down like it was water. I couldn’t stomach watching and tried not to look in Frank’s direction. However, the sounds that came out of that man were animalistic. I excused myself and went into the bathroom.

I could tell that Frank had been in the hamper. He had left the top open. Lying right on top was my bunny panties. He had left the crotch area facing up. I felt invaded. I removed our underwear and put them in our bedroom closet. I could feel myself getting flushed as I walked back into the kitchen. Herbert looked at me and asked if I had too much wine, then laughingly asked if I knew any married woman that might want to take a load out of Frank. I told him no and that I did not feel well and I was going to turn in early. Herbert said he and Frank wanted to go the local bar and wanted me to go too. I told Herbert that I really didn’t feel well . He asked me to heat some water so they could take some instant coffee in a thermos to drink on their way home. I told him OK. As I filled the pitcher with water, Herbert said he was going to take a quick shower and went into the bathroom. I put the pitcher in the microwave and set the timer for three minutes. Just as I pushed the start botton, Frank pressed up against me from behind and bent me forward. Before I could react, I felt him penetrate me with his fingers. He had deftly pried aside the crotch of my panties and was jabbing his fingers in and out of me. I could feel my pussy lubricating his invading fingers. I began to feel twinges of pleasure. I tried to squirm away but he was too strong. Then he lifted me up a little with one hand and I felt his cock enter me in one smooth movement. I felt all of the air come of me and I began gasping. When he pulled back to plunge his second stroke back inside me, I came. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was in shock. My mind was saying No. I was saying NO. But Frank’s strokes seemed to be fueling a fire burning deep inside of my pussy. I continued to experience the longest unbroken orgasm I had in all my life. Frank stopped pumping only once, for a few seconds, when he pressed the full length of his cock as deep as he could deep inside of me, trying to delay his ejaculation. During this pause, my body was going through involuntary orgasmic spasms. The feel of his hard cock throbbing against my cervix was unbelievable. I felt him pull his cock until only the tip of his head was in. Just when I thought it was over, he plunged his cock deep inside of me fast and furious. I heard him grunt and felt him stiffen before his cock exploded gobs of warm semen right up against my cervix. I was still protesting No when Frank came, but my body responded to Frank’s orgasms by pushing back against his cock as if it had a mind of his own. I continued cumming as I wiggled my pussy back and forth against Frank. As quickly as it started, Frank pulled out and left the kitchen just as the microwave timer went off. Frank must have r*ped before because he was swift and efficient. He had me pinned down, bent over and inside of me before I knew what was going on.

I walked out of the kitchen and into my bedroom. Frank was sitting in the den, watching TV as if nothing happened. I shut my bedroom door and sat on the bed. I was confused. I did not want him. He even repulsed me. Yet, I had a huge orgasm almost immediately after he penetrated me and it lasted throughout the r*pe. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I was in shock. A minute later, Herbert poked his head into our bedroom and asked if I was sure I didn’t want to go with them. I told him that I felt like I was coming down with something and that I just wanted to sleep. He looked at me funny as I crawled under the covers and curled up in the fetal position. Herbert said OK and that they wouldn’t be long. I heard them leaving right after Frank put some instant coffee in the thermos with the hot water. As soon as they left I went and took a hot shower. I scrubbed myself all over. I douched myself three times. When I was done, I went and curled up on the bed. I couldn’t sleep. I kept reliving the r*pe over and over. Or was it r*pe. More than once I gently fingered my clit as I thought of the long orgasm that I had. I was glad that Frank would be leaving in the morning.

My phone rang at 2:15 a.m. It was the police. They told me that they had stopped Herbert for drunk driving. They were going to take him to the station for assaulting a police officer. The stop was just a couple of blocks away. I told the officer I would be right down. I put on a pair of jeans, sweat shirt and slippers and drove down the blocks. I was there in a couple of minutes. Herbert was seated in a marked police vehicle. When he saw me he yelled that he didn’t do anything. The police sergeant ordered the transporting officer to take him to the station. Frank was seated in Herbert’s pick-up truck. He and a police officer walked over to my car. Frank got in the passenger seat. The officer gave me the keys to the pick-up and told me that Frank couldn’t drive because he was also drunk and did not have a license. The officer told me that I could pick up Herbert at the district courthouse at 9:00 a.m., because he had to go in front of a judge. He then ordered me to leave and I drove off.

I could feel the heat of Frank’s body in my small Honda. From the side of my eye I could see him facing me, staring. Instinctively, I pressed my knees together. We didn’t say anything during the drive home. As soon as I parked the car, I hurried up the stairs. However Frank was right behind me. I felt him press up against me as I fumbled with the key in the door. I could feel his erection pressed against me. He reached over and grabbed my hand and guided it in the key hole and turned the knob. I hurried straight to my bedroom and locked the door. I could hear him go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I thought about leaving, but Frank now had the car keys. It was 2:30 a.m., almost 7 hours before I would get Herb at the district court. I would wait it out. I heard Frank turn off the shower and open the bathroom door. I could hear him in the kitchen fumbling around. I sat on the bed staring at my bedroom door. Then I heard him jiggling the door knob. Silence. Then, boom, the door flew open. Frank had kicked the door open. He stepped into the room, completely naked, holding our bottle of tequila. He walked up and stood directly in front of me. His cock was fully erect. I saw for the first time what had given me so much pleasure earlier. It was long and thick. It curved to the left at the center of his shaft. His cock head was right in front of me. It was handsome. It was beautiful. I felt a twinge between my legs. My clitoris began to swell and my pussy got wet. I looked down to avoid looking at him or at his cock. Frank grabbed his cock and placed the head against my lips. Suck, he said. I opened my mouth wide and took him in as deep as I could. His cock head felt velvety smooth. My panties were soaked. I felt hopeless and resigned to the situation. I gently grabbed his long thick shaft with one hand and his balls in the other. I could feel the strong muscular power in his cock. It was hard and stetched to the limit. The head was shiny and oozing precum. His cock felt good in my mouth. I felt the urge to pleasure him as much as I could. I pulled, squeezed and stroked his shaft, while I sucked his cock as hard as I could. I twirled my tongue around his cockhead and licked and tongued his slit. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I gently kneaded and massaged his sack as I kissed his entire cock with wet kisses. I spent a lot of time nibbling the rim of his cockhead and probing the tip of my tongue as deep into his slit as I could. Within a few minutes he said he was coming. I took his cock deep into my mouth just as he exploded a lot of cum. I hungrily swallowed his cum as I continued to massage his balls and stroke his shaft. I sucked the head of his cock to make sure I had drained all of the cum in his shaft. When I looked up, he was staring into my eyes. He handed me the bottle of Tequila and told me to drink up.

I took the bottle and took a sip. Frank got on the bed and laid down. He was still looking at me. He was still erect. He saw me looking at him and said that Herbert had purchased Viagra from a guy at the bar. He said Herbert was bragging about the good time he was going to have with me when he got home. I took another sip of the tequila and felt the heat flowing throughout my body. I was aroused. The tequila put me over the top. I wanted to be fucked. I stood up and undressed. My back was facing Frank. I unbuttoned my jeans and stepped out of them. I pulled off my sweat shirt and tossed it to the floor. I turned and faced Frank. I had only my panties on. I cupped my breasts in my hands and pinched and pulled my nipples. When they were hard and stiff, I took my panties off and walked to the foot of the bed. I crawled onto the bed and mounted Frank. I grabbed his cock and guided it to my pussy. I teased myself by using the head of his cock to pry open my pussy lips, and then I rubbed the head up and down my open pussy and against my hard clit. It felt sooo good. I came a couple of times doing this. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I lifted myself up and onto his cock, and slowly set myself down until I had comfortably taken his entire cock in me. I could feel the heat of his cock burning inside of me. Every inch of my body was focused on accommodating this new and different cock. I made noisy gasping sounds through my open mouth. I could feel the strength of Frank’s cock as he thrust upwards into me. The feeling was exquisite. Every powerful stroke sent jolts of pleasure throughout my whole body. I felt like jello, limp and hunched over, leaking pussy cum all over as I straddled him. Oh, God, it felt good.

Frank held me perched helplessly on his cock, as he lifted me in rhythm to his quickening strokes. The friction of his thrusts sent jolts of pleasure throughout my whole body. My pussy was on fire. My inside was burning hot. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster as Frank increased the force and speed of his thrusts. As I felt Frank’s body tighten, he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me hard onto his cock. I came immediately in a huge wave of pleasure. Almost simultaneously, I felt Frank cumming. He moaned as he ground his cock against me. I ground my pussy back at him. At that moment, my orgasm was so intense that I had to stifle my scream by biting down on the pillow. After our orgasms subsided, I lay on top of Frank without moving. I had my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating. I felt so close to Frank at that moment. I could feel the sweat of our bodies between us. I could feel our cum seeping out of me. Incredibly, Frank was still inside of me, very much erect. As I dozed off I could occasionally feel the head of his penis twitching deep inside of me and his cock still throbbing. I was in a trance.

I woke up when Frank rolled me over on my back. It was 6:30 a.m. The sun was out. When I felt Frank’s cock slip out of me, I felt a pang of desire for him to put it back in. I reached over and grabbed his cock and pulled it towards me. Frank leaned over and sucked on my nipples. He whispered that he was going to bite a tear in my nipple, so when it healed it would itch terribly and I would yearn for his mouth to soothe the itch. With that he began to nibble gingerly on my nipples, before giving it quick piercing bites, which hurt, but just for a moment, until Frank kissed it gently with his warm and wet mouth. I couldn’t stand it any longer. My clit had swelled up again and I realized that my legs were spread wide and my hips were thrusting upwards wantonly. I told him I wanted him inside of me. He kneeled down between my legs and entered me easily. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and held him tightly. Frank pounded me hard until I erupted in a huge orgasm and lost momentary consciousness. I was in a thoroughly blissful state when I felt Frank shudder and empty himself inside of me. As he came, I kissed his face and neck all over and offered my open mouth to him. He shoved his tongue into my mouth and I sucked it hungrily. Right at that moment, I wanted Frank and only Frank inside of me.

But Frank left later that morning for New York after we picked Herbert up from court. We promised to keep in touch. It’s been a week now, but still no word from Frank. There are moments during the day when my nipples itch terribly. I examined them in the mirror, and yes, Frank left small open cuts all around them. They are crusting over. Very itchy. They yearn for Frank’s warm mouth.

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