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Tha Jogger

I moved to a a main street were I see everyone jogg. There was a a lady who jogged every time I watered my garden in that morning. Like a good neighbor
I try to be I would wave and say hi. She had legs to kill for .so months went by never said much but hi. Then one Day I seen her in a store. Sckkaid
Hi . She had a six pack of beer So joking I said I know where the party is. She said she knew also and looked down I didn't know I had the biggest hard on ever. She said she would like to cum to my party. So as we leave that store she ask me would I like to come have a beer at hee house I Said sure
So I follow her to her house. So I sit and have a beer dick on hats just. looking at this fine tall white lady. Fire red hair. So she came and sat
And drank her .beer as soon as she finished she stood up and just dropped her skirt a nice .shaven pussy with a trail of hair. I tried to reached and touch she said no. Let me show u what I do after I jogg. Stepped back and startef playing with her pussy. Licking her finger to get her cvunt wet . Diving one then two fingers in then she just cums real hard. She gathers herself and goes into her room and pulls out this black dildo ans starts to go to.work with she cs a few times with it . Then says it shower time and with that went and took s shower. I sit there with my dick so hard. Drinking my beer as she showers.

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