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Teressas Visit

Teressa had stopped to visit us on her way back home from a week's vacation. She was going to spend a couple of days with us even though my wife had to work and could not be home during the day; I was off on a short vacation and would be home. Teressa lived in Southern Georgia and I didn't get a chance to see her as often as I would have like. Teressa was around forty and still drop dead gorgeous with the most beautiful legs I have ever seen and by the way she was dressed, she loved to show them off. As I walked into the room to greet her the first thing I noticed were her beautiful shiny off black nylon encased legs and spiked pumps heels that had always made me weak in the knees for as long as I could remember. She looked as beautiful as ever with her classic hairstyle, her bright red lipstick, and her perfect makeup with dark heavy eyeliner that accented her big beautiful dark almond shaped eyes. She gave me a big hug and I could feel her firm ass under her tight skirt as I put my arms around her waist allowing one of my hands to wander a little lower. Her perfume made my head spin and I felt my heart pound in my chest. Not seeing her in a while and being up so close to her I felt myself getting an instant erection. She hugged me hard and I hoped she could not feel my growing hard on and my heart pounding in my chest against her beautiful breasts. She pulled me back and winked at me saying, My my, my, you're more handsome than the last time I saw you! As we walked into the living room I followed them from behind. Teressa's figure was stunning . her shapely ass wiggled above those four inch spiked heels, and I could hear the swish of her stockings as she walked in her tight skirt. As she sat on the couch talking to my wife she crossed her legs and I almost lost my breath at the sight of her beautiful legs. I could clearly see, from my chair, the beginnings of the dark bands of the stocking tops; I loved the contrast of stocking tops being so dark and the light tint of ultra sheer stocking legs in the off black. The dark, reinforced heel of her nylons peeked out of the back of her heel as she let it slip off and dangle it from her toes, making my pants stiffen even more. My wife went into the kitchen to make some coffee and left me alone with her. Though I tried not to, she caught me starring at her legs and said, Well I see you must be a leg man? I thought I had a run in one of my stockings by the way your looking at my legs?... She reached down and started to smooth her stockings with one hand as women do looking for any little wrinkles of nylon or checking for any little snags or imperfections on the stocking. I would have done anything to have felt those stockings, I thought. I said, Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean too stare.... Then from just nervousness and stupidity I somehow blurted out Its just that your nylons are so shiny they make your legs look!" Really?... she smiled. I thought I was in deep trouble from my remark I was afraid that she might be upset with me or maybe even tell my wife. Starring directly at me she winked, I heard the room fill with that nylon swish as she uncrossed her legs. She extended out one of her legs and again ran her hands over her stockings slowly smoothing them from her ankle to her stocking top then pulled and tugged the thin dark band of the stocking top and was adjusting one of her garters right in front of me. Oh well thank you dear I'm so glad you like them, darn stockings need so much attention some times though (suggest move here). I could not believe what I was viewing and my body went numb from the leg show and just having a conversation with her about her stockings. She pulled her skirt down back over her stocking tops and patted the spot next to her on the couch, indicating for me to sit closer. I feared moving an inch because of my stiff condition. She winked again and smiled as she repeatedly patted the sofa. I felt as though I was under a powerful spell. I got up with one hand hanging down in front of erection hopping she would not notice the huge tent in my pants, and I sat next to her. She turned closer to me and I felt one of her silky knees touch mine firmly. She reached over and lifted my hands covering my erection. She placed one of my hands on her smooth nylon knee; she held it firmly over her knee, and I gasped, almost moaned, out load from the smooth cool touch of her nylons. They felt smoother than I had dreamed. Her nylons were so much silkier and sheerer than anything my wife had ever worn. I tried not to move my hand against her nylons from just pure fear but I could not help myself. I slowly moved my hand and fingers against her stockings and felt her hand help as her hand moved with mine. Well my dear what do we have here..., she said starring at my erection straining under my pants. My hard on was so stiff I wished I were wearing my thicker jeans instead of my thin tan slacks. You could clearly see the full outline my cock. Teressa starred at my display as I tried to cover it up again with my other hand. She kept me from doing so; smiling she said, Oh don't hide it I am very flattered and if I might say more surprised at your size!" She pressed her hand on top of mine firmly and moved my hand against her stockings. You poor dear; do you have a stocking fetish? Does the sight and feel of my nylons get to you? I felt flushed and thought I would cum in my pants. My wife walked into the room with coffee and some cookies; Teressa winked at me again and turned toward the table to serve a cup. My wife did not hear any of the conversation but he she did hear something about stockings. I was just telling Dale I thought I snagged one of my stockings against the table. The dear came right over to inspect the table for a sharp edge for me," Teressa lied. My wife laughed and said, Was he checking the table or your stockings? Teressa, are you teasing my husband with your legs like you do with all the men?... My wife excused herself to put another load of clothes in the wash and dryer. Teressa leaned over to me and her knee was brushing against mine once more. She placed her hand over my erection, straining under my pants and rubbed her thumb and finger over the area. saying " I have an idea that were going to have a real good time for the next couple of days are'nt we" I felt my heart pounding in my chest, more than ever, trying not to squirt my load right then and there. We heard my wife returning and Teressa removed her hand from my erection but first lifted her fingers to her mouth. She looked at me then closed her eyes and sucked her fingers lightly. I looked wide eyed with a look of desperate frustration and she said softly Oh you poor dear!... My wife returned and I was able to cover up and catch my breath. My wife said she was sorry she couldn't take time off to be home tomorrow with us. Teressa smiled and said, Oh its ok, Dale and I will have a great time tomorrow. Besides, it's been too long since I have spent some time with him; it will be nice to have some private time with him,... she cooed. I was so excited, as well as, nervous; I could hardly stand it. We all stayed up and talked for a couple more hours and Teressa though kept her nylon leg show going for me. I wanted to make this stockings show from Teressa to last as long as possible. With my wife having to get up early for work she went to bed leaving us watching TV. I was sitting on the long couch with pillow over my lap hiding the erection that I had now endured for hours. With my wife surely asleep, Teressa walked over to the couch and sat next to me. She said, you know my feet have been in these pumps all day; they really hurt, and I would love to have a foot massage?" I stammered a moment and said, Oh Teressa I would love to do that for you!... Oh I was hoping you would say that!... She smiled and lifted both of her shapely legs placing her feet over my lap. With a seductive grin on her face she hooked the stiletto heel of one of her shoes under the pillow that had been hiding my erection and kicked it off my lap. Her pumps rested in the middle of my lap just below my straining cock. She crossed her ankles and I could see the well-worn bottoms of one of her shoes. I took a deep breath and placed my hands on her stocking legs just above her ankles and below her knees. I started to slide my hands across and around her ankles, toward her high heels. The feel of her nylons under my shaking hands was smoother than any other thing I had ever felt. Having an intense nylon foot fetish I could not wait to see her feet and the smooth dark reinforced heel and toes of the nylons she was wearing. I starred at her beautiful black, soft, kid leather pumps and those tall ultra thin heels; the toe of the shoes were long and very pointed with a low vamp that showed her toe impressions on the soft leather. There was that little wrinkle of nylon and the beautiful toe cleavage... that I love. The sides of the pumps were low cut also and I could clearly see the peak of dark reinforced heel peeking out of the side. Well you have to remove my heels first ,... she said softly as she uncrossed her ankles and wiggled both pumps on my lap slightly. I reached nervously and slipped off both of her pumps. I loveed that light but distinctive swish sound of the pumps sliding off a nylon foot. I thought I would die at the sight as well as the scent from her warm nylon toes as she wiggled them as they were released into the open. I could not believe that on my lap both of her feet were encased in those high gloss off black tinted stockings. Those big, dark, reinforced heel, and toes just inches from my straining cock. My hands were shaking as I touched her foot and began rubbing her high arch and the ball of her foot. She smiled and closed her eyes purring Oh that feels so nice.... As I rubbed her foot I made sure I did not miss an inch. She whispered, Oh you poor dear my feet must smell from being in those heels all day?... Oh no I pleaded I don't mind that at all, really I don't I!... "You what?... as she interrupted me in mid sentence. You like the smell of my feet in these well worn nylons?... she asked surprised. In almost a shameful voice I admitted fully my nylon foot fetish, Yes, so much!... She smiled and said Now why did I already know that?... She lifted one of her feet up to me face and I held it firmly to my nose. I just let myself go and began to kissing and licking her nylon toes. The smooth shiny dark reinforcement over the toes felt like silk in my mouth. Her foot smell was so strong but I whimpered for more moaning, Oh Teressa!... She laughed at my state I was in and said, Good, that's it smell Teressa's nylons. Let the power of my nylons take control over you. Breath in deeply .good boy, that's it!... She turned and placed the bottom of one of her feet against my nose. I put my nose directly under the dark reinforced nylon portion of her toes, just above the ball of her foot and breathed in deeply. I felt my cock grow another inch. The high gloss from her stockings sparkled and moved across the smooth slick nylon surface as I kissed her feet. The bright and dark images that came across the screen of the TV added to the reflections across her stockings in the dim lit room. Her skirt was high enough for me to see her stocking's tops and panties as she raised one of her legs a little higher than the other. I kissed and worshiped both feet with equal attention and she started to push her foot against my erection, which was still straining to the max under my pants. I ran my hands up and down her nylon legs from her feet to the tops of the stockings and felt the garter tabs of the garter belt holding her hose so smooth and taunt. Between small kisses, running my tongue against her nylon foot, and sucking on her nylon toes, I moaned to her that I had never felt nylons as smooth as hers. She pressed her foot firmly against my aching cock and whispered to me to undo my pants and let my cock out. She did not have to ask me twice and within seconds my cock was finally out and standing in full attention, inches from her foot. I gasped, moaned and arched my back against the couch as the smooth sole of her warm foot found my hard ultra sensitive shaft. I felt my body shaking as she rubbed her nylon foot slowly using her high arch to the toes across my cock's head and long shaft. Up and down her feet worked their magic. My body shook with pleasure and I felt that I could not hold back much longer. I must have had a desperate look of frustration on my face. She raised her skirt up pulled the panties down that she had worn over her garter belt to her knees. I reached for them and pulled them the rest of the way over her ankles and feet. She slowly spread her legs apart exposing her pussy, but kept her nylon feet still clamped around my stiff cock, like a vice, and not letting go. I could clearly see her dampness as she looked at me smiling and rubbing her pussy very slowly in front of me. I saw her expression soften and her eyes closed as her fingers disappeared deep in her pussy. She eased up on her foot strokes around my cock to make sure I would last a little longer and whispered to me in between her deep breathing and moans, Not yet hold on!... I watched wide-eyed as she worked her fingers on her pussy and I could hear the wet sounds as she worked her clit faster. She started to moan deeper and cried, "I going to cum!" She told me, Now now you can cum against my nylons!... She began to rub her silky smooth feet on my cock with full pressure, almost as fast as her fingers worked her silky wet slit. I felt my balls ache and my cum start to boil over. My cock was in that state of lost control and no return; I could feel my cum from my balls surging up my cock to it's wide open pee hole as I moaned, I shot my cum with long, hard, full bursts over her stockings. As she was still in spasm from her own orgasm and her eyes were fixed on her nylon foot work on my erupting cock. She watched my cum splatter against her stockings and laughed at the mess I had made. My cock was now coated with cum as she continued to slowly stroke my dick with her feet squeezing out the last of my seed. She worked my spent cum that was on the sides of her nylon's stained, wet arches up and smeared it against my cock's big purple heard as I continued to moan with pleasure at the feel and sight of it all. With her dark, wet, reinforced nylon toes, she was now pushing as much cum as she could up to my cock's head with great skill. She kneeled down in front of me and spread my legs. She looked up at me and said, I just can't let all of this go to waste!... She began to lick and suck my cock. My cum spent cock was still bouncing from its release as I watched in disbelief seeing it disappeared into her warm mouth. She kept her eyes looking up at mine as she grabbed my balls and squeezed them telling me, "Let me have it all!" Smiling, as she let her mouth open so I could see my cum mess against her tongue and lips then swallowing it. While licking up every bit of cum she, kept moaning and saying, how sweet my cum tasted. I had never had a blow job after my nylon foot fuck, and her warm smooth lips and tongue felt so good We relaxed for a little while her laying back on the couch legs spread just enough for me to see her inviting pussy and her stockings and garter belt. all the time rubbing my limp cock with her cum soaked feet. My cock started to react to her carresses and she once again knelt down in front of me and spread my legs. She began to lick and suck my cock again. With my cock now full and hard, it now glistened wet from her clean up with her fresh spit and saliva on it. She started to climb back up on the couch, never taking her eyes off mine as she spread both of her knees across my lap. I held on to her stockings legs and pulled her closer; her cunt was inches from my cock. She unbutton her blouse and her tits were held encased together only in her flimsy black bra. I did not know what the hell I was doing but I tried to push my cock up to meet her pussy wanting to feel my first pussy fuck of her. She leaned forward and up pushed her tits against my face. I moaned and kissed her shiny black bra that held her nipples in the cups. I was frustrated that her bra was not allowing her nipples to reach my mouth. I gasped and moaned and I felt her still wet pussy lips brush up against the head of my cock. I let my hands slide off her nylons and grabbed her firm ass; I wanted to push and shove my cock deep into her wet pussy and fuck her as she sat on top of me with her thighs open wide across my hips. She kissed me long and hard and I felt her tongue enter my mouth. I could taste her now smeared red lipstick and I started to moan from it all. As she kissed me I could feel her body start to breathe harder. I started to push her ass a little more firmly up against my body. She released me from our lip lock and gave me small kisses across my face up to my ear. Reaching behind her she undid her bra and tossed it across the room. Teressa was breathing heavy and whispered in my ear. God damn your a fucking stud! I love to have sex on a couch". We were grabbing at each other, my hands squeezing her ass, grinding her pussy lips against my hard cock.She moaned against me, "I've wanted this for so long," she gasped. I realized that I had, too. She looked down at me, smiling her naughty smile, and touched her right nipple to my lips. I reached up to cup her breasts but she took my hands in hers and held them above my head, gently but firmly, so that she was in control. Her nipple brushed my lips again and I snaked my tongue out to touch it, flicking up and down against it as it grew harder, then closing my lips gently over her nipple and sucking it into my mouth. She gasped lightly, pressing her breast to my mouth, then pulled back as I sucked a little harder. I bit her nipple very lightly, just touching my teeth to it, and she moaned. She pulled back again and her nipple popped from my lips. "Oh, Dale," she said with a smile, "I love feeling you suck on my nipple." Then she whispered, "I like it when you suck soft on them at first, then harder." And even more quietly, with a small gasp, she breathed, "I like it when you bite them." Hearing her talk drove me crazy, and, though I'm sometimes shy, I felt comfortable talking back to her. In fact, I wanted to. "I love your nipples in my mouth," I said, as I brushed my lips over her left nipple and felt it start to grow harder. "I like to kiss them," as I kissed hers, "I like to suck on them," and then sucked it into my mouth. She moaned as I sucked on her nipple slowly, then I let my mouth fall away. "I like to tease with my tongue," I said, and then circled her taut nipple softly with my tongue, then flicked my tongue over her nipple, barely touching it, my tongue snapping up and down quick and light. She gasped, then moaned louder, and I touched my teeth to her hard nipple, biting so lightly, then closing my lips and sucking, tugging on her nipple with my teeth and lips, insistently. "And I love to bite them." Her nipple was hard in my mouth, like a pebble, and I stroked it with my wet lips.then she said to me. "I want you in me -- and I want you in me now."I rubbed the tip of my hard cock along her wet slit, up towards her clit, then down lower, then back up again, sliding my cock over her hard clit, making her gasp and push her hips toward me. "Oh, Dale, put it in me," she said softly."Please, put it in me. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fill me. I want you to fuck me, Dale." It was my turn to smile now, incredibly turned on by her and her talk, and I pressed myself forward, easing slowly into her. She opened her legs wider, gasping an "Ohhhh" as I slid in so slowly. First just the tip of me, then a little deeper, then just a little deeper. I pulled back a bit, teasing her with shallow quick little strokes, and teasing myself, too. It felt incredible, but I knew I wanted to be deep inside her, and Lisa reached out and grabbed hold of my hips, pulling me towards her, and wrapped her legs around me. I thrust forward and she lifted her hips toward me, crying out as I buried myself inside her. Her ankles locked behind my hips, and she urged me in deeper as I thrust into her, then pulled back until just the very tip of me was inside her, and slid into her again. "Yes, yes, like that," she moaned, moving faster inside her, telling her how good she felt, how tight around me. I needed to get some control over myself, so I held still for a moment, I took her hand in mine and placed it between her legs, urging her to touch her wet clit as I slid slowly back and forth, easing into her, then back again, forcing myself to slow down. "Oh god yes," she cried, arching her back up, thrusting her hips as I slid into her. Then that smile again, and she said, " I want to ride you. Let me ride you." I lay back and she climbed over me, letting me suck on her nipples for a few moments, my hands on her breasts, pressing them together so I could lick both nipples at once, and then slide me into her. She placed her hands on mine, leaning over and holding me down as she slid down my shaft, burying me inside her. She arched her back and moaned, and I reached up to suck on her nipples again, but she pulled away a bit. "Now I'm in charge a bit," she smiled, and started working her hips back and forth on me, keeping me inside her. I thrust my hips up to meet her, and she gasped softly with each thrust, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh damn Dale, it's so good to have you inside me." I was moaning louder now, getting closer to cumming, struggling to control myself, I grabbed her just under her ass, holding her tight, and started lifting her up and down on my cock. I thrust harder towards her, "Yes, Dale, yes. taking me deeper in her pussy Her movements grew even more intense, and she rode me hard and fast, bucking her hips and crying out louder and louder. She leaned down to kiss me, our tongues dancing together, and then she broke the kiss suddenly and gasped, "Oh I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum now," then cried out long and hard. I felt her tighten around my cock, and I thrust deeper into her, crying out myself as I exploded so hard within her, my back arched, feeling her thrust down hard onto me, my cock so deep inside her. I felt how wet she was on me, and how warm and tight, and I wanted it to last forever. Teressa collapsed on me, and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly for a few moments, feeling her skin against mine, running my hands up and down her bare back. I slowly slid out of her, and we lay together there on the couch, just breathing softly. Tomorrow we will be all alone she said and I am going to do things you never dreamed of. Plus I have a little surprise for you She then reached for her nylon panties on the couch next to us and placed them over my nose; I could feel and smell her dampness on them. I gasped at the scent and moaned into her panties as she still teased the head of my cock with her wet pussy opening. She then pushed me back against the couch, She stood up and started adjusting her stockings and clothes. She placed her panties in my hand then leaned over and kissed me then wiped some of her lipstick off my lips. She then whispered, You better get some good rest tonight, because tomorrow you are going to need it!... I started to beg for her not to leave and she just held her finger over her lips. She picked up her bra and started to walk away; my eyes followed her stocking feet and up the backs of her nylon legs to her firm shapely ass, she turned and lifted one of her legs She winked at me and walked out of the room. I sat there with my limp cock in my hand still wanting more. I wanted it to be morning now, and I thought about what had just happened and what was to come. It was going to be a long night till morning!

I could hear my wife getting ready for work and I tossed and turned in bed with the huge erection that I had, at just the thought of the past evening's events with Teressa and her nylons. I could hear the two of them talking and laughing so I knew Teressa was already up and about. My wife came into the bedroom to check on me and told me to keep Teressa company until she got home from work and we would all go out to dinner. I heard the car start and felt my heart start to pound in my chest at the thought of being alone in the house with the beautiful Teressa. I was wondering if she was wearing nylons already this early. As I lay on my back and I could clearly see a tent from my huge erection under the covers. The house fell completely silent and I could only hear my heart pound in my chest. The door to the bedroom was closed and I heard a small knock and before I could say come in, Teressa slowly entered and stood at the doorway. She stood with her back against the wall with both of her hands behind her. She wore a long pure white robe that came down to her ankles. It was tied loosely at her waist and was open at the top reveling some of her beautiful tits and open at her legs. I took a deep breath at the sight of her and her beautiful long legs in sheer black stockings. She wore a pair of white three inch spiked heel mule slippers. The contrast of the black nylons against her pure white heels was beautiful. I could clearly see her dark reinforced heel and toes of her nylons against her white slippers so clearly. The slit in the middle of her robe allowed me to clearly see up to her stocking top and the beginning of one of her garters holding the stocking top smooth and taunt. I felt my erection stiffen at the sight of her figure and her eyes caught sight of my erection under the covers. With a smile and a Good morning!... She asked how I slept. I confessed not a wink and she laughed saying I told you that you would need all the rest you could get!... She came over to my side of the bed and sat down. She crossed her legs and the room filled with that swish of her stockings rubbing across against each other. Her white robe had fallen open across her beautiful black nylon legs and her knee was in reach. She placed my hand on her stocking thigh and reached over and kissed me long and hard. I felt my cock grow another inch at the feel of her stockings as my hand glided across her smooth taunt shiny nylons. Teressa started to open her mouth and I moaned as I let her tongue enter. Her hands went for my covers and pulled them down hard past my thighs down below my knees exposing my now huge erection. My cock was so hard it sprang out like a cobra ready to strike. She said as she starred at my arousal My god you have a big beautiful cock! She reached for my cock and stroked it softly with her hand. She smiled as she was working her thumb slowing up and down my rock hard shaft. She pressed firmer on my weak spot just under my cock head. She then put her whole hand around my cock and squeezed it hard and tight, I squirmed and froze at her touch and moaned, Oh God... As she held my cock in her tight grip she looked into my eyes, You are so weak for my stockings aren't you. Your fetish burns so deep!... Oh yes Teressa, so much!... I moaned softy still rubbing her nylon knee. I have been watching you, you know, I have been watching you stare at my legs, stare at my feet, always when I was in nylons, I am so glad to know you have a stocking fetish. The thought of jerking you off with my stocking clad feet excites me, Her grip on my cock grew even harder and I could feel my cock pulse in her hand. Are you ready?... Her grip grew even harder on my full erection and I almost gasped in pain! I was already at her mercy Oh yes, please so much!... "Good!... she said as she slowly released her firm grip and went back to a soft easy rub, "First I will reward you for that nice foot rub you gave me last night She stopped rubbing my cock and squeezed it hard again. "First I am going to go easy on you and we are going to have some fun because I'm so fucking horny this morning, she laughed. I want to see just how strong your fetish is and what you will do for it. I'll show you your real nylon weakness!... She told me to stand up next to the bed. My cock was full and erect. My veins were clearly visible on my dick and my head was full with my pee hole wide open. She starred at my huge cock that was only inches from her. My god you're so fucking big; your cock is so beautiful!... With that, her red lipsticked lips parted and I saw my entire cock disappear into her warm mouth. I was not ready for that and was shocked at her quick action. I gasped and moaned again at how good it felt. She went to her knees in front of me as she continued to suck my cock with her skill. The feel of her wet tongue curling around my shaft, her lips rising and falling from my head down the shaft, and the sound of the slurping and her own muffled moans excited me like I had never experienced in my life. As I looked down at her on her knees sucking my cock, I could see her spiked heel slippers. They had both fallen to the sides of her feet and I cold clearly see the soles of her nylon fee. She wore the same nylons from the night before and they were covered with my white cum stains over her toes, and the heavily stained light, ultra sheer wrinkles of nylon across the soles of her feet. I felt my knees start to weaken from her licking and sucking my erection and at the sight of her cum stained stocking feet. I remembered her nylon foot fuck that drained my cock last night. I remembered how fine those nylons felt against my cock how they smelled so good. As she worked and pulled on my cock with her lips I felt my stocking tops tug with each long pull against my cocks head. I was starting to moan and breath deeper; felt my balls ache and my sensitive shaft becoming more sensitive to the touch of her slippery tongue. I moaned out load, yes, yes that feels so good!... trying to give a warning that I was on the brink of cumming. But she continued at a faster pace after my warning to her. Oh Teressa please! I going to cum I can't hold it any longer!" My mind raced with thoughts but I was running out of time; did she want me to cum in her mouth? She went right for my weak spot just under my head of my cock, at the top of my shaft that small spot that is sooo ultra sensitive and she feathered her tongue against it. She was not holding back at her slurping sounds and her own moaning, as we were the only two in the house. I felt myself lose it. That moment of heavy build up, the rush of cum, that moment of no return was here. I held on to her head for balance and felt my hot cum spurt. I heard her moan the instant I felt my cum squirt into her warm wet mouth. My knees buckled and I pushed my hips back and forth toward her lips as I felt my release shoot over and over. I tried not to close my eyes and looked down at her. Cum was squirting out the sides of her mouth as she licked and swallowed as fast as she could. She opened her mouth and was smiling looking up at me, I could see she had cum and salvia dripping from her lips and chin. She then released a huge load she had in her mouth smearing it with her tongue over my cock's head then again sucking it up. She held my cock firmly with one hand at its base then squeezed pushing out anything left over. She moaned, God you're cum tastes so fucking sweet!... I have been thinking about the taste of your cum in my mouth all night!... She licked clean my cock's head. My cock was still bouncing back forth from the strong cum release and not showing any signs of shrinking. She stood up and let her robe fall to the floor adjusting her stockings in front of me. She stood there wearing only a black garter belt, long black stocking and her white spiked heel slippers. Without her black bra holding her tits back, they were open for me to view. My eyes starred and followed her full tits down to her small waist and hips. I could clearly see her small dark patch of shaved pubic hair between her garters. Her stockings tops were pulled up very high with the fronts of her stockings just below the line of her pussy; the backs of her stocking tops were pulled ever higher and tighter to just below her firm cheeks of her ass. God she had a beautiful body and great legs! She climbed onto my bed and lay on her back, her breasts spread and fell to the sides of chest. She raised her hand and with one finger she motioned me to her.I was on top her on seconds and she pulled my head down to the middle of her tits; my face was between her breasts and I kissed her smooth bare bosom. I reached and placed both hands on them; I felt how firm, they were. Reaching under the sides of both of them I lifted them in my large hands pushing them together. Those nipples were so pretty, I started to kiss and lick every inch of them giving equal attention to both. As my tongue ran circles around her nipples, I felt her nylon legs wrap around each other's. I couldn't believe the feeling of my legs sliding against hers; the room was filled with the swishing sound of stockings rubbing each other. She said to me "let me make us some breakfast so you can have a little recovery time; let's call it recess. We have the whole rest of the day!...

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My cock found the top of her thigh and she made sure to move her stocking thigh back and forth against it. I was moaning once more from the soft silky nylons under my cock. I could feel her nipples growing larger in my mouth as a suckled them. I ran my teeth across them and she whimpered Yes that's it bite them! Bite them harder!... I started to bite and pull on them and she started to squirm from it whimpering out, Oh yes that's it!... I could feel her hips start to move under me and my cock slid off her stocking thigh to between her legs. I was ready and eager to enter her. It was all I thought about during the night; how It was to fuck her. She smiled and laughed softly, Oh, not yet my stud, you have some more work to do first!... She held my head by my hair and started to push my head down toward her stomach. I knew exactly what she wanted and my kisses ran down her stomach and across her satin garter belt. As my face shifted toward her pussy I was low enough to run my hands across her stocking tops and down her thighs. Her stockings felt so smooth and cool as I stroked them. I went down lower and started to kiss her stocking tops just below her pussy. She started to spread her legs apart wider and I could clearly see her pink wet opening. I starred at the beauty of it. It was so silky and pink, so wet and moist I could not wait to serve its needs. I started to kiss and lick it lightly not really knowing what I was doing. She moaned and gasped at the touch of my tongue finding her slit. Her hips lifted to meet my tongue and her hands on my head pushed firmer. She moaned, Oh yes that's it, yes that's it!... I started to go much deeper and her pussy felt like velvet in my mouth as I began to lick, suck, and pull on her large pussy lips. The taste was sweet and thick and I found myself licking deeper for more. I was fucking her pussy with my tongue as deep as I could, and when I pulled my tongue out then directly up to the top of her clit, she lifted her hips even higher and was now crying out very load with pleasure. I had found her weak spot! She held my head firmly at that spot I had found with moans of, Yes, yes, oh god yes!... My tongue concentrated and worked her sweet spot, my chin was dripping wet and I shifted to her stocking tops to wipe my face. I smeared her pussy wetness across her stocking tops and her black nylons glistened with her pussy juice. I then went back to the wetness for more. Her pussy lips were big and long and I sucked and pulled on them eagerly. Her legs spread wider and her pussy opened up further, it was so wet and pink. She moaned and whimpered more as my tongue found her opening. In and out, then up again to her weak spot. She moaned, Oh yes right there, right fucking there!... I remembered how she worked my weak area with her tongue before. I lost control and shot my load of cum into her mouth; I did the same with her clit. I flicked and teased it faster and faster and my tongue feathered it. I felt her whole body start to shake and she reached for her long firm nipples and was squeezing them hard. Her moans were loader than ever and her breathing was fast and steady. I grabbed her stocking thighs and worshiped her pussy more passionately than ever. She shouted loudly Oh Hun I'm Cumming! I'm fucking Cumming!... I felt her pussy spasm in my mouth and against my tongue, her stocking thighs squeezed my head so hard, her loud cries were now muffled sounds of pleasure. I felt her body fall from a state of tense twitching to peaceful calmness and light moaning as she released my head from her strong nylon thighs. My face was soaking wet and once again I wiped it against her stocking tops. She had shifted to make sure her stocking leg was rubbing against my hard shaft. She knew what I liked, she knew my weakness for her stockings was strong. She also knew just a moment of contact with her nylons would give me a stiff erection. She reached for me to climb up higher to her. I let my rock hard cock slide all the way up against her nylons as I moved upward. Once again I was kissing her beautiful tits, and moaning at their taste. She smiled, laughed, and complemented me on my excellent tongue performance. She shifted herself and centered me; I felt her soaking wet, damp pussy as the tip of my cock traced against her. I was so close to the opening; I could now feel her large pussy lips against my smooth shaft. I moaned at the touch as the head of my cock came in contact with her wet, warm opening. Oh Teressa!... I moaned and with one desperate push I felt my cock slip and slide into the wetness and I could feel her pussy lips stretch open to take me in. I heard her gasp and we both moaned as I entered her, further pushing deeper and harder; it felt like my hard shaft fell into warm silk. I knew I was in deep from the comfort and warmth of her damp pussy, which had now fully consumed my hungry cock. I moaned and gasped, Oh Teressa!... She held me in place and told me not to move, she wanted to feel all of me in her and feel me deep.
She whispered in my ear and her voice quivered softly Oh my god, your so fucking big, your cock feels so stiff, soooo good!... I could feel her pussy muscles start to work my cock, crip it, and hold it tight in place. She lifted her stocking legs up and around my waist crossing her ankles and pushing down firmly. I felt myself push in a little deeper. That's it push it deeper! Fuck me good!" she began slowly to allow me to move and I could feel her smooth stocking feet work across my ass. I moaned at the touch of them sliding against me. Oh Teressa your nylons feel so good against my ass!... I began to side myself in and out, slowly at first then much harder and faster. I began to pump her pussy with deep, long strokes and her hips rose to meet my thrusts perfectly. I lifted my chest up and off of hers for better balance. Her nipples were large and swollen and the sight of her tits bouncing to our fast pace made me reached down and sucked on them. Oh yes! She moaned Fuck me hard, bite my nipples and fuck me!... I lifted my chest higher, reached back and grabbed her ankles and removed them from around my waist. I lifted both of her stocking feet to my face and began to worship them. She said, I was wondering when I would get to those! You are so nasty so weak for my nylon feet aren't you?... Oh yes!... I moaned, I love your nylon feet so so much!... They were still warm and tasted like silk in my mouth. They still carried the strong musty scent on her toes from her wearing these stockings all day yesterday. Plus they were now stained and coated with my cum from last night. As I took long deep inhales of her toes she laughed out loud at me. That's it smell my toes, smell those stinky cum stained nylons. Worship my stockings you stud!... she cried. Oh Teressa!... I moaned. I felt myself starting to breathe heavy and my moans of pleasure were building inside of me. Between her nylon feet in my face, the scent of her stinky nylons, my cock pumping her wet pussy fast, and hard I was almost ready to shoot! She slowed me down made me withdraw. My cock slipped out and she got on her knees turned around with her ass up in the air facing me. She looked over her shoulder at me wiggling her ass at me smiling. Cum on you fucking stud you know what to do!... she teased. Her legs were spread and I could not believe the sight of her ass with her garters stretched tight across her cheeks, straining to hold up those beautiful black stockings. The view of the soles of her now damp nylon feet from me sucking on them fueled my passions. My cock was still glistening from her wet, soaked pussy. I mounted her from behind. My cock found her wet silk opening and I pushed once again to meet her rear movement of her ass. Ohhhhh!... I gasped at the feel of entering her again; it felt so warm and silky. I griped her small waist just above her garter belt and held on tight as I worked my cock deeper. Once again we were in perfect rhythm to each other's movement. I was in full fucking mode again ramming my cock in and out, with deep thrusts, into Teressa's pussy. She had her head down loudly moaning with each hard thrust. She told me to look at the mirror in my room on the side of my bed. I could see in it our reflection as we fucked; her tits swaying with each push and she said, Look at you fucking me! My fucking nylon stud!... I started to feel weak again with my harder, quicker pushes. I was fucking her harder than before; I felt myself losing control once again. It just felt too fucking good! My breathing was starting to give me away to her that I was losing control. Once again she denied me and made me dismount her again but she stayed in the same position. I ran kisses across both cheeks and over her black garters holding her stockings firmly in place. My hands found her stocking tops as I caressed the slick nylons. She was now begging me to mount her Oh David please give it to me, give me your stiff young cock up my ass!... I placed my cock's head up to her offering Before I could think twice she was pushing hard up against the head of my swollen stiff cock. I began to push back and like magic it began to slip in. She was moaning louder than ever and she kept begging for more. I felt my cock stiffen more at the feel as well as the sight of it all. I continued to push and watch her pussy stretch to the max to accept my wide stiff girth. I felt myself start to slip in more easily; I was almost all the way in. I started to work it back and forth, in and out, and slowly at first then picking up speed with each new, smoother, wet stroke. Teressa was in heaven as I began to really get into it. I could not believe how tight her pussy felt against my cock. It felt like she was holding my cock in warm hot vise.
I was now fucking her with deep long strokes and my balls were slapping against her ass. She was reaching between her legs and rubbing her clit madly. All I could hear was a bunch of loud moaning and squeals over and over of Oh my god I'm Cumming!... My speed picked up and I felt that burning ache in my balls that sensation of her tightness against my sensitive cock's head and shaft. I gasped, Oh Teressa!... In her deep breathing, she gasped I know dear go for it! Fuck me hard! Fuck my pussy! Pump it full of sperm! Fuck my pussy! Let your cum squirt!"
That did it, her words allowed me to finish her off. Telling me to cum, telling me to let it out! so I held on to her waist firmer as I picked up rhythm. I felt myself losing it and my cum start to boil over. The sounds of Teressa screaming and gasping for air added to the moment. Teressa's hands were now gripping the sheets on the bed tightly as I pushed harder deep into her. I looked down at my long cock sliding all the way in and out of her beautiful pussy like a slick piston. The sight of her black garter belt straining at each push holding up her nylons, then I saw the soles of her cum stained stocking feet spread out wide on the sides of my nylon knees; I lost it! I felt my cum work its way up quickly to my pee hole and squirt deep into her. I felt it spurt after spurt erupt.
Oh my god I can feel you're hot cum in me she moaned! Oh yes!... she screamed. I felt my trusts become slippery and my cum started to squeeze and squirt out the sides of her tight pussy from my pumping actions. My cum was dripping down across her clit, my final three thrusts were hard with a short pause between them. I stopped and held onto her waist trying not to fall from my lack of breathe. Still on my weak knees, I started to kiss her lower back and small waist. I slowly started to pull my slippery, shiny cock out and my Teressa was still in a state of moaning and whimpering. I pulled my dripping cock out and smeared oozing cum across her ass. She turned and fell onto her back still breathing heavy; her tits were shiny from her sweat. She reached between her legs and fingered some of the spent cum that had dripped out of her pussy, smiled, and licked her fingers winking at me. I lay next to her as we both were catching our breath and legs were slowly sliding against each other. Oh my god... she said I can't believe you lasted that long! Nobody has ever fucked me that hard and lasted as long as you!... I asked her, did you really like that, did that really feel good did you like the way I was fucking you?... Oh my god, yes you have no idea how good that felt! But you will! I told you last night you better get your rest because you are going to need it. And didn't I say I was going to show you things you never dreamed of, didn't I?... Yes!... I answered. She smiled as I lay their stroking her smooth stockings over and over with my hands, I still could not take my hands off them. My eyes widened at that thought and my cock twitched as it was still lying against her stocking thigh, still dripping and oozing out some thick spent cum on her black stockings.

End of Story

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