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Since we hit our early 40's, I've started encouraging my wife to feel free to fuck others as long as she shared the steamy details with me. At first she thought I was crazy, then kidding and then she got intrigued.

So, last weekend she went off to Vegas with a bunch of girlfriends. She got home with something naugty to show me. With a wry smile she grabbed my hand and put it down her pants and to my pleasant surprise her pussy was smooth as silk. This was a first. She just said Brazilian... as I pulled off her panties to taste this treat. I started kissing, licking and then opened my eyes to see Fred... and Roger... tatooed on the smooth pussy I was kissing. Surprise!, guess who fucked me this weekend?... My lust kicked into overdrive as did my curiousity.

It turns out Fred was a college student who she met at a bar and fucked for 24 hours straight. She then got a Brazilian and throught it cute to get a temporary tatoo with his name on it as a way of announcing her first fuck. Well when she told the tatoo artist the reason for the name he asked he if she'd like to add his name too. He was cute so she sucked and fucked him too. Hence name #2.

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