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The Little Black Prostitute


I’m a well built white male. Capable of handling myself in any bad situation that may arise. I used to work swing shift and on this particular day needed some sexual release. I worked in L.A. and when I had a craving for black pussy. Well, getting it was as easy as puttang pie. On the way to work I just took a detour and cruised down Figuroa st. This was right in the middle of South Central. Yes, Right were the riots happened. But like I said I can handle myself. I was driving along taking in the view of all the prostitutes and taking my pick. Seeing which one tickled my fancy. I saw this one she was standing off the corner down a side street. She was wearing a pair of black shorts and a white top that had small straps on the shoulders. She saw me check her out as I drove by. I pulled around the block and stopped up the street off the main drag. I waved for her to come over and she did. As I watched her walk I realized she was better than I first thought. She was short about 4'11" and had a very sexy body with a very, very pretty face. She had long straight orange-redish hair and real red lipstick on. As she approached my truck. She got a good look at me. She started to smile. I guess she liked what she saw. I asked her if she wanted to date. She said ”Honey, You's to good to be real. You's got to be the police. You's try’in to trick me. Ain’t you?” I smiled and said, "No honey, I’m not the cops." Nervously she bounded up and down. She didn’t realize it made her big titties bounce. I like big tits. She insisted I was the police. But she was smiling the whole time. I could tell she wanted to do me. She was turning me on the more she bounced those big tits. I was already hornier than a three peckerd billygoat. I had a hard-on from just watching her. She finally said if you're not the police, then show me someth’in that proves it. She looked into the cab of my truck and smiled even bigger when she saw the bulge in my pants saying, “Let me see your dick.” I unzipped my pants and had to undo the belt and the top button. I couldn’t get it bent enough to get it out of the zipper. Once free it stood at attention. Her eyes widened and her smile got even bigger. She reached into the cab and grabbed my cock saying, “Yep, You's aint the police." But she didn’t let my cock go either. She slowly started to jack my cock. I told her I thought she was pretty. She thanked me as she smiled, not taking her eyes off my big white cock. I said I really like your body. You look very sexy. She thanked me again and smiled even bigger, still looking at my cock. She asked me what I wanted. I told her I really need a blowjob. Still looking down at my cock she softly said “Ok”. She came around and got in. We cruised down an alley and parked. Even though it was broad daylight. We were well hidden. I undid my pants again and handed her the condom. She looked like she was really enjoying rolling it down my shaft. With long slow strokes she rolled it downward. I watched her face and with each stroke her lusty, nasty grin got bigger. I could even hear her breathing get heavy. She said, "I’m gonna enjoy this." As she bent over and wrapped her beautiful full red lips around my cock. She jacked and sucked it hard. I watched as her head bobbed up & down. Her lips leaving a wet trail on my shaft. She worked me good for a long time. She was really getting into it. I stuck my hands down her pants and felt her smooth ass. Kneading it softly. I then slowly worked my finger up into her asshole. She murmured “MMMMHHHHAAAA” letting me know it was ok, and she liked it. I knew she was mine to do as I liked after that. Then I told her. “You know, You’re so pretty. And I just love your body. Will you do something for me? I have a special request if you’ll let me.” Up she came asking, "What do you need, what do you want me to do?" As she looked me in the eyes with a lusty and excited look. This girl wanted to service me anyway she could. I told her, "I’ve never gotten to cum on a girl’s face before, and you’re so pretty." " Let me fuck you and then cum on your pretty face." She got excited and said, “Let’s get a room honey.” I pulled off the condom and we took off. When we were in the room, (a cheap motel) I dropped my pants as I told her to take off her cloths. She had the nicest big titties on her small frame. I sat on the edge of the bed and she stuck those beautiful big black tits in my face. I sucked them softly. They were so sweet. I let my lips slide all over and around her nipples. Then she slowly dropped down to her knees and took my cock in her hand. I leaned back as she again enjoyed rolling on the condom. Saying, “Finally a man.” You’d think this girl only had quarter inch kids & one pump chumps as clients. She slowly and lovingly sucked me good for a long time. I enjoyed watching her. Her straight redish-orange hair, beautiful brown face and those lips. Those luscious red lips as they made that “O” as she sucked my cock. Watching her enjoy sucking me, her face bobbing up and down on my cock. Watching the contrast of my white cock going in and out of her black mouth. What a turn on. I told her how good she was. She liked that. I told her I wanted to fuck her. She then laid back on the bed spreading her black legs for me. I mounted her missionary style and proceeded to fuck her long and deep. As I shoved my cock into her pussy I whispered into her ear, "I love fucking little black girls like you." "You're such a sweet little whore." Then I started kissing her on her neck as I fucked her. She said, "Yes baby, fuck me." "Fuck me with that big white cock of yours." We loved the interracialness of it as we fucked each other. She wrapped her legs around me tight and I grabbed the cheeks of her black ass and fucked her deep. She was pumping me back as we fucked. Milking my cock with her sweet black pussy. I told her, "Honey you're going to make me cum, I want to cum on your pretty little face." As I stood up. She got down on her knees, sitting on her heels. This put her at the perfect height for what she knew was going to come. She put my cock into her mouth and sucked and me hard as I told her, “That’s it honey," “You’re so good.” "Suck me baby, Don’t stop.” “Please don’t stop, you're gonna make it cum all over you.” "All over your pretty black face." When I was ready to cum, I pulled my cock from her mouth and hooked the condom by the rim ripping it off my cock. My cock wavered back and forth inches from her face. She was so excited as she watched it sway. I grabbed it and jacked it hard straight at her face. She leaned closer softly saying, “Yes baby, Yes, cum on me. Yes, cum on me.” Over and over. I could feel her breath on my cock as she spoke. That turned me on even more. I could also feel the sperm coming up ready to shoot. I could barely speak as I said, “Here It Cums Honey, Open your mouth and close your eyes.” She willingly did so. Closing her eyes she opened her mouth sticking her tongue out. She was so excited, she wanted to eat my cum. My body shuttered and the first two waves of jizz shot right into her open waiting mouth. It ran off her tongue, over her bottom lip and down the front of her. I could tell she liked it by the look on her face. I was loving it too. A little black whore eating my cum! The next shot of sperm covered her face in a thick long line, from her red lips across her cheek and over her eye & into her hairline. I was cumming so hard, Then it was like for a second I couldn’t shoot anymore. Then two more big waves of sperm shot out all over her lips & cheeks. I was saying, “OH YES, OH YES HONEY, TAKE IT!" She was saying, "YES, YES, CUM ON ME!” I dumped a hugh load all over her pretty face. She sat there on her knees kind of stunned. My sperm all over her, dripping from her face. I told her how pretty she looked with my cum on her like that. I could see her relax and start to enjoy it again as she started smiling. I took my cock and slowly smeared my jizz across her beautiful face. From one cheek to the other. Then on her full lips. She was now enjoying this as much as I was. I took the tip of my cock and smear my sperm over her full lips like lipstick. Slowly and deliberately following the lines of her lips with the tip of my cock. Over and over I smeared the sperm on them. She sat there in a trans like state, her mouth open with a slight grin as she enjoyed the feeling of my cock sliding along her lips smearing the hot gooey sperm on them. After, I pulled my cock back and she reached up and played with the cum on her lips. Taking her finger and smearing the jizz like I had, like she was putting on lipstick then wiping it into her mouth. She liked the taste of my sperm. She looked down the front of herself. I had shot a big gooey load all over her and it had run and dripped onto her titties. She smeared that jizz all over them as well. As she got up off the floor she thanked me, and told me she had never had a white man before. She asked me if I’d come back and see her. I told her sure. She then asked me if I would wait for her to shower. When she was all done and dressed. She kissed me on the cheek, thanking me once more. We got into my truck and took off. I asked her where to. She smiled and said, “This corner is just fine.” She reached over and grabbed my cock and said, "I love this cock, Please come fuck me again." Then she jumped out. I never saw her again......

End of Story

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