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The Joining

The female witch had spent the long cold winter alone in a stone
cottage at the edge of the forest preparing herself for spring when
she knew he would arrive. As the warm winds began to blow the ice and
snow from the forest she moved outdoors to the place she had selected
for this joining. It was a clearing ringed closely with huge old trees
and a circle of standing stones. At one end of the clearing was a
raised platform covered with luxurious furs and pillows. In the center
of the clearing a large fire had been laid but not yet lit. There was
still much to do before his arrival.

As she laid out the wine and cakes and fruit for their refreshment
later, she thought about the impending encounter. She lit the incense
and adjusted the furs on the huge bed. She had felt him approaching
for several days now and her excitement had been mounting. On this
final day she had bathed in a clear cool lake that had not been able
to quench the heat building in her body. As she anointed herself with
delicately perfumed oils the passion in response to his approach
continued uncontrollably.

The light of day was fading and with an effort she rose and lit the
great fire. As she moved through the clearing the aroma from the oils
mingled with the scent from her steaming cunt and he was close enough
now for it to cause him to quicken his pace. She returned to her bed
of furs and began a low moaning and her body moved sensuously as she
ran her hands over it in anticipation of his touch. Her cunt was
swollen and very wet and her nipples hard and throbbing.

These last few days while she could feel him approaching - finding his
way through a deep forest to a place he had never been before - her
mind and body burned inside and out with a writhing wanton need that
had to be satisfied. She was the goddess of the empty vessel and only
this mating with the great beast would make her spirit whole. Her
hands continued to move over her hot silky skin raising the agony of
wanting and needing to a fever pitch.

Suddenly the great stag broke through into the circle. His huge shadow
played on the trees as he moved quickly and purposefully toward the
platform where he stood at his full height looking down at her
writhing form. She could feel the heat from his great body and she
opened her legs wider and reached for him with her hands.

Her cunt was unbearably hot and flowing as he lowered his face to it
and used his strong tongue to increase the raging fever in her past
imagining. She reached her hands between her legs, one feeling his
velvet horns, the other grasping his powerful neck as he fondled her
huge ripe breasts. He raised his magnificent head from between her
legs, licking his lips and searching her face with his intense eyes.

She pulled firmly on his shoulders and he moved his body so she could
reach his huge stiff cock. It was hot and pulsating, the skin firm and
supple, the head of a softer texture and glistening with a few drops
of fragrant moisture. She lowered her head to it and it filled and
heated her mouth, the moisture tasting like nectar from the gods. She
held it firmly and moved the skin on the swollen shaft vigorously
while he drove her to an increased frenzy with his powerful hand.

He growled low in his throat and while she continued to suck on his
huge organ he pulled her roughly to the edge of the platform. Her hips
writhed and she opened her legs even wider to receive him, her
nostrils filled with the earthy scent of him.

His eyes were soft and glowing as his swollen organ sank to the hilt
within her and wave after wave of heat flowed through her reaching to
her swollen hardened nipples from the great fullness she felt inside
her. He roared and snorted and thrusted deep within her with more and
more urgency. She wrapped her legs around him and held him to her as
closely as she could feeling the tremors moving back and forth between
her body and his.

They shuddered and shouted, her head shaking from side to side, her
auburn hair flying. They were both out of control and reaching for
something no mortal had ever experienced. The pressure continued to
build until the great explosion rocked the circle and reverberated
against the night sky. If there had been those to see they would have
thought that the great couple had disappeared from view. But their
wavering forms could be seen against the fire light and they gradually
solidified. They lay close together his head pillowed on her breasts,
his arms wrapped protectively around her and rested.

Some time later, after the moon had cleared the treetops, he raised
his head from her breast and looked searchingly into her eyes. He
smiled and his eyes softened and half closed as he moved his strong
hand to open her legs again. He moved his great body to lower his face
to her moist warm cunt and she grasped his penis firmly and sucked on
him eagerly, feeling him grow bigger within her mouth. They played
with increasing intensity until suddenly he swung off the platform and
lifting her to him placed her face down on the ground with her rear in
the air. She could feel the heat from his body as he moved forward to
cover her and reached to grasp her breasts.

Her nostrils filled with the strong scent of the fresh spring earth
and of him as he adjusted his body so his powerful swollen organ
entered to the hilt her steaming yearning cunt. The weight of him on
her back added to the excitement of the fullness within her and as he
began thrusting enthusiastically she felt his taut heavy balls
slapping against her clitoris. The sensation was almost unbearable and
she felt waves of pleasure encompassing her. He roared with pleasure
and exploded within her pumping her to an indescribable orgasm.

And the night was not yet over...

End of Story

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