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Untitled're laying on the bed naked after that nice long shower, wondering
how come my booty-friend didn't show up again. You
feel your body's urge for a climatic release of mind-defying
euphoria. Today you make it all change. It's Friday,
you're on your way out to start your quest. You stop
at the Starbucks; muffin, coffee, read your paper as always.
But today Mr. Sex appeal; just happen to be in your favorite
seat. everybody knows that's your seat. Kinda pissed off
and turned on at the same time; what to do? You decide to sit
at the table next to him and position yourself so there's
a clear view of your legs and the split in the skirt shows
even more. As you turn to get up, your newspapers fall on
the floor. As Mr Sex appeal helps you pic up your paper, you
wanted to make sure to see if he would try and peek a Little more.
(HE DID). Being so close together the scent of this man intoxicated
your imagination, that you paused and even breathed slower.
After enjoying a very engaging conversation you don't
want to leave just yet but you have to get to work. You excuse
yourself to the bathroom; wanting very much to continue
and see if you can follow the clues to a night of potential
Ecstasy. You write a note; meet me at the movies at. 12 o'clock.
and Make sure to bring this with you: You leave the bathroom
back to the table, as you're about to leave, you take
the note and slide it in the newspaper along with the panties
that you had on!!! You turn to me and say "there's
an interesting article in there that you may find very interesting.
All morning you've been anticipating this mans actions
from his words, and how he gave them color and life. feel the pressure and excitement building in your
loins as you drive to the theater. We see each other smiles
erupt on both our faces, because you came thru on a Truth
or Dare Bet we made at the coffee shop. The movie wasn't
half as interesting as what nasty things you had been thinking
of doing to me, while sitting in the movie you raised the
arm rest and unzipped my pants, slid your hand in and started
stroking my dick slowly, till i was massively swollen.
you slid down in the chair and slobbed on my nuts while stroking
my dick against your face. You made my dick so hard and wet
with your mouth, that against the low light it looked like
a Jedi lightsaber (STAR WARS). That's when you knew
that dick was ready to split that wet aching pussy. You raised
that Little skirt and exposed that pussy to my mushroom head,
as you rubbed my wet dick back and forth over your clit, sitting
on it then slowly gliding it in, all the way until you can
feel the head of my dick massaging your insides. Slowly,
forcefully, grinding your hips into my pelvis. Feeling
your every contraction along the full length on my shaft.
With each movement you can feel the blood and swelling of
my dick in your pussy. Trying to hold out, you lean back on
my chest and tell me to just "let it Go", "i
want all of your cum in me", you keep rocking back /forth
until i unload deep inside make sure you
don't want to waste any of it. ...As you slide off my
dick you ask for your panties back. You put them on, get back
between my legs and finish cleaning me with a tongue bath.
You then get up and leave to go back to work......back at
your desk feeling totally refreshed...from being freshly
fucked. still excited and wanting more, knowing that you
still have cum all inside excited that you go
to the restroom, you raise your skirt and see that your panties
are full of cum running out of you pussy, the sight of that
white cream oozing out your pussy gets you so aroused, you
start working you fingers in and out of it loving the taste
and the smell of the soaked pussy......with your legs wide
open you take a picture of it on your phone.......sending
it along with a text saying "i loved what you did to me,
wait till tonight........


End of Story

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