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Swinging of a different sort, MF

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She dressed that morning already thinking about what was going to happen that night.. She had picked out an outfit following his instructions: A short skirt, her favorite wonder bra and a tight fitting blouse, along with 3? pumps. She had looked forward to showing him her favorite panties, thong with three bows up the back, but he had told her to wear none this morning, that he would ?take care of it.? She wasn?t thrilled to wear a short skirt with no panties to work, but his instructions were clear. She finished her make up and hair, noticing that she still looked damn good for 38. Dawna then followed his last instruction and put an old blanket on the bed, covering the wonderful linens she loved so much.

When she got to work she found a huge bouquet of two dozen red roses on her desk and a package about the size of a VHS tape. Her coworkers were already wondering about the roses, and when they saw her outfit, they knew she had extra special plans that evening. She put up with their questions and ribbing for at least 20 minutes, the whole time eyeing the package on her desk. Finally the phones took them back to their offices and she shut the door to her own.

The package was small and very neatly wrapped with what must have been expensive paper with a perfect bow in the center. She shook it, hearing nothing inside, but noticed it was lightly perfumed. Respecting the expert wrapping, she opened the package carefully, cutting the tape rather than tearing the paper as she normally would. Inside was a simple, yet high-quality white box. The lid was taped shut, and her scissors again carefully opened the seal. She unfolded the pink tissue paper inside to reveal a very small, white silk thong. The tag indicated it was by Luxe, one of the most luxurious names in European lingerie. As she stepped into it, she noticed it was different. On each hip was a Velcro closure. She knew exotic dancers preferred this style, as it allowed them to remove their panties without stepping out of them in high heels, but this fact made her head spin. What exactly did he have in mind for her that night? She pulled the fine silk to her waist and noticed that the front was instantly moist. She sighed, realizing that 4:30 was a long way away.

As the day stretched on, she remembered his other instructions. Don?t leave work early. Leave a key in the mailbox. When you come home come into the foyer and announce yourself, going no further into the house. Except for lingerie, every sexual accessory, vibrator, lube, rub, cock ring, everything, was to be displayed prominently on he dresser. For the hundredth time that day her fingernails glazed lightly across the front of the wonderful silk thong, which had been damp since the moment she put it on, with no sign of that changing. He had indeed got into her head that day. How she couldn?t wait for him to get into other areas!

She watched the second hand on the clock hit exactly 4:30 and she was out of the office like a shot. Just her luck, every light on the way home seemed to be red, but she still made it to her driveway in record time. She noticed a car with Cuyahoga County plates in front of the house and new it must be him. She bounded in the front door, ready to dash up the stairs to finally meet him, but a neatly calligraphied card on the stairs reminded her not to go any further. ?I?m home,? she called. He replied he would be a few minutes, and she should wait in the hall. She was way too horny to be put off like this, but she obliged.

Moments later he came down the steps, not in silk boxers as she had expected, but in jeans and a tshirt. He was carrying a box of tools, and was that sawdust in his hair? He kissed her passionately, a kiss she had waited for for nearly a year, and the last 8 hours which seemed like another year. ?Hang on, let me put this in my car,? and with that he was gone, returning a minute later with a small overnight bag. ?I need to shower. Go into the family room, remove all of your clothes except for your heels and the gift I gave you this morning.? She watched him and his jeans walk upstairs and she did as she was told. Dawna was very horny and very frustrated, this was not going as she would have expected.

She listened to the water running in her shower and nearly jumped with anticipation when she heard the water turn off. Just a minute later she heard his bare feet on the steps and he came in the family room to see her. She stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply and passionately. She loved the feel of her naked chest against his and noticed there was already an impressive bulge in the front of his shorts.

She looked magnificent, the heels tightening her legs and improving her already amazing ass. Her body would never be guessed for 38, with small perky breasts and flat stomach. He was wearing only a pair of black silk boxers that felt great against her body but did nothing to hide his arousal. As he lifted her butt she wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her upstairs. He set her down gently in front of the closed door to her bedroom. At his instruction, she opened the door to the bedroom and squealed with delight when she saw his surprise.

The swing was a leopard print with soft, luxurious faux fur restraints for the ankles and wrists. It hung about 2 ½ feet above her bed and looked very inviting. He had her sit on the center strap and put each ankle in the fur cuff, then each wrist. He gently laid her back and she felt the long-anticipated thrill of her very own sex swing. ?Will it hold us,? she asked, looking at the heavy hardware connecting it to the ceiling. ?Three lag bolts, each of ?em six inches long, yeah baby it will hold you and all of your friends.?

He stripped of his boxers and climbed onto the ridiculously high bed. Standing at the top of her head he leaned forward, presenting his hard cock to her mouth. He leaned forward, allowing it to enter her and closed his eyes as her lips and tongue began working on him. He leaned forward against the leopard straps and ran his finger against the soaking wet silk of her thong. Her body quivered at his touch and he slipped his fingers into the top of the fabric. His fingers worked expertly and she was cumming almost immediately. He could hear her muffled moans with his organ in her mouth, and she delighted that she could move her hips so easily in the swing. She removed him from her mouth as the orgasm peaked and she screamed loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear how much she appreciated his touch.

She caught her breath and returned his meat to her mouth. She was committed to returning the favor and lying on her back with her head leaning back, her throat was wide open to him. As they developed a rhythm he gently rocked her back and forth in the swing, fucking her mouth with his entire length with each swing. While Dawna used one hand to explore his ass, her other hand slipped into the saturated thong, bringing herself to another orgasm. Feeling him begin to shudder she stroked him with her hand while sucked each of his balls. His hips gave a mighty thrust and he exploded onto her chest with great thick globs of his man milk. She rubbed the cum into her breasts and pulled his cock back into her mouth to clean the tip and the small amount that dripped down the shaft.

Completely spent, he sank against the head board and toyed with her hair. She reached up and pushed against him for leverage, slowly and freely spinning her body 180 degrees, stopping herself by putting a stiletto on each of his shoulders. He took the hint and leaned forward, lightly blowing on the wet silk. She knew her third orgasm in 30 minutes wasn?t too far away. He undid the Velcro on each hip, allowing the front of the panty to just fall away. He pulled the rest from under her ass and tossed it in the corner. The swing was an amazing sensation. She felt completely secure, yet free to move anyway she wished. His tongue lightly explored her outer lips and his finger sank into her wetness. He curled his finger toward the ceiling and quickly found what felt like a peach pit. Just behind that, he knew, was her G spot. He gently massaged the area while his tongue found her very erect clit. In the swing she was able to rock to his rhythm and she closed her eyes, lost in a world of pleasure.

She couldn?t believe what she was feeling, was an orgasm coming on? She had never had one from oral sex, not that there was any shortage of those who had tried. She was unsure if it was his tongue, his finger or the novelty of the swing, but she was positive a strong orgasm was building deep inside of her. She wrapped her kinky heels around his neck, pulling his head with her rhythm in the swing as the orgasm built. Her entire body lurched as her pussy spasmed. She came hard, harder than she could remember and it seemed to last forever. He struggled to keep his finger and tongue on target as her body moved. He felt the increased wetness on his finger and eventually her entire body, glistening with sweat and his load, went limp suspended over her bed.

Barely conscious, she unhooked her wrists and ankles, rolled over onto her stomach and asked him to secure them. As he did, she realized that she would have a very difficult time undoing them herself. She felt very vulnerable and she liked it. He stood behind her, again leaning against the straps and she felt his head against her dripping hole. She groaned deeply as he entered her and she found that in the swing she could adjust her body in an infinite number of ways so he was pushing against her in just the right way. He admired her wonderful ass and tight body as he pushed into her. He reached back and grabbed her fur-covered ankles. Now he was staying still and she was swinging into him, his cock pounding into her with each repetition. Suspended above the bed her fingers had full access to her pussy, and she began to finger her clit.

?Is that all the harder you can fuck me?? she teased and was thrilled to feel a slap on her ass. He took hold of her hips and slid her almost completely off of his shaft, then pulled her back, slamming deep into her. She adjusted to the angle and it felt fantastic. Again and again he pulled her nearly off of him and slammed his entire length in. She realized she had no say in the matter, that helpless in the swing he could manipulate her body any way he pleased. For the fourth time, she felt an orgasm building in her. He was nearly there and the increased moaning from her was all he needed to go over the edge. As he felt the first contraction of her pelvic muscles, he pulled out. She felt his load plop against her back as her own orgasm started. Again it was long and from deep within her. She tried to remember if she had ever cum four times in an hour before and gave up.

He unstrapped her from the swing and the two collapsed on her bed. As he drifted off, she looked at the sex toys on her dresser and decided next time it would be his turn in the swing.

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