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Im James and I've been married for 10 years. Last year me and my wife decided we might try to move to Florida to be closer to her family. So we worked out arrangements so she and the kids could move down there first and I would stay in Illinois working and just stay in my Dad and Stepmoms basement till i could find work down there in Florida.

It was kind of nice having a mini vacation from the family i must say. A little weird at times, but I had the free time to go where i wanted and do what i wanted if i chose.

My dad worked nights at a hardware store in the area, and my stepmom was out of work. I worked days as a local truck driver. I always kind of had a thing for my stepmom who never had kids of her own. When i was younger i found a photo album with her naked in it. She had a nice body and with age it still wasn't bad at all. She was a tall long legged brunette who seemed to enjoy spreading out naked Showing off her very nice pussy lips, the kind that hang out in nice soft flaps. Very perky sexy tits with big nipples. Needless to say many a time i stroked my cock over those pictures and dreamed of what it would be like.

My stepmom liked to drink a lot and knew how to party. They had a big back yard that was landscaped and I would help her water the flowers and we would have a beer and hang out in the yard. As time went on being away from the wife I started to get horny like you wouldn't imagine!

I stayed in the basement in kind of a closed off corner with sheets set up as walls. I had my bed and a tv set up on a dresser and would watch porn down there and stroke my rod at night. A few times I even pulled out those pictures of my Stepmom and stroked to those too.

One night She was upstairs watching tv and drinking and I went downstairs and turned the lights off and was watching some porn. I kept the sound down cause I didn't know what she could hear upstairs since it wasn't a very big house. I knew she was kind of drunk cause her tv gets loud when she is. I had my hard cock in my hands and was stroking the tip of it. I kind of got a little bold and turned up the tv a bit. What if she heard the porn? :) I was so super horny watching two guys fuck this hot brunette. Wishing i was one of them. I then heard a noise in the basement like something got bumped into. My heart started pounding from the excitement of it. I didn't know if it might have been one of her cats., but i turned up the sound even more. I was throbbing in my hands.

I heard some kind of noise again. I was under a thrill wondering if it was her out there listening to me stroke my dick and wondering if she was being too nervous to come in. I wished it was her and would come on in, I decided if it was her Id surprise her. I got up with my dick sticking out and pulled back the curtains and damn if i my dream wasn't true and she was standing there probably peeking in watching!!!

I think We were both surprised and horny. I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to me inside the curtained room. my lips going for her neck kissing and biting with pent up desire. She was moaning like she wanted this all along. My hands started pulling open the robe she would always wear at night and damn if she wasn't full on naked underneath. My hands cupping and rubbing her breasts and nipples. She ran her hands down my back and around to the front to stroke my hard cock that was now up against her bare skin. I moaned as i licked on her nipples. Ive wanted this for so long and she tasted so good.

I pushed her away and onto the bed on her back. her legs up and spread apart with her big pussy lips out for me. I rubbed my hands across lightly. and then slid my fingers inside. She was soaking wet and i then went at her with my lips like i was starving. I sucked on them for what seemed like forever. Sliding my fingers in and out at the same time. She moaned and cummed a few times. I then stood up kissing down her legs as i did. She slid off the bed to the floor and started licking up my shaft nice and slow. Sucking the sides and then putting me all in her mouth. God it felt so good.

I couldn't take it anymore! I wanted to feel my cock in her pussy and watch it slide in and out. I pulled her up kissing her deeply and grabbing her ass apart. I flopped her back on down on the bed. I asked her how bad she wanted a younger guy to fuck her. She said she would beg for it. I smiled and said no need for that. I slapped my dick against her pussy lips a bit and rubbing the outside of them. Watching the folds of her skin move against the tip of my cock. It felt beyond good. This was an ultimate fantasy. A sort of dark fantasy a bit, but all mine just the same. I then slid my cock in nice and slow till it was all the way in. I could have exploded inside her right there and then. I fucked her like nobody probably ever has. Her legs wrapped around me as I made her cum on me. My mouth sucking on her tits and her neck. My lips were all over her! my hands stroking her legs up and down as I thrust in to make her gasp again and again! It was amazing. We switched back and forth from position to position. I liked having her on top going up and down on my cock. her naked body above mine. I exploded inside her as i bit down on her shoulder her body rammed up against mine. We both kind of fell apart laying there gasping from like was damn near two hours of going at it. Then without a word she stood up and put on her robe and smiled at me. Saying now i have a better image of her when I'm jacking off to her pictures. And away she went. That was a surprise that can't be topped.

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