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Surprise Visit

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When you call and say you’ll be right over I can’t believe my good fortune. A thrill runs through me as I open the door and find you smiling up at me. You are even prettier than in the pictures you had emailed me, and our many online chats leading up to tonight had made me desire you as no other. I welcome you in with a hug made awkward by our difference in height. I lean over to smell your hair, no longer just a subject of fantasy, but suddenly so real.

After removing your coat I sit down on a chair and watch you in awe as you look at the photographs adorning my walls; black and white images of girls in various states of undress, my art. Occasionally you look at me mischievously and strike the pose of the model in an image that particularly appeals to you.

Your circuit of the room leads you back to me. You straddle my lap, cup my face in your delicate hands, and lean forward for our first kiss outside cyberspace. Hot, sweet, angelic; the moment burns into my brain, the ecstasy in your soft lips and tongue is far more overpowering than I ever imagined in our long sessions on the ’Net.

I put my hands on your back and draw you closer to me, feeling the need for our bodies to become one. You run your fingers through my hair as you have longed for so long. I caress your back and lower my hands to your ass, so round and taut in your jeans. Breaking our kiss, you lean back so we can gaze into each other’s eyes, finally together after so long.

I glide my hands from your ass along your thighs then up your torso to your breasts, feeling their firm roundness through the thin satin top you’re wearing. Your nipples are hard, poking against the fabric and I pinch them firmly. I lower my hands down your sides to your waist. You raise your arms over your head as a signal for me to lift the top off over your head. That accomplished, I gaze upon your breasts, relishing the gift you have bestowed upon me. The mounds of your breasts are pale and perfect, the areolas lightly pink, your nipples erect and red.

I return my hands to your breasts and cup them gently, memorizing their smooth texture, their warmth. Once again I pinch your nipples firmly. Then I return my hands to your back to support you as I lean forward to kiss your breasts. You lean back and draw my mouth to your tender flesh. I kiss, I lick, I suck at your bosom. You moan softly as I give you the pleasure for which you have waited so long.

Your hands go to the buttons of my shirt and I lean back to give you better access to my chest. After pulling the tail out of my pants you push the shirt off my shoulders and, rubbing my bare chest and pinching my nipples erect, lean forward for another long hot kiss.

Still kissing and holding you to me, I stand up. You wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist as I carry you to the bed. Our chests pressed together, I feel the hard pebbles of your nipples pressing against me. I lower you gently to the bed without breaking our kiss. Then I stand again and unbutton the fly of your jeans. After caressing your legs all the way to your feet I remove your shoes and socks. I rub your pretty feet and suck your toes into my mouth.

After kissing the soles of your feet I firmly grasp the cuffs of your jeans. You lift your rump from the bed and ease the waist of your jeans off your hips to help me as I pull your jeans from your body in one smooth motion. With your rump on the side of the bed and your feet resting on the side rail, your knees are raised and spread. You lie there; open to me, offering yourself to me. Panties and a cherubic smile are all you wear.

You flush prettily as you lie before me and I gaze at your beauty. You brush your hands along your sides to your breasts and you cup them, pinching your nipples. The moist crotch of your silk panties draws my adoring gaze. You lower one hand to press the fabric against your damp flesh and moan at the sensation. You ease two fingers inside your panties and caress your pussy. Removing your hand you gesture to me with it. I lean forward and suck the juices from your long delicate fingers. Then I lower myself to my knees to inhale your womanly aroma.

I press my nose to the crotch of your panties and breathe your scent deeply. I rub my nose along your groove to bring my tongue into position. Then I lick your pussy through the thin silk fabric. You lift your rump again as I grasp the waistband of your panties and draw them off along your legs and over your toes. Once your feet are free you use them to grasp my head and pull me to your waiting sex and beg me to eat you now now now! As my tongue caresses your most private flesh at last, you scream and quiver and thrash, drawing me yet more firmly to your pussy.

At last, at last, at long last, after so many hours of teasing cybersex I taste you in the flesh. You wrap your legs around my head as if to ensure that I won’t get away. You needn’t worry. Your delight is my delight as I lick and suck your tender pink folds. I cradle your ass in my hands to lift you slightly to gain better access to your hole. Delving deeply with my tongue, I suck out your sweet sweet pussy juices. Sensing your onrushing orgasm, I return my mouth to your clit and suck it hard, biting it gently and flicking it with my tongue while I insert two of my fingers in your hole to pick up where my tongue left off.

I lose contact with your clit as your hips begin to pump quickly up and down, rubbing your pussy along my nose and out-stuck tongue. I watch you thrash through your orgasm from the best seat in the house, front row center. You wail, you pinch your nipples, your head whips back and forth as your orgasm takes you to places I can’t imagine. Your pussy gushes its juices on my face; coating me, marking me as yours.

As your pleasure subsides I lick you clean. Your hole, your clit, your labia, your anus, then back again. You smile down at me and run your finger through my hair. I can see a sheen of sweat on your brow, upper lip, and breasts; a sight so beautiful it cannot be properly captured on film, and I will never try.

You release my head from the confines of your legs and I undo my belt and fly and remove by pants and boxers as I stand up. You beckon to me again and I lean forward and kiss you again. You taste your juices on my mouth and stop to lick playfully at my face, wanting to taste more. I lean in closer and press my cock against your pussy. As we continue kissing, I begin rubbing the underside of my cock along your labia and clit. You moan with pleasure and urge me on by wrapping your legs around my waist. You begin to complement my motions with your own. Soon it is apparent that you are trying to ensnare my cock in your pussy. I tease you a little longer, but I want my cock deep inside you too.

After one last stroke along your clit I plunge my cock swiftly into your tunnel of love. You gasp. I gasp. We lay still briefly, our genitals and tongues entwined, as one. I begin stroking slowly in and out of you. Long slow strokes that seem to take forever, like a pond lapping at the shore on a golden spring day. Luxury, the feel of your pussy around my cock is like a silk and goose down feather bed; smooth, warm, comforting.

Our pace and your joyous moaning pick up and you start to use your legs to help ram me into you. My balls slap lewdly against your ass. I lean closer to your chest and feel your nipples brushing me. Your moaning is cut short by a gasp, followed by a wail as another orgasm rocks you. Your orgasm triggers mine and I pour my seed deep into you as your legs clutch me hard against your pussy.

We kiss gently as my cock subsides within you. I brush your hair out of your beautiful, rapturous eyes. I flop onto the bed beside you and you roll over to cuddle with me, our sweat-slicked bodies sliding easily against each other. You play with my nipples and I caress your ass as we kiss and catch our breath, slowly coming down from our orgasmic bliss.

Coming out of a light doze, I find you are fondling my cock and balls. Soon you flip around to lick my cock back to life, placing your pussy close to my mouth, but just a little too far away for me to taste it. Oh sweet torture, to be so close yet so far from the object of my desire. If I can’t lick your pussy at least I can caress your ass and breasts, give you what pleasure I can.

You lick my cock and balls all over, savoring the flavor of your pussy juices that cover it. Soon you have my cock rammed down your throat while you caress my balls. A long slow withdrawal with steady suction brings your tongue back to the tip of my cock. You lick the sensitive tip briefly before lowering your mouth back down to the root, your nose in my pubic hair matted with your juices. Your tongue plays lightly along my shaft as you withdraw your mouth again.

You judge my cock to be fully hard again and flip back around facing me and rub your pussy along the underside. You tease me this way just as I teased you, but you’re still the one who wants my cock deep inside you more.

You slowly lower your pussy onto my cock, savoring the feeling as it fills you up inch by inch.

Once you’re fully impaled on my shaft you wait a minute while you playfully make lustful faces at me and pinch your nipples. I cover your hands with mine and together we caress your breasts. You move your hands to my chest and lean forward to suck my nipples. I move my hands to your ass and delight again in its firm roundness.

You begin to slowly pump your pussy up and down my cock and I assist with pressure from my hands on your ass. As the pace picks up you start moaning again, I feel your mouth go slack on my chest. I lube two fingers with juice from your pussy and begin to massage your anus, starting with light pressure on the outside. Soon I have both fingers fully inserted in your ass as you pump wildly up and down on my cock.

I supplement your pumping action with my own, thrusting upwards rapidly and forcefully. I use my free hand to keep you mounted. Our bellies smack together with each cycle and I pump my fingers in and out of your ass in counterpoint to the fucking your pussy is getting from my cock. Again you announce the approach of your orgasm. I shoot another load of warm come deep into your pussy as you spasm and shudder and wail your way through another powerful orgasm.

Spent, you flop onto my chest and fall asleep as my cock softens and slips out of your pussy. I caress your back, relishing the wonderful feel of you against my chest. I feel your hard nipples pressing into my flesh and the smell of your sweat-soaked hair fills my nose. Soon, I doze off as well, content, our two hearts beating as one.

You wake me with kisses all over my face and smile brightly when I finally open my eyes. You nip playfully at my nose and I hug you tightly to me, not wanting to ever part from you. But part we must and I can’t send you on your way in your current state. After one more delightful kiss I roll you off me and go the bathroom to start the shower. As the shower warms up I return to the bed to resume kissing you, sucking your nipples, and toying with your pussy.

I then lift you up and carry you to the shower the way I carried you to the bed; with your arms and legs wrapped around me kissing all the way. I lower you into the shower and then follow you in. I kiss and caress your whole body as you stand under the spray. After an initial rinse it’s time for shampoo and I rejoice in the pleasure of washing your hair and massaging your scalp. The smile on your face tells me you must be enjoying this almost as much as I do.

Scented body wash follows and your jaw goes slack from the hedonistic pleasure of being bathed by so attentive a lover. I bathe each part of you separately, not skipping anything, yet still paying special attention to your breasts.

Once I’ve bathed you from head to toe I return to your pussy. I clutch you to me, your back to my front, one hand on one of your breasts as my other hand and the hot spray play on your pussy. You reach behind yourself and grasp my hardening cock in your hand, it becomes fully hard quickly and you beg me to fuck you once more.

I turn you around and lift you up onto my cock as your legs once again wrap around my waist. You lean back and grab onto the showerhead for support. I start pumping into you as the water sprays onto your breasts and belly, running down across the intersection of our bodies. The sensation of my cock in your pussy and the water caressing your tenderest places soon has you pulling me hard into you with your legs once again. The rhythmic slapping together of our bodies brings on another orgasm and soon you are quivering on my cock as it spews its load into you.

I lower you back down and give you another good rinse. After another leisurely cuddle under the spray I send you out of the shower to dry off. I quickly clean myself off and join you in the bedroom. You have found my big fluffy terry cloth robe and snuggled into a big chair with your feet tucked up under you.

You look adorable, sitting there all warm and cozy, eyes twinkling as you watch me approach.

I lean down and kiss your upturned face then I go to the bed and turn down the covers. Returning to the chair, I pick you up once more and take you to my bed. I turn off the light and get in beside you. We snuggle close, kiss once more, and are soon asleep.

When I awake the next morning there is no sign that you were ever here, even the robe is back in its place. All I have is a wonderful memory of you and how your eyes shined as I gave you pleasure.

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