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Support for His Sister - Part II

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Support for His Sister - Part II

Between brother and sister:

After the most implausible fuck I had ever had, and hearing my sister whisper to me, ?Ricky, do you want to sleep with me tonight?? I could only nod my head in the affirmative.

It was still early and we both decided that we needed showers. Helen grabbed her clothing clutching them to cover herself, as she paddled off to her room?then into the shower at the end of the hall. Later, I heard her yell from her room that the bathroom was clear and that I could use it. I showered and stroked my semi hard cock thinking about the fantast experience I just had. I have to be honest here, I have not been with a woman for a long time?in fact, the last time was high school and that was a total bust, as I came before I ever got it in the girl, which made her mad because she had cum all over her legs and the back seat of her parents car. That was my last date with her. So, I was enjoying the incident feeling proud of myself for performing rather well?I guess it comes with age and maturity?after all, I was 17 then and now I am 22.

I finished and went to the guest bedroom of the two bedroom apartment, dressed and went back to the living room. Helen was there, fully dressed and watching TV. She was sitting in the overstuffed chair, so I took the sofa. We didn?t say anything to each other and made very little eye contact. We watched the regular primetime shows then the news followed by Jay Leno and then Conan. It was like we were avoiding going to bed. Finally, sis yond and told me to turn off everything when I went to bed, got up and went down the hall to her bedroom. I was a little confused because I remembered her offer to me to sleep with her tonight. Had she changed her mind?because I sure hadn?t?

I heard her bedroom door close and I immediately turned off everything and went to my room. I stripped naked and opened my door. My cock was already hard and preceding me as I crossed the hall to her bedroom door. I knocked lightly and not waiting for a response I tried the door, which was open and walked in. She was not yet in bed, but contrary to what I was expecting, she was wearing a long flannel nightgown. I moved toward her and she spoke, ?We can?t do it, I?m sorry, Ricky.?

Thinking she was putting up the same argument she did just before we fucked each other, earlier I told her, ?Yes we can, sis. We have already done it we can do it again.?

?No, you don?t understand, we just can?t do it.? She replayed.

I moved toward her with quick steps. She moved back away from me and as she did she hit the side of the bed, lost her balance and feel back onto the bed. I was on her in a heart beat. Kissing her and fondling those huge braless breasts. She winced a bit when I did, but I took no notice. She was trying to push me off, but I would have none of that. I had, had my first taste of my sister and I liked what I tasted. I slide back down to the floor and moved in-between her legs as she lay on the bed with her legs over the side. I started pushing up her nightgown and she started pulling away and moved up onto the bed. I was up onto the bed like a cat, my cock hard and throbbing. She kept saying no and that we couldn?t do it, that I just didn?t understand and begging me to stop.

I had heard that before and knew that she enjoyed what we did earlier that evening as mush as I did?well, maybe not as much, but she did enjoy it. When her head came against the headboard, she was stymied and couldn?t go back any farther. I, again, had her nightgown up and was heading for her pussy. A strange aroma filled my nostrils?different from earlier that evening, But, I just figured that was how women were and when I got there, I was surprised to find panties. I started pulling at them and had to force them under her big ass to get them off of her. All the time she kept wining, ?No, no we can?t, you don?t understand, we just can?t do it now.?

It was no use, her words had no effect on me, I pushed the panties aside and went back at her, pushing her legs apart that she had pulled together to keep me away. She was sobbing, begging me to stop when my mouth covered her pussy and her body shivered. The taste of her was completely different, I couldn?t understand why as I took a big lick along her slit. ?Ricky, Ricky I am having my period.? She moaned. ?You brought it on when we did it before.? I pulled back and looked down at her pussy. It was swollen and smeared with blood. I looked over at her panties that I had pushed aside and there was a pad on the crotch covered with red blood. ?I tried to tell you to stop.? She continued.

My mind flashed back to when we were kids and how sensitive she was about her period and never being able to talk about it. Always keeping it a secret, hiding her pads, and taking used pads to the trash can outside immediately after use. When ever I realized she was having it, I would tease her unmercifully. Mom, of course, would take her side and I was sent to my room many a time as a result. This made me understand why she didn?t come right out and tell me why we couldn?t do it. As I licked the blood from my lips the strange taste seemed to heighten my sexual desire for her. The pure sexual aroma emitting from her was intoxicating. She tried to close her legs, but I had my hands inside her knees and kept them apart. My breathing became heavy, my eyes seemed to narrow and my mind went into a daze, as I dove back at her pussy and started eating her out as a man starved for weeks.

I tasted the unfamiliar flavor of her period, my tongue dove into her red canyon. It was sticky, smeary, and seemed to increase with the stimulation from my tongue and lips. By now my face was covered with her red river.

Then I pulled back, I pushed her flannel nightgown higher and moved forward between her legs in an effort to get at her massive breasts. I started wildly sucking on first one nipple then the other leaving a long trail of red behind, as they sort of hung off her chest to the sides of her. I had both tits grasped in my clinched hands squeezing her orbs as if trying to squeeze juice form giant gr*pefruits through her nipples. I nibbled at her nipples with bites that made her grimace in pain. I didn?t realize how sensitive her nipples became during her period?I just assumed they were moans of passion.

As I pulled up farther over her large belly to get at her lips, I felt my cock touch her, my cock swollen with desire and unadulterated lust?lust for my sister, for my sisters blood filled cunt, for my sister in the beginnings of her menstrual cycle. Thus, the intended kiss vanished from my mind, as I thought only of my cock and fulfilling its desired satisfaction. I started jabbing my cock at her in a mad craving to enter what, to a brother, was her forbidden pleasure hole, as her colossal thighs pushing in on me trying to squeeze me out. In that I had made her so sloppy down there by causing her cycle to flow more readily from my stimulation, my cock soon became as slippery and bloody as her pussy and managed to penetrate her after only five or six wild jabs. When I did hit the mother load, I immediately sunk to her depths with a vulgar, slurping noise, as her menstrual blood and what other juices were flowing within her squished out around my pulsating ramrod from her pussy.

I hunched over her forcing my arms under her shoulders for a grip to keep me from sliding back off her rotund belly and pounded that love hole with all the lust and desire I could muster. The loud squishing sounds our union made only increased my hunger for her. I didn?t know if she wanted to be fucked or not. I was in a world of my own as rockets were exploding in my brain and I wasn?t even cumming?yet. I don?t know how long I kept it up; I just buried my head into her shoulder, my chest sticking to the drying blood on her flattened boobs and FUCKED AND FUCKED AND FUCKED my sister?s bloody passageway to paradise.

Then without warning, in hind sight I am sure I must have felt myself building to a climax, but my mind never recognized it and all of a sudden I was shooting my spunk into her. Like a geyser I spewed forth my seed of life deep into a pond of red goo. I continued easily propelling my tool into her with even more lewd sounds emitting from our union.

The last of my spunk oozed from my rigid prick and exhaustion started encompassing my body, my fucking motions started slowing down in a steady drop off of intensity, as a train engine?s drive pistons slowing upon arrival at the station until I completely stopped and my over worked penis started withering within my sister.

As my sister lowered her legs and removed her hands from under her knees from the position she had assumed some time during my obsessed fucking of her she muttered, ?Oh Ricky, Ricky, Ricky how can something so wicked, so depraved, so decadent, so morally wrong feel so amazingly right??

?I don?t know sis, all I know is that you are the greatest, sexiest, loveliest sister in the entire world. I am thinking of looking for a job, here.? I whispered into her ear and I felt her shiver as I did.

(To be Continued)

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