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Sunday School Teacher Meats The Pastor

It never ever should have happened! No one would
Believe what had taken place behind closed doors!
After all she was a married woman and he was a married
man, what’s more she was a Sunday School Teacher ands
He was a Pastor and they were on a church conference.
How could they possibly do what they did? It started
Innocently enough.. Barbie had just turned 50 years
old, but this was no ordinary 50 year old, her body
and appearance and physique was that of a 20 year old,
she was 5'3" red styled hairdo, beautiful dark brown
eyes, sensuous lips, sexy perky boobs that stood up
high, crested with the sexiest pointed pencil eraser
nipples that were the key to her womanhood, small
waist and flat toned tight belly, and ohhhh what a
nice ass she had. On top of that she had the most
outgoing and flirtatious personality. Her eyes could
melt any man's heart, and her sensuous walk would have
been the envy of any exotic dancer. She was dressed
rather conservatively in her black dress, tightly
Fitted, hanging just above her knees. But even this
outfit did not hide the sexy sensuous woman that was
beneath. The Pastor, Jack, was also 50, he was a tanned toned runner and tennis player who worked out and like
Barbie, he was in good shape for his age. What these
two did not know was that they were wired with the
same powerful burning lustful sexual drive that they
tried desperately to repress. While they were both
able to control this burning desire for play and
sexual experimentation, it wasn't far beneath the
surface and hints of it abounded as they talked. The
Pastor had longed to feel the touch of such a sexy
woman as Barbie. Little did Barbie know that this
Pastor would rather pleasure her than pleasure himself.
And in fact he had the compelling urge to taste and
smell this sexy vixen, but..alas he was a Pastor and
this would have to just be a fantasy that he used to
jerk his thick cock to in his own bedroom. Unknown to
the Pastor, was Barbie's kinky fantasy to fuck and
suck a Pastor!!! When these two were thrown together
for their weekend conference in an out of town place
where no one else from their own church's were present
was TROUBLE waiting to happen. So Pastor Jack was
sitting at the dinner table alone and as Barbie came in looking
for a table, swaying her hips seductively he asked her
if she would like to have a seat with him. A little
surprised, but not wanting to eat alone, Barbie
surveyed the room and thought hmm why not? As they
began to talk it started..It was in her eyes, it was
in his eyes.. they couldnt deny it! The flirtation and
passion and sexual energy flashed like pouring
gasoline on a fire.. soon the talk and looks turned
into open flirtation and touching of hand on hand.
Barbie would touch the Pastor's hand and wonder in her
mind what that hand would feel like caressing her sexy
body that ached for a man's tender touch! The pastor,
would touch Barbie's shoulder and feel the electricity
course through his fingertips as she would squirm
uncontrollably at his caress. Soon they were sitting
side by side, leg touching leg, and Pastor Bob knew he
was crossing a line. Here he was a minister, a man of
God, and his thigh was touching the sensuous thigh of
another man's wife and his cock was aching so badly
and precum was wetting his underwear. He could tell
the way that her leg pressed against his that Barbie
was also feeling the same attraction, Without care for
what others would think, the Pastor let his hand fall
to his side and onto Barbie's thigh just above her
Knee. Immediately their eyes met and Barbie the
married, Sunday School teacher looked at the Pastor in
a way that told him what he needed to know.. her leg
moved ever so slightly as his hand touched her thigh.
Secure that she wasn’t going to slap him, the Pastor
slowly strarted to caress her thigh as they laughed
and talked and looked deeply into each other's eyes.
The Pastor began moving closer and higher up Barbie's
leg until it was way past any place that was
respectful if seen, he was now under her dress hem,
and Barbie hadn’t even flinched, in fact her legs were
now parting ever so slightly letting this
minister know that she too was wanting his hand to go
where he wanted it to go! As the minister's hand
journeyed higher, he was only inches away from her
sexy untouched burning twat. Little did the Pastor
know just how wild hot and untamed this woman was,
Little did he know what a wild passionate vixen he was
unleashing . As his hand continued to travel he could
feel the heat emanating from Barbie's twat and he knew
there was no turning back. He looked into her eyes
once more before moving further and the dark
mysterious brown eyes said yes!! With that unspoken
affirmation, the Pastor shamelessly moved his
fingertips onto the wet sticky heated crotch of
Barbie's sexy lil thong panties and she gave an
audible moan. Barbie started undulating her hips now,
humping her hips against the hand that was now
caressing the delicate folds of her pussy. Brazenly
she cared not for what others might think, they were
so much into each other now. As the Pastor's
fingertips slipped under her soaked panties Barbie
could stand it no more and she reached down to search
for this Pastor's cock. Oh was she surprised as her
hands closed around his raging thick hot hard piece
of meat, as she squeezed it more precum oozed out onto
his underwear and through his pants. This was more
than Barbie could take! The pastor, could stand no
more and pulled his fingers away from her sloppy wet
panties and drew them to his mouth and nostrils.
Barbie sat there in excitement and unbelief watching
as this Pastor was about to do something sooo nasty,
yes his hands were at his nose now and here he was
sniffing her twat and licking her creamy juices. Oh if
she had known she would have freshened up before the
dinner, but she didn’t know that he liked it all the
more. As Barbie watched the pastor enjoyed her sweet
scent and taste. After he devoured her pussy cream, he
said we have to go now! Come with me to my room. As
they stood to leave Barbie could not ignore the tent
in the pastors pants! She felt like such a vixen as
they walked to his room. Here she was a married woman
and she knew that once she went inside his room he
would devour her, but she was soo ready to be devoured
especially by a man of God, it was such a kinky
thought!!!As soon as they entered the room they kissed
seductively and she could taste her own scent on his
lips! he pushed her back on the bed and spread her
legs wide raised her black dress to her waist, pulled
her soggy panties to the side and dived into her fat
twat! She was so hot and sooo creamy and sooo ready
for this moment. Barbie completely surrendered herself
to this Pastor and spread her thighs even wider and
let him have his way with her sweet succulent twat
until she had creamed all over his face. She felt soo
naughty as she watched this Pastors lips and face,
usually used to preach the good news now assigned
passionately to another purpose: devouring her pussy.
She thought of how different he looked now licking and
sucking her cunt with her frothy cream all over his
face!!!!!!! Barbie came harder than she had ever cum
before and she pushed her ass higher in the air than
she ever did for her husband, and she came so hard she
wasn’t sure what would happen. she had waited a
lifetime for this cum, for this moment, for this man,
for this kink, for this freedom!!! Came she did, over
and over and over again until the pastor climbed
between her trembling thighs and pushed his big fat
cock againcst her pussy lips. Suddenly Barbie thought
that she should stop him from fucking him, this had
gone too far already. as she reached out to hold him
back and tell him no. he stopped long enough to look
into her eyes and he said I’m going to fuck you so hard
I dont care if u try to stop me or not, I’m going to
fuck u and fuck u hard. with that the Pastor, usually so much a gentleman, rammed his aching cock
all the way up Barbie’s sweet tight wet hot pulsing twat, as she resisted him he fucked her harder until
she did the inevitable, she started humping back and
grabbed his ass and rocked with him until he came a Flood in her tight hot married pussy!!!! Barbie would
never be the same again, The Pastor would never be the same again. Now that they had tasted this forbidden
fruit they could never be apart again, no matter what!

End of Story

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