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Summer Camp Reunion

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Type: Romantic Description: Summer Camp Friends reunite after 5 years apart .... Now they're all grown up and ready to play... for real ;-)

It had been five years since she had gone to summer camp, and this year she returned as a camp leader. After delegating cabins to everyone, Susanna was sitting on the steps to her own cabin, enjoying the sun and the fresh air, as another bus arrived and another group of kids and leaders scattered to find their respective cabins.


One of the approaching leaders had spoken her name, and curiously she lifted her eyes and recognized him immediately.

?Oh my gooood!? she screamed and leaped into his open arms.

He dropped his bag and lifted her off the ground, whirling her around like she was one of the kids.

?My god Suz! You grew up!? He set her down and took a step back. Like him, she was 21 now. She hadn?t grown an inch since the last time he saw her. However, her 5?3? figure had filled out in the right areas and his gaze paused subconsciously as it reached the contours of her round breasts and her curved hips. Her golden hair had grown long and fell softly down her back.

?Matthew!? She smiled and looked at her lifelong summer camp friend. ?You?re still here!?

?Of course!?

His smiling brown eyes locked with her baby blues and she felt a little flushed.

All of a sudden he was a man. His boyish body had become muscular and he had grown to a height of 6?4?. His thick black hair was short and a sexy layer of beard stubs softly covered his chin.

?I have to go settle in,? he said hesitantly. ?Do you want to catch up later??

?Do you have to ask?? she smiled and her heart performed a summersault when he smiled back at her. Something had definitely changed.

Without problems, they picked up where they left off five years ago, and spent every minute they could together, swimming, playing, talking and catching up with each other.

One night, sitting by the campfire, he leaned over and suggested taking a walk.

They strolled along the moonlit lake, talking quietly, until they settled down in a grassy area.

?Suz, I?ve missed you,? he said. ?Camp isn?t camp without you.?

She leaned back in his arms. For as long as she could remember they had been best friends, spending every single summer just like this, laughing and sharing stories.

?I?ve missed you too.? Her voice trembled a little.

She tilted her head upwards and found his dark affectionate eyes looking down at her.

When his lips brushed across hers, a flame of passion immediately flared up between her thighs. Without breaking the kiss she turned around in his arms to face him.

Seductively he sucked on her bottom lip, before running his tongue along her teeth, silently provoking her to let him in. With a low moan she opened up and stretched her own tongue out, softly entangling it with his.

She pushed him over on his back and stretched out on top, teasingly rubbing her soft thigh against the hard swelling in his shorts. An involuntary shudder ran through his body when she found her way into his shorts and started stroking his naked, erect penis with her warm hand.

?We can?t?not here?? he whispered.

?We won?t,? she replied and frenched him again while continuing to rub his throbbing erection in a steady rhythm. She slid up to the head of his penis and slid her fingers through his pre-cum, lubing her hand up to pick up the pace. He was gasping louder for every stroke. Mischievously she slid her fingers up to his head and squeezed it gently before she plunged his cock into her hand down to the root, gently caressing his balls.

?Shit,? he moaned and started squirming.

With a smile she sat up so she could watch his face while he came.

Her hand jerked his cock in slick, fast strokes, feeling him hardening between her fingers. Pure lust danced across his handsome face as he exerted a long, quivering moan and exploded between her fingers. Thick, white cream erupted from his pulsing cock as he showered her hand with his warm milk.

?Shit Suz,? he shuddered while firing his last jet. He pulled her down and hugged her tight before turning her over on her back, hungrily engulfing her mouth with his. He was wandering down the front of her jeans when suddenly they heard footsteps approaching.

?Damn,? she wheezed and he quickly pulled his shorts up.

They got up and casually started walking back to the camp. He led her inside his cabin where they immediately embraced and sunk to the floor.

His fingers unzipped her jeans and pulled them halfway down.

She shuddered as he found her cunt and slid his fingers slowly back and forth between her asshole and her clit, before settling on her throbbing knob, rubbing it softly.

?Oh god Matt,? she groaned and pressed herself against his hand.

?Ssssh,? he chuckled and placed his lips on top of hers, occupying her with his tongue while slipping two fingers into her cunt. He retreated and plunged back in, and her hips were grinding faster and faster against his arm, frenetically riding his fingers as she felt her orgasm building stronger and stronger for every thrust until he finally sent her spinning over the edge. She trembled and screamed into his mouth as she felt her pussy clamping down on his fingers while she came, constantly riding them until her orgasm slowly faded away.

?Oh baby,? he smiled.

She looked into his eyes while ruffling his thick hair, and they cuddled up in each other?s arms.

?I better return to my cabin before anyone sees us.? Susanna rolled her eyes at the camp rules. Even leaders weren?t allowed to share cabins with the opposite sex.

?I?ll walk you back,? he offered and they leisurely strolled down to her place.

When they got there, he kissed her slowly on the lips. She pressed against his strong body and he sighed and hugged her tight.

?Things have changed sweetie,? he whispered and she nodded.

?I?ll see you tomorrow,? she smiled and kissed him again, lingering, not wanting to part from him, but finally they had to separate.

With a big smile she locked the door behind her. All these years they hadn?t even kissed each other. Now she couldn?t understand what had stopped them.

The following three weeks they had fun during the day playing games with the kids, and fun at night enjoying each other?s company. Unfortunately, camp was rapidly coming to an end.

The last night, Susanna felt like crying every time she looked at Matt.

?Baby,? he whispered that night at the campfire. ?Come with me.?

This time they walked for a while alongside the lake, before he stopped. She gasped when she noticed a blanket on the ground, a basket with food and a bottle of wine along with an unlit bonfire and a stack of wood.

?Oh Matt.? Her voice cracked and she couldn?t fight her tears back any longer as he lit the small bonfire and sat down next to her on the blanket. She lay down and pulled him along. Staring deeply into his dark eyes, she stretched her tongue out, gently tracing the contours of his lips before settling it between his lips, teasing them until he parted them. She continued tasting the insides of his lips, sliding along his slick white teeth before slithering in-between them to find his soft tongue. Impatiently he chased her back into her own mouth, and while he pressed his lips against hers, their tongues wrestled each other softly underneath the rooftop of her mouth. Her dress vanished and the summer breeze brushed across her body, lightly caressing her contracting nipples.

He squeezed a soft breast with his hand while his thumb flicked against her erect nipple. She moaned in delight as he closed his mouth around an aching breast. Gently he tugged at her rock hard nipple with his teeth, before licking it with his soft tongue while his hand worked its way across her soft stomach to her damp crotch. Shortly after, his tongue followed the same path, and with a soft cry she felt her clit straining against his lips as he sucked it and eagerly whipped across it with the tip of his tongue.

?Oh shit,? she whimpered as she came to a peak.

?Cum for be baby,? he encouraged her as he kept licking her clit, thirstily lapping up her sweet nectar while sliding a finger up her tight hole. ?That?s it,? he gasped as her hips started bucking and her hands pressed his face against her wet cunt.

?Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck,? Susanna cried as she felt her tension starting to release. Lightning bolts charged through her body as she started heaving and arched her hips. Her pussy tightened up around his finger and her thighs held his head in a firm grasp while she exploded, pouring her love juices straight into his mouth.

Finally she released him and he came back up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on his sweet tongue. She could feel his throbbing erection pressing against her thigh, and she squeezed it lightly through the thin fabric in his shorts.

?I want you,? she whispered and tugged at his shirt. He sat up and removed it while she slid his shorts off and his throbbing hard-on sprung forth. With a hungry groan she dived into his lap and slid her tongue across his crown.

?Salty,? she mumbled as she licked up the clear cum pearls that were emerging from his rod. She wrapped her lips around his cock and took him in until his cock butted against the back of her throat. Teasingly she rocked him back and forth between her tight throat and her mouth, while tugging on his balls with her fingers.

She heard him gasping as her tongue slid up his shaft and circled the rim of his cock-head before she plunged his manhood into her oral cavity again, squeezing his purple head up against the rooftop of her mouth, where she rubbed it back and forth.

He brushed her long hair aside to watch his thick shaft appear and disappear between her lips, but the vision was too much for him.

?Oh god, I?m cumming?? he warned her and she sucked him faster and harder until she felt his cock starting to jerk on its own. With a scream he blew his load into her mouth and warm spud started sliding down her throat. Her tongue was bathing in his salty cream as it came gushing out until it started bursting out between her lips, slowly trickling down her chin.

Afterwards she thoroughly licked his dick clean, and by the time she was done, his faithful member had sprung back to life.

?God you?re beautiful baby,? he whispered as she lay down next to him. For a moment he just let his hands admire her feminine body, tracing every inch, every curve.

?So are you,? she smiled and ran her fingers across his flat stomach, down to his big rod where she leisurely started petting it.

Impatiently he spread her thighs apart and positioned himself in-between them. She gasped as she felt his big head against her cunt, and he grabbed his cock and guided it up and down her wetness a few times before he placed it straight underneath her warm hole.

His lips covered hers while he gently started pushing inside her.

She felt her cunt stretching out, adapting to his size, and for every couple of inches he would stop and let her adjust.

Suddenly his eyes widened as he slid up and encountered an unmistakable barrier.


She opened her eyes with a smile.

?Matt?? she teased him nervously.

?Are you sure?? His eyes were misty and he looked as if he was on the verge of crying.

?Absolutely,? she whispered and stroked his sweaty back.

?Susanna, baby?? he smiled. ?Susanna, I love you.?

?I love you.? Her voice was barely audible.

His lips pressed against hers and he did a fast, hard push and broke through her hymen. A burning discomfort spread throughout her body and she gasped as he came bursting through. Quickly he shoved himself all the way inside her and stopped moving until she was ready to continue.

?Fuck me baby,? she said breathily and he started moving again.

He pulled his thick, glistening rod almost all the way out, only to plunge back inside her with one long stroke. The second time he grabbed her butt cheeks with his hands, pushing her up towards him, and they both moaned as he penetrated her even deeper than before.

His arm muscles bulged as he balanced his upper body above hers and started thrusting back and forth in faster, deeper strokes. Every time his big cock-head hit her core, little power surges charged through her body. She could feel every inch of his cock, every notch, every bump, as he faithfully pumped in and out of her tight velvet cave.

?God you?re so tight,? he shuddered and stopped thrusting so he wouldn?t cum before she did, but she flung her legs around his back, forcing him to continue. She felt another three deep thrusts before he cried out and launched a strong, thick stream of cum into her womb. As his warm jets fired off inside her, it triggered her own climax. She wailed and started bucking underneath him, pushing him as deep inside as he could possibly reach.

?God,? he screamed as his buttocks contracted, shooting another wad of cum into her as her velvet walls constricted around his pulsating dick, over and over, milking it dry until every drop was spilled.

He remained on top of her for a while before rolling down on to the blanket, leaving her feeling hollow and empty inside, and already missing his big cock.

?I love you Suz,? he whispered.

?I love you too,? she smiled and ran a finger down his stomach, gently squeezing his flaccid cock, which instantly started hardening again.

?Oh fuck,? he gasped. ?See what you?re doing to me??

She straddled him with a sexy smile and let her wet cunt glide along his big, purple head, occasionally letting him slightly penetrate her only to slip him back out.

With a moan he reached a hand out and fondled one of her breasts and she closed her eyes, breathing heavily, as she finally lowered her pussy on to his cock and went completely down on him, taking all of him in.

?Oh fuck you go so deep,? she shuddered and slid back up, letting his entire cock slip out of her tight cunt, before she navigated it straight back inside with one long stroke. He sunk in as deep as he could possibly get, and she felt another orgasm approaching quickly and picked up her pace as she became more anxious to cum.

She rode him faster and harder, thoroughly savoring the feeling of his thick manhood burrowing into her tight virgin hole. She was balancing on the edge of her orgasm, lingering, refusing to go over the cliff yet, when she felt him slip a finger into her asshole. With a surprised yelp she started convulsing and sunk down on to his cock, letting her orgasm possess her spasming body. With long shivering moans she tensed up around his cock, squeezing it in an iron-tight grip. His hips kept bucking underneath her, constantly thrusting his cock up into her cramping pussy while she came for what felt like a small eternity.

He grabbed her hips, flipped both bodies over in one strong movement and started fucking her again. She recognized his loud, short breaths of air and his twitching cock and knew he was about to blow his load.

?Cum on me,? she gasped.

He pulled out of her as he started ejaculating, and let his cum shoot in long, white arches across her naked body. Thick ropes of cream landed across her breasts and her stomach and some fired up into her long, golden hair. He stuttered and grunted while showering her body in his spud, until two last, smaller squirts dribbled out and he was spent.

?Damn Suz,? he gasped as he fell over beside her. She grinned and let her fingers slide around in his cum, before she got up and walked naked over to the lake and washed off the rest.

?Now what sweetheart??

His voice was hesitant as he asked a question they had both been avoiding the last few days.

?I don?t know,? she sighed and sat back down next to him. ?I don?t want to wait an entire year to see you again.?

He nodded.

?I?ve got another three weeks off,? he said. ?If you want?I?ll come home with you tomorrow??

He didn?t need to say anything more. Her eyes lit up and she embraced him. They kissed passionately, and spent the rest of the night outside, eating, drinking wine, fucking and talking.

When she called home to say she was bringing Matt home, asking them to prepare the guest room, her mother just chuckled.

?Susanna honey, the guestroom has been ready since the day you told me you had met him again.?

With a big grin she hung up the phone and boarded her bus, desperately trying to ignore the whistles and the teasing chants from the kids as she sat down next to Matt, who lovingly put his strong arm around her.

?You and me Suz,? he said with a smile.

?You and me,? she sighed happily and cuddled up in his arms.

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