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Stone Circle

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The Stones. Bathed in moonlight and set in a silent ring, taller than a man, they stand inert. Never telling of their past, they crouch like frozen fossil giants, their surfaces etched by time. The light of the moon paints them a pale blue white, dappled with shadows blacker than night. Each is different but all are placed in strange symmetry, as if guarding this place. As it watching, or waiting, for their vanished creators. We do not know who built this edifice, or why they fashioned this circle of silent sentinels. We only know that they are, and that they have stood here for more than five thousand years........

I take your hand and we entre the circle of the stones. You are quiet, pensive. Your thoughts seem turned inward, and you appear nervous, expectant...

We walk in silence around the ancient place, passing each stone. On some you place your palm against the rock, fingers outspread. Each time a mist enters your eyes, as if you were listening - communicating with some entity buried deep within. All is silent, no sound other than that of your soft breath as you stand, your eyes far away.

We have returned now, to the place we entered - the circle now complete. And for the last few minutes I have seen your eyes dart often towards the centre of the ring, your gaze traversing the radius to the single stone that lies there.

Unlike its upright companions this one is prone, lying flat in the heart of the circle, and its surface is smooth, as though polished by time.

You release my hand and walk slowly across the soft grass towards it. I see your hand slowly reach out to touch the smooth surface. As before you stand absolutely still as your palm rests upon it. I can only watch in wonder as I sense the strange rapport that you are exchanging with some unseen, unknowable force. That same smokey glaze is in your eyes, only now I see a small, wistful smile form upon your face. Some echo across the eons is whispering to you, commanding you.

Abruptly, you take your hand from the stone and take a pace back. You are standing with you back to me now, stock still. I stare, amazed as I see your hands reach to the buttons of your blouse, and begin to undo them. You shrug it off and it falls carelessly to the grass. You remove your skirt, quickly, and then the thin material of you panties slides down your thighs. You kick them away, impatiently and then stand still again - naked before the stone.

I am frozen where I stand, I can do nothing but gaze in sheer amazement as the moonlight washes your body, rippling it with pale light and deep shade. You are the colour of the stones, but your soft curves play counterpoint to their hard roughness. A contrast of warmth and cold, of male and female.

Slowly, with measured steps you walk to the flat recumbant stone, and with one fluid movement you climb upon it and lie back upon its smooth surface. Your hands at your sides, I see your eyes wide open and staring at the stars, that same smile still playing upon your lips. Slowly, deliberately I watch as your knees rise and your legs open...wide...inviting......

Still powerless to move I feel my member rise and stiffen into an erection more intense than any I have ever known. You turn your head towards me, and your wistful smile changes to one of lascivious invitation - your eyes half closed and cloudy with lust. Your arm rises and you beckon me to you. The spell that had been holding me lifts, and in an ecstasy of fumbling I remove my clothes, fingers clumsy with desire and awe.

I move towards you, and your eyes follow me as I step up to the great stone.

Mist is rising, and its tendrils form a gossamer gown that begins to shroud you. I feel the heat from your body, and sense the moistness between your thighs as I lay gently on you, your arms rising to embrace me. You release a sigh as I enter you, swiftly and easily, for you are open and completely ready.

Slick dew encompasses my manhood as I slide its full length deep into you, drawing a long, slow shuddering moan from your open lips. I am hard now -

harder than ever before. Almost painful as I drive into you, slow powerful thrusts that send waves of shuddering pleasure through you. Your cries keep time with my pumping loins, your hips rising in perfect harmony to meet me.

The tempo increases, hammering to a shattering climax that comes within seconds - your back arches and your body sings, your head thrown back as you cry out your ecstasy, and I gasp as I explode deep within your womb, filling you with my seed.

And the mists enfold us as the passion slowly ebbs away.....

We wake in the pale light of the pre-dawn. Slowly we rise and sit close together upon the stone that has known our passion and will know that of those yet to come. As it has known the passion of others since it was placed upon this spot, five thousand years before.

And as we gaze upon the sentinels that silently witnessed our love, as we watch these watchers, the midsummer sun begins to rise between the standing stones, and shines upon us. For it is the dawn of the summer solstice.

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