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Step brother are okay

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My name is Judy, IM 32 now and want to share a past fun.My mom had married again and I got me a step brother that was 18 and I was 19. We had got along great and he was really a lady's man. Really good body. I've heard lots of story about his girls and play time. The girls really like him and from the talk he was well built and horny one lol. Once we where talking and I told him I wanted to lose a few lbs. He said he had a friend that had a self hypno tape the could help me. His friend swore it really work. I laugh at him, but told him I would try it. So about week later we where home alone and he came out of his room with the tape. He told me to listen to it and think about lose weight and it will work. I had just got out of the shower and was in bath robe. So I wen T to my room and put it on and laid on my bed and listen to it. It was telling me slow go deep a sleep and my body was getting warmer and warmer .After a few minute my step brother Jim step in my room and stood there watch and listening. So I just ignored him and list to tape telling me to go deeper and warmer.Then he start to turn down the volume on the taper recorder and slowly started to say the same stuff to me.So Jim thinking what the hell he doing but just went along with it. He keep telling me I was getting warm and warm. then he ask me to raise my hand , so I did, He kept asking me to do small thing and I did. But then he got braver and told me I was getting so hot that I should loosen my bath robe. So I loosen it up some. After I did that he ask me to set up. I did so and by doing it my robe open some showing a lot a cleavage.Then he ask me to lay back again. When I did my robe parted a bit more and more of me was showing. I could hear him breathing heavy and stare at me. so now he telling me im going deeper asleep and get warmer. A few time of that he tell me im so hot that I need to untie my robe. So I did. Then he ask me to sit up again. This time my robe fell really open and my boobs fell out of my robe. I could hear him breathing really heavy now and try to get a better look at my boobs. Then in a very nervous voice he told me to stand up. So I stood up but with my back to him. After a bit he telling me that I was so hot that I needed to take off my robe. I was a bit nervous now but really excited. So I let it fall away from me. My back was still to him, but he told me I need to lay back down. So nervously I did but in a way that my back was still to him.But he told me to lay on my back and strength out and really relax. So I laid on my back .So know he move to end of my bed and really look me over, I was nervous and scared a bit but was really turn on by this. I kinda peek at him and notice he was rubbing himself , He had on sweat pants and I could tell he was turn on. so then he had me run my hands all over my body, melting my fat away. So as I did this he keep rubbing himself threw this sweat pants. So then he had me move to playing with my boobs as he watch me do it. But now he started to tell me I was getting horny play with them and to play with my nipples. so I did this and by now my nipple where hard as a rock as I played with them. I knew he was getting really excited by his voice. So then he told me to spread my legs and slowly play with my pussy to feel better. Still nervous, but I slide my hand down and started to play with my self. He tell me how hot and horny I was getting.. I was really hot and wet for real. I was getting so horny that I was wish my boy friend was there to help me. To keep play and think about my boy friend. A few minutes later he move over to side of my bed where I could really see him . He keep telling me how hot Jim . then I felt him sit on the bed and slowly lay down. then he told me I could feel my boy friend hand slide across me body and slowly play with my boobs, with this I felt his hand slide up to my boobs. I let him do with out move to much. so he got braver and started to play with them and my nipple. Telling me how much I like it. I did too. So then he started tell me my boy friend was kiss me and slowly kiss me to my boobs and start to suck and play with them. He was doing this as he telling me. Wasn't long and he was really suck on them. then he went on to tell me I was so horny and turn on, and that my boy friend was sliding his hand now my stomach, as he was doing it. That I was so horny I would spread my legs so he could play with my pussy. Just about then he hit my hot we kitty and started to play, He knew what he was doing too. wasn't long and I was soak. Keep telling me how horny I was getting. that's when he rolled on top still suck my boobs and now play with my leg. But now my legs are spread with him in between them. he telling me now that I was so hot and just wanted to fuck. He said this over and over as he keep suck my boobs. Then he started to slide up on me and as he did this I could feel him rub his cock against my pussy. My not wet pussy. I guess he got braver but wasn't to long and I felt his head of his cock pop into my pussy. then he waited a second, I guess to see what I would do. After a couple second's he move around on me and started to slowly push in deeper. That's when I found out the story where true, His cock was big and he was strength my pussy to its limits. Dam he was big. He hit bottom and I know I didn't have all of him in me.he told me to put my legs up on his small of his back , so I did. that's when he started to fuck me and pound it to me. I found myself fucking him back. But I guess he was so excited by this, he didn't last to long and I felt him shooting his load into me.Dam I hadn't made it myself but was so close. then he just fell down on me and rolled off. Dam it, I was so close. I didn't know what to do, he just laid there a bit. But then he took my hand and put it on his cock, tell me to play with it. Between my juice and his , it was kinda slime and wet.But I could feel it come back alive.As he started to get harder and started to push my head down and telling me to suck it. I've gave bj before and knew what a guy tasted like. But this was first time I suck a cock that was in me. So now im suck him and suck my own juice off his cock. Didn't taste all that bad lol. As I suck he started to play with my kitty that was on fire. I guess he knew it was hot, because he told me to climb on top and ride his cock. Didn't have to say twice , I was on top trying to get that monster back home. I slide down on it as far as I could go, and he still had some left. Dam I want it and started to ride and grind into that cock. he was doing better this time around and we both fucking the hell of. wasn't long and he fucking me and playing with my boobs, I could feel myself getting close and started to cum myself. That when he pulled me down to him and roll us over so he was on top again. That's when he started to really fuck the hell out of me.. As he started to shoot his second time, I came again. I never been fuck like that and never had a cock that big. After he got off me and Jim try to catch my breath, he tell me I need to take a shower and remember what happen but as a dream that I had about my boy friend.. As I started to head for the shower, he was telling me after shower I was to wake up. But when I hear the words , deep sleep and dream, I would fall back into the hypno state that I was in now. Kinda smile to self and thought, I guess he like my pussy and looking for more.

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