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Step Sister

It wasn't really incest since we're not related by blood. Sarah was my step mom's daughter. We had lived together since I was ten and she was six.

As children we had gotten along as might be expected. We fought, we played, we ignored each other. But, there was always a strange, erotic attraction between us, even from the first days. Neither one of us openly acknowledged it, but we both felt it, and sometimes we acted on it. Not in any overtly sexual way, but in sexual ways, nonetheless.

There were fights that ended up in intimate wrestling matches on the floor or in a bed. Random touches that weren't so random, doors left accidentally open. Conversations that had double meaning, and sometimes a tenderness that went beyond pure sibling love. But we never took it any farther. Not until later.

It was my first year of graduate school, and Sarah's first year of college. She had chosen my school, not because I went there, but because her high-school sweetheart had come there a year ahead of her. She followed him to school with the idea that their "love" would live forever. It lasted one semester, he flunked out, dumped her and joined the Marines. Sarah was heartbroken, but I was happy. I'd always thought he was a jerk.

To get Sarah back into the swing of things, my girlfriend Michelle and I decided to hook her up with some of our eligible male friends. We picked a nice, safe, reliable guy named George. George was just the thing Sarah needed, or so we thought. Their first date was a double with Michelle and me. We did it up right with dinner and wine, and then a dance club. George gave it a try, but he wasn't much of a dancer. Michelle urged me to dance with Sarah, and that's when things started to get interesting.

Throughout the evening Sarah had been drinking. First wine at dinner, then a few beers at the club. At a weight of 106, her capacity for alcohol wasn't that great. I, on the other hand, as the driver for the evening, was stone cold sober. As we danced, she began to hold me and move against me in fashion that was decidedly un-sisterly. We didn't talk, just danced. It stirred old memories of the unacknowledged sexual attraction we had had when we were younger. By the time we left the dance floor, I was fighting an erection.

As the evening wore on, I split my time evenly, dancing first with Sarah and then Michelle, but to be honest, I was looking forward to the dances with Sarah. There was an electricity between us. I almost felt feverish when I touched her, and the dancing became more and more suggestive and erotic. Fortunately, the club was bursting at the seams, and it was hard for Michelle or George to notice what happened on the dance floor. By midnight, George and Michelle had gotten more than a little drunk and were happy to sit together and talk. Sarah and I danced every dance, and the dancing began to sober her up. Then we began to talk.

It had gotten to the point that there was no pretending that something wasn't happening between us. Sarah was braver than I and broke the ice. She didn't beat around the bush. As we ground our hips into each other on the dance floor, me, no longer sucessfully fighting that erection, Sarah said "God, you've gotten me sooo hot. Too bad you're my brother."

"Step brother", I replied.

"OK, in that case, not too bad. What are we going to do about it?" Sarah responded.

I was the legal adult, the grownup, the older of the two, the big brother, and had a fresh college degree under my belt, but I was tongue-tied.

Sarah didn't wait for an answer. "George and Michelle are so drunk, all they want to do is go home and sleep. Let's take them. Then we can go to your place."

End of Part I. Let me know if you want more.

End of Story