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Spring break and my sons Girlfriend Part 2

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The earlier events at the pool had my head spinning as I took it all in, My hormones were rumming on overtime.

Jim came home at 115pm and headed straight to the pool to cool oss after his workout at the gym.I watched as he stopped by Sarah at the lounge chair and gave her a kiss before jumping in. Suddenly Sarah turned and looked straight at me, she smiles and winked at me. My heart fluttered.

Evening came, the wife came home, After dinner we all sat and watched a reality show, Jim and sarsh on the loveseat and me and the wife on the couch. I couldnt take my eyes off my sons hot girlfriend, Sarah was wearing these short short booty shorts and her perfectly tan legs were there for the looking.After the show was finished we all said our g'nites Sarah came to me last, she kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear "See ya tomorrow" With that she went upstairs to Jim.

As my wife and I lay in bed my thoughts were of Sarah, My cock was again harder than it had ever been since I myself was a teenager.My wife noticed my condition and took control and we fucked like we havent in 25 years. As we lay together afterwards my wife said that was the best sex we have ever had and what got into me. I told her I didnt know.

The next morning my wife left early for a long day at work, Jim came downstairs and told me that he was going fishing for the day with his best friend from High School and if I would please make sure Sarsh didnt get bored. She said she loved the pool and would probably spend all day there. I said not to worry it will be ok. My mind was thinking all kids of things at this time.

Sarah came sleepishly downstairs about 830am wearing a terrycloth bathrobe, Her hair was slightly tussled but she was still a breathtaking beauty.She passed behind me and as she did she put her arms around my neck from behind and kissed my cheek, the kiss seemed to linger longer than it should of.But I didnt complain.

She took a seat at the open breakfast bar, I poured her a cup of coffee at retook my seat at the table. I looked in her direction and the robe was slightly open exposing and confirming my assumption from yesterday, her pussy was shaven clean and glistening with moisture, She caught me staring and for the third time in 2 days she winked and smiled at me.

After coffee she got up and said she was going to enjoy the pool again and asked If I was going to also. I said yes if thats what you want. She said yes she did.We both changed, her into her thong and me into my trunks. We met at the pool near the same lounge chair as yesterday.

To my surprise and disappointment Sarsh told me she wouldnt be needing any lotion today. Today would be different. Heck it was only 930am.With a bigger surprise Sarah asked if it was ok to skinny dip. My heart skipped a beat at this. I said maybe you shouldnt, she asked if I was afraid to skinny dip. I assured her I was not. With that said Sarah removed her top then her thong bottom revealing a picture perfect body. It was a sight I will never forget.She saw I was flustered and came over to me.She put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. Our lips met but this time it was no peck, it was a full blown french kiss. As our tongues fought Sarah slowly pulled my trunks down. When this was done she looked at me, smiled and said"Wasnt that easy?"I could only nod my head yes.

As we stood there nude in all our glory Sarah looked down towards my erection with stood at a proud 8 inches. She said "Wow, nice package" then ever so slowly she again wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed our bodies together, my cock jerking slightly as it came into contact with her flat tummy.She asked me if I thought she was hot, I replies yes, She is the hottest woman I have ever laid eyes on.With that her hand tried to wrap around my cock, It couldnt get all the way around its thickness.We found a float, she laid me down on it and lovingly kissed the head of my cock and licked the pre-cum away.She worked her way up to me until her body was fully on top of me, We kissed again.

I slowly rolled Sarah over on her back and gazed upon her naked beauty. I tenderly kissed her breasts and suckled her erect nipples, then traced a wet line down to her pussy. I flicked my tongue on her clit and she trembled like a virgin. As I continued to lick her perfect pusst she started moaning. I could feel her building to orgasm, when she came she shuttered and squirt, I sucked all I could from her sweet pussy.

By now my cock was about to burst and wouldnt be denied. Sarah begged me to fuck her, I didnt need to be asked twice.Her tan body on the float I spread her thighs and positioned the head of my cock at her heavenly enterance, I burrowed the head around her pussy lips until it gleamed with her cum. Slowly I slipped the head into Sarah, Her eyes widened as I did, She kissed me and said never has she had 8 inches. With that she thrust upwards and my cock sunk into her balls deep.

I ley Sarah ajust to my cock then I slowly pulled out until only the head was inside her.After lingering there for a few seconds I slid in again, this time tenderly, I fucked Sarah slow and deliberate until I felt her picking up the pace. Our fucking quickened with our carnal need to explode.We started fucking like wild animals in heat, I was now pounding her pussy for all I was worth. Sweat started dripping from our bodies but we didnt slow down.

We werefucking for about 45 minites when Sarah growled "FUCK DAMN I"M CUMMING". With that I too felt the cum rising from deep in my balls.Sarah wrapped her tan legs around my waist as I shot 6 bursts of cum deep inside her. Sarah wailed with pleasure. Afterwards we lay lay exhausted and sweaty on the float next to the pool. We were both fucked out.

We both agreed this was our secret and the next 3 days we would try and steal away time for repeat preformances.

Part 3 The finale cumming soom :)

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