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Sports Bar

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I usually hang out at a local sports bar, im there a few times a week and pretty much there on the weekends. Because i am always there i really start to know all the regulars sometimes we even hang out outside of the bar, play golf, bbqs etc. there was this couple that spends just about as much time there as i do. i started to become pretty good friends with Mandy and Mike. We usually took turns buying eachother drinks, playing those trivia games that they have at the the bars, and sometimes go play golf. We usually played the trivia there every thursday night, i would help out mandy cause she wasnt good at trivia but mike was pretty good. Most of the times he would win but we would win on occasion. We did this pretty much every week for about a year. one thursday they came in and was like our normal routine play trivia have a few beers and appetizers and just have a good night. THey told me they just recently bought the new trivia game for there teenage daughter and if i wasnt busy Saturday, i should come over after the bar and try it out with them to see if it was any good. I said sure sounds like a blast. Saturday comes rolling around we meet up at the bar have our usual drinks apetizers, then they ask if i still want to go play trivia so i said yah i was pretty bored at the bar anyways. i said i would follow them, its winter time so took us a little while to get there with the snow falling. We pull in to their driveway and it was a nice ranch style house. we walk in through the garage and they give me the grand tour. first room was the living room right next to the garage, then the living, room, then the bathroom, and the three bedrooms on the other side of the house. i go and sit back in the living room mike gets us some beers and Mandy gets the trivia game and sets it up. then mandy said she will be right she wants to get out of her heavy sweatshirt. she comes back in, wearing her jeans and a shirt she had on underneath it was a nice dressy shirt that was V shaped in the front, i didnt want to stare but she had some nice big breasts atleast a D or so. So she sits on the floor between us and we start to play. we played for a few hours and drank a good amount of beer, it was around 230 or 3 and mike said im getting tired and he had to work in the morning, and told me that i should spend the night there cause of the snow, i said cool ok, and ill see u in the morning, he leaves the room and goes to bed, i help mandy clean up then sit back on the couch, she gets me a pillow and a blanket. i asked her if she is going to bed, she said no not yet she is not tired which is suprising because we have been drinking quite a bit. she went and grabbed two more beers and sat on the couch across from me. we started talking about everything, talked for a good 20 minutes or so, then she caught me staring at her breasts, she smiled and said see something u like. i told her yah all this time i knew u had a good size pair under your shirts but i never knew that they were that amazing. The shirt you are wearing shows them off beautifully. She said thank you, and asked if i would like another beer, she grabbed two more beers and sat back down on the couch. Then we started talking again about sports, about five minutes later she caught me staring at her breasts again while i am talking to her. she laughed and said u must really like them, i said yah, im sorry just couldnt help my self, she asked if it would help if i saw them, i said sure but we both know thats not going to happen with mike sleeping in the other room. she said true and asked me a question about sports, while i was answering her question, i noticed she was pulling out both her breasts, she was just sitting there casually as both her breasts were hanging over her dress shirt. I was in shock, i said WOWWW those are better than i would have ever imagined, she said ty, i figured i would show u since u been staring at them for a while, i said thank you very much. she left her breasts out while we started talking again, i would have tried something but mike was a good friend and i didnt want to do anything to piss him off. she noticed both our beers were almost empty she asked if i would like a refill and i said please. she stood up and bent over towards me to pick up my beer bottle and her breasts just hung i was in amazement how big they were just hanging there, i think she saw the bulge that i had in my pants because when she stood up she said nice with a smile on her face, she went in the other room to get beers with her breasts still hanging out, even though we both were feeling pretty tipsy i was a little nervous because she went in the other room with them hanging out and mike could have walked out and saw her. she returned with a beer in each hand and her breasts still out in the open i was relieved that mike didnt see, and was thinking to my self thats a great site, two cold beers and two beautiful big she handed me my beer and sat back down. after a few minutes of talking she said u know what i need to see something i said yah whats that. she got up and walked over to me and knelt down infront of me. she then reached up and undid my belt i said what are u doing, she smiled and said nothing. she then unziped my pants and pulled my boxers up with her left hand and then with her right hand she reached in and grabbed my cock and pulled it out. she was like wow i didnt realize it was that big u were the one hiding the big stuff.. she stayed in that position for a few minutes just slowly stroking my cock up and down and staring at it taking it all in. then she knelt up and put it in her mouth she slowly was moving down and up, it was so nice, and felt so good, she would take it out of her mouth and lick it up and down as well as lick my balls then she would put it back in her mouth, it looked so hot seeing this with her big brown eyes staring at me and her huge breasts in the back ground, this went on for about 15 minutes then she stood up and took her pants off to revil a nice black thong, i was like wow what a body i stared at her ass as she sat on the couch i got up and went over to her, i kissed her and then kissed both her big beautiful breasts, while i was rubbing her clit. then i pulled her panties to the side and started to lick her pussy, i was sucking on it licking it sticking two finger in her until she came a few times then i couldnt take it any more i got up and grabbed my cock and stuck it deep in her. i started off at a slow pace just back and fourth it felt so good, then she asked me to go faster so i started to go faster then i grabbed both her breasts and started to fuck her real fast, she was getting really wet it was such a turn on we fucked like this for about 10 minutes, then she begged me to let her ride her, so we switched spots, before she got on me she licked all her juices from my cock then lowered herself on me and started to go to town, what a view seeing this and watching those breast bounce, this went on for a good 15min i was getting harder and harder, then i told her i wanted her doggy she said of fuck yah. she stood up and bent over the couch, what a view i took it in for a minute, then i stuck my hard cock in her, and started moving then i grabbed her hips and really was giving it to her as hard as i could, she was begging me to cum, so i pulled out and she turned around and i covered her tits in hot cum. she was so relaxed and rubbing the cum all over her tits. We were both so into this that i totally forgot that mike was sleeping in the other room. i quickly got dressed and was starting to make my bed as she walked out of the room carying her clothes i thought for sure i was going to be in trouble, she came back about 20 minuts later and gave me a kiss goodnight, and she went off to bed, i woke up in the morning when mike was getting ready for work, he asked if i had a good night and what we did, i was nervous as hell, i just said we talked, he said yah she can talk and talk thats why i went to bed, i laughed he said yah mandy said the same thing that u can talk to. i said yah if the topic is good i can go for long time. He said cool and said well im off to work and ill see u tomorrow at the bar, i said ok and he left. i went back into the living room and was cleaning up were i was sleeping and just making it look nice then i was going to be on my way. Mandy walked into the living room in her robe carying a cup of coffee, and said what u up to i said oh i thought u were sleeping so i was just going to clean up my mess and head out. she said oh u dont have to leave so quickly. she said can u do me a favor i said sure, she said i so enjoyed last night i havent had sex like that in years, could u please not tell mike that we did that, i said sure, she said he also wont be home till five tonight and the girls are still gone if i want to stay and keep me company. i said sure what u want to do today its a nice sunny day minus the snow. she said i know what we can do i said cool what u have in mind, she stood up and undid her robe, and she had on the sexiest lingere i have seen, i said oh hell yes. we ended up having sex all day, we stayed naked from 8 am to about 330, we had sex in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage, everwere we must have had sex atleast 10 times. then i had to leave, the next day at the bar it was like none of that ever happened, the only difference now is that i can not stop undressing her with my eyes....we never did hook up again which is a shame cause she was great and alot of fun. i still talk to them from time to time.

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