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Special Delivery

It was about midday when I reached her door,
It was a simple delivery, nothing more.
Or so I had thought
'Till my eye she caught.
"Won't you come in?"
She said with a grin.
Wearing a smile, and very little more.

She escorted me in that summer day,
Dressed in her small, lacey, white lingerie.
Her figure sang glee
I'm weak in the knee.
"I think you'll do;
Party for two?"
With her hand down my pants she did say.

Sucking my cock to the edge of cum,
Throat fucking, licking, and stroking some.
Sucking her tit
Kissing her clit
Her pussy throb
And squeezes my knob.
She squirted buckets till she went numb.

After, in set my curiousities
"I have to ask what was it about me?"
"Was it my hair?"
"My wanting stare?"
"The way I stood?"
"Size of my manhood?"
"No..... I was just out of batteries."

End of Story