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Sometimes A Dream Really Comes True

A few years ago when I was in sales I had taken a group of customers out to dinner and a Cincinnati Reds ball game.
The dinner was great the game was good and of course the beer and drinks flowed. After the game they wanted to go to Newport to one of the strip clubs. We went and spent a good deal of time at one of the clubs. I paid for the drinks and a few of the strippers "drinks" while they teased my customers. It was late and I gathered them up to take them back to the cas. One guy insisted on staying so I left him there. While taking the others back to their cars I had second thoughts about leaving the guy behind so I went back to get him. I arrived at the club as it was closing and found out he had gotten a cab and left.
I was relieved and started out. One of the girls was a bit ahead of me going down the street. She was one who had spent a good deal of time with us earlier in the evening.
She was very attractive and built.
As she was going up the street a few young guys were harassing her. I picked up the pace and acted as if I was with her and she went along with it and they disappeared.
She said "lets get something to eat. Dixie Chili was a few doors ahead. We stopped in and got a couple of coneys each.
As we ate them we talked and somewhat got to know each other. She was personable, friendly, and extremaly sexy and I could not help but remember he dancing naked in fromt of us a few hours ago. Needless to say I was aroused.
When we were about finished she said to me "lets get a motel room" Well you didn't have to ask me that twice.
We did and no sooner than we got in the room she was allover me she had my belt unfastened and pants down giving me a passionate blow job. I got her to stop long enough to get her undressed and she looked beautiful laying on the bed naked. We had sex in every way imagineable.
It was starting to get daylight and we decided to get dressed. I dropped her off at her car, kissed her goodbye. And, maybe because of the nights drinking and the euphoria of the passion, I totally forgot to get either her name or phone number.
This actually happened and is one of those nights I'll remember for the rest of my life.

End of Story