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Show Me Yours, Ill Show You Mine

Everyone has someone they party with all the time, a wing man so to speak. In my case, mine was my sister. She was two years older than me and those who think a woman can't be a good wing man are way off. Women loved to talk with her and she was always willing to put in a good word for what a great guy.
A little about us She is hot. And I'm not biased there. She turned heads at any bar/party we went to as she is 5-10, maybe 140 with a good body. Big boobs -- a full C cup and real -- and a nice ass with long legs too that were in great shape from the swimming and running she did. Me, I am 6-3, 230, with a good build from playing football all through college. People would think we were a couple because we'd laugh, joke, dance and just crazy. They were always shocked we were brother and sister, but then they'd party right with us. We partied growing up all through high school (love fake IDs), when I came home from school and right up until I had to leave South Florida to actually join the working world (Boooo!!)

I'd introduce her to my friends and she'd introduce me to her friends. It was a great time. The fun was always getting drunk with our friends and it would always come back to who hooked up with who and who was better in bed. My friends would tell how great she was at sucking cock or how flexible she was. Her friends would talk about how big my cock was or how I could shoot a huge load. They would try to embarrass us, but it never worked. We didn't care ... it was fun, so why be embarrassed, right?
But that didn't stop us from being curious about the other. I know I had occasionally peeked in on my sister, sneaking looks at her getting dressed or changing after a swim. It was enough for me to get hard just thinking about her hot body. I could stroke my cock just thinking of her big boobs and those nice pink areolas with her big nipples.
I never knew she knew I would sneak peeks until one night when I was down visiting and we partied for old time's sake. We got wasted and joked and danced and then stumbled back to my hotel, where I had a room right on the beach within walking distance bar we were at. It was a big room, with a bed and couch. She said she was too drunk to drive and would stay with me and crash on the couch. Without a word, she went through my suitcase and grabbed a couple things and went in the bathroom. I took my shirt off and undid my jeans and just got comfortable in my boxers, figuring we're probably calling it a night and plopped on the bed. She came out wearing nothing but her panties and one of my tank tops. The tank top was loose and you could see her boobs through the side. I told her if she wanted a pair of boxers or a bigger shirt or something to help herself.
She laughed and said "Why, you've seen me with less on." I stammered, "What are you talking about?" She just laughed again and said "You think I didn't notice those times you'd try to walk in on me? Hell, I'd let you." I was floored. She smiled and said, "But now, it's your turn." I said "What?" She said "I want to see you naked." I laughed, figured she was messing with me. But she just walked over to the couch and grabbed a beer and said, "Well, drop ‘em. I want to see that cock that all my friends talk about." I didn't know what to do, but I knew my cock was starting to grow in my boxers. So I went back to an old standard line "Show me yours and I'll show you mine."
She laughed and said, "OK, and took off the tank top." My mouth dropped open as her big, soft, round tits stood there. I wanted to run and go suck on them, but instead just stared. She started rubbing them, pinching the nipples between her fingers and then taking one up to her mouth and sucking the nipples, just smiled at me. "Your turn," she said.
So I had no choice. I stood up and slid my boxers off, clumsily and the waistband got caught on my semi-hard cock and made it slap up on my stomach. She looked and said "Well, now I know what all my friends were talking about. Nice." With that she stood up and walked over and she bent over, getting her face right in front of my cock, which only made it harder, and then pulled off her panties and then stood back up in front of me. Her pussy had just a little landing strip and her tan body was right there in front of me. I couldn't help as my cock was so hard and just bobbing on its own. She just stared at it, which only made me harder, if that was possible.
"You gonna rub it," she said? I said "Do you want me too?" "Hell yeah," she said. "I want to see you stroke that cock. I know you used to do it at home when you'd think of me, so here I am and do it now in front of me." With that, she walked to the couch and sat down, with her legs spread and put one hard on her big tits while the other slowly started massaging her pussy. I asked her where she wanted me and she told me to come to the couch next to her. She turned on one arm rest and started fingering herself. I could see she was real wet and I'd hear just hopw wet as she slipped one finger in, then two. She moaned a little, then looked at me and said "What are you waiting for?" I just kept looking at her and started to stroke my hard cock. "Mmmm, that's hot," she said. "How big is it?" I stammered, "I don't know." She laughed and leaned in a little and looked at it as I stroked. "It has to be at least 8 inches. And wide. Yummy."
She kept staring as I slowly stroked it. She smiled as a little precum appeared. "Oh, no not yet. I want you to slow down and give me one of those monster loads I always hear about." I slowed down and rubbed my shaved balls and she leaned back and started fingering her pussy again. I could see how wet she was and one time she took her wet fingers, rubbed them on her hard nipples and then took her nipples in here mouth and said "You like that, don't you?" I started stroking fasted and faster. She went back to fingering her pussy and soon she was moaning that she was going to cum. Little did I know she was going to squirt, but soon I felt it hit me. I was surprised and looked at her and she was rubbing her clit with her fingers and in a different world, yelling "Oh shit Oh my god my baby brother is making me cum." I just stared, slowly stroking my cock and she shot the last bit out on my now soaked hotel couch. "Wow Never saw that coming, no pun intended," I said. She smiled and asked "Did I get you?" "A little," I said. She just smiled wickedly and said, "Well, turn about is fair play. I want you to cum on me." "What?" I said. "Oh yeah. I want that big load. Shoot it on my face and tits." I was about ready to cum and she knew. She teased me by putting her tits right up to my cock and looking up at me with her mouth open and tongue out. That was all it took. I warned here "Here I cum" ... and with that the first blast hit her face, I moved the second blast to her other cheek, then more hit her tongue and chin. She gasped a little and I shot another load at her mouth and then aimed at those big tits with the last few squirts. I rubbed my hard cock on her face, massaging my cum all over her face and tits.
She just leaned back and smiled through the cum. "Wow. Now I know what they were talking about. That was amazing. Next time I'm bringing a girlfriend and we're going to do this right. For now, let's go skinny-dipping." With that, she slid open the balcony door and started walking out toward the ocean, licking my cum off her face and tits.

End of Story

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