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Shoppingand Fun!

It has been many months since our final date... Our
emails are very rare these days, just a hello, how are
you.. We have both moved on and put our time together
in the past.. Then one day you were in the mall when you
looked up and saw me across the store... I looked in your
direction and saw you too.. We both smile at each
other... You walked over and gave me a hug and told me
how wonderful I looked... You explain that you were x-mas
shopping for your wife... I had just finished my
shopping and know how much you hate shopping... So I
offered to help you pick something out for her.. We
go from store to store looking and talking, catching up
like we had never parted... You don't want our day to
end but you know it can't last forever... So you finally
purchase your wife’s gift and then escort you to my
car... I put my packages in the car and turn back
to say goodbye... You give me a big hug and a kiss on
the cheek.. As You pull away you look into my eyes and
see a longing and desire that you had almost forgotten..
You lean in and softly kiss my lips... We part our
lips and let our tongues gently mingle.. Then you
whisper in my ear "I want to make love to you"....
I replied "no, we can't." You look into my eyes
and wonder if you mean those words.. You tell me that you are going to the hotel right down the street and You want
me to follow you... But that if I don't follow, You
will understand... You turn and walk away.. You drive to
the hotel as fast as you can. You wait there for what
seems like eternity... You are about to leave when you see
me pull into the parking lot... Your heart races as you
see me get out of my car. You walk over to me and
I tell you "we shouldn't do this"... "I know" you
reply. You take me by my hand and escorted me inside.
You register and showed me to the room. You are so nervous
that you fumble with the key
and have trouble getting
the door open... Once inside you looked into my eyes once
again, the fire is still there... you grab me with both
arms and pull me to you... Kissed me with a passion you
had forgotten existed... You push me against the Wall
and begin pulling my clothes off as you kiss every
inch of my body... You drop to your knees and
slowly lift my skirt... My panties are dripping
wet... you lean in and passionately kiss my pussy
through my panties, you pull them aside and let your
tongue slide the entire length of my slit... you
gently suck my lips into your mouth and gently tug....
My hands grasp your head and move
you to my waiting clit... Your tongue circles and teases me... Finally you place your lips over my swollen clit and gently suck... I moan with pleasure... you continue licking
and sucking every part of my pink flesh until the
excitement overwhelms you... You stand and tell me to
bend over.... I eagerly bend over the table and
brace myself as you pull your clothes off... You lift my
skirt high over my round ass... gently slide
my soaked panties off... Your cock is throbbing with
anticipation as you place the head at my entrance...
With one long push, you slide deeply inside me... I
let out a loud moan as you begin thrusting deeply into
my moist folds... my moans and cries of pleasure
become louder and more intense as you fuck me harder
and faster..... Soon my knees get weak and I can't
stay on my feet... you hold me by my hips and
support me as you continue your relentless thrusting.....
In a few more minutes I am completely out of
control... The orgasm washes over me like a tidal
wave... As you feel my quivering pussy spasm... your
cock explodes and spurts your cum deeply into me... As
I feel your orgasm, another wave washes over me....
Completely exhausted, we collapse onto the floor and
hold each other tightly.... Too soon, I have to tell you that my family is waiting.... “I have to go”... We dress
and leave together.. You walk me to my car and give
me one final passionate kiss goodbye... As I drive
away I whisper to myself "goodbye my love".

End of Story

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