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Sex for Tattoo

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I am supposed to meet this tattoo artist at nine this morning. I got dressed in something comfortable and loose fitting so my shirt would not be constraining after I got the work done. With a loose fitting top and jeans, I set out, nervous worried it might hurt. I follow the directions to the address he gave me; it turns out to be a house. Ok, maybe he works out of his house.

I pull up and sit there for a moment, getting my courage up, tattoos are permanent and can be painful while getting them. I really don?t like pain much. I first tattoo I was a bit tipsy while getting it but still remember the painful moments. I gather my courage and get out of my car and walk up to the door and ring the bell. A man almost a foot taller than me answers the door, as tall as he is, he has a big frame as well. Looks like a football player. I feel small next to him. He leads me in and we sit down and he shows me some sketches he worked up of what I told him I was looking for. I like them all, but I pick one out. He tells me relax and to follow him. He leads me into what I guess is a guest bedroom. In it is a night stand a solid bed and a chair next to the bed. He as his tattoo supplies sitting there with it. The bed made me nervous at first until I saw the supplies. He turns to me and says ?First let?s take a look at the tattoo you already have,? I had asked him about touching it up. I turn away and lower my jeans down past my hip, exposing the top part of my ass. On it there is a tattoo of a set up lips with KISS THIS written around them. He looks at it and says he can fix it a little and tells me to relax. I lower my jeans further and he tells me to bend over the side of the bed, so I do with my ass up. He sits in the chair and starts touching my ass cheek that has the tattoo. With his touch I feel a light shock, but relax myself, he has to touch it to work on it. I hear rustling around, he is going through his things, and feel his hand touch my ass again and I jump, I am nervous about the needles on the gun. I hear him turn it on and start stiffening up again. Told me I needed to relax, because if I jump when he touches me I could mess it up. I try to relax, but find it hard to do. Suddenly I feel his hand slide further on my ass touching my other cheek and grazing along the crack of my and under my ass. He is rubbing and lightly kneading me butt. I start to relax and loosen up my muscles enjoying the feeling of him massaging my butt. Involuntarily I spread my legs slightly and feel his fingers slide along the juncture of my inner thigh from the bottom of my ass. I start tingling in my stomach and in my pussy area. I feel a light graze of his fingers on the outer lips of my pussy, causing me to spread my legs more. All of a sudden a finger slides between the slit of my pussy and touches the inner folds of my pussy, my legs spread even more, focusing on his finger gently rubbing my pussy, I forgot about the tattoo gun he is holding in his other hand, till I feel it touch my ass as he puts more pressure on my pussy with his finger. I don?t jump, the tattoo gun is a little uncomfortable but I am focusing on the finger on my pussy, I spread my legs slightly more trying not to move my ass, and feel two fingers along my pussy, moving up to my clit. He is working his fingers just below my clit as the gun glides across my tattoo. Then the gun is moved away from my skin and I feel his fingers rubbing my clit, feeling my body with sensations and causing pressure to build up. I hear him doing something with his other hand, not sure what, has something to do with the tattoo gun. Then I hear the gun come back alive and feel his fingers slide down towards my pussy and as the needle touches my skin again, he slides both fingers into my pussy causing an involuntary mild orgasm. I move a little with it. He tells me to lay still, with his fingers rubbing the inside of my pussy it is hard to sit still; I have already forgotten about the needle on my ass. I grip the comforter on the bed to keep myself still as the needle and his fingers are working on my body. The sensations throughout my body are heightened due the mixture of pain from the tattoo and pleasure from his fingers. He tells me, to be very still, has work to do that is very detailed and if I move I may cause it to mess up. I fight the orgasm mounting in my body to be very still but his fingers are causing the vibrations in my body to build, and his fingers are only slightly in my pussy. I feel the urge to push on his fingers to bring them further into my wet pussy, but know I must be still so he can finish what he is doing on my tattoo. I feel his fingers rubbing a little bit harder as more pressure is put on my tattoo with the needle on the gun. I am getting to where I can not control the urge to press on his fingers so they will slide further in my pussy and fuck me. All of a sudden I feel his fingers not just two now but three being thrust into my pussy as the needle is removed from my ass. He starts rubbing and thrusting his fingers into me harder, I am getting close to having a big orgasm, I feel my pussy being spread further, and know he has now pushed four of his fingers into my hot dripping we pussy. Suddenly I feel, a finger on the outside of my asshole, rubbing it while his fingers are and fucking my pussy. I had not realized he had shifted or moved from his chair to his knees directly behind me, or that with his other hand he had undone his jeans, pulling his cock out till I feel it replacing his fingers in my pussy, with one hard thrust he enters my pussy with his hard cock, gripping my hips he starts pounding my pussy hard and fast, bringing my orgasm closer and close to the surface. I feel his fingers that are still wet from my pussy, on my asshole sliding one in and fucking my ass with it as he is thrusting his cock to the hilt into my pussy. I am pushing back to him meeting each thrust to where our bodies are slamming together, feeling the zipper on his jeans rubbing against my skin of my thighs, suddenly I can not contain it anymore I fall over the edge into a massive orgasm, squeezing his cock and fingers tight into me, he just pounds me harder in the middle of my orgasm, until I feel him grip my hip hard and his hot cum shoots deep into my pussy filling me up, his cum pours out into my pussy, I know when he pulls out it will drip down onto my jeans that are on my calves. I lay there spent recovering from my orgasm; he pulls out and lifts me up to my knees and tells me to clean up his cock, and pushes it into my mouth. I take his cock in, its still semi hard and I lick and suck on his cock till it is completely clean; he has me by the head steadily starting to fuck my mouth his cock getting harder with each thrust. I feel his head hitting the back of my throat and his balls slapping my chin. I reach down and rub my clit feeling the sticky mess left by his load of cum he deposited deep in my pussy. He has a steady rhythm going pushing is cock in and out of the deep recesses of my mouth and throat, I feel him tighten up and pull back as cum shoots in my mouth, on my face into my hair and down onto my chest. I have cum dripping out of me and on me now. He lifts me up and tells me turn around and bend over as he places a bandage on my ass, and tells me to keep it dry, and wear loose fitting clothes. Do not scratch it either. I ask about my other tattoo. He told me that today was the touch up, come back next week and we will work on the payment plan for the new one. Today was my down payment for the new tattoo. It will take four more meetings to get the new tattoo paid for. When I come next week, I need to be wearing a short skirt and high heels. No bra, no panties and be prepared for anything. I got up and went into bathroom to clean myself up some for the drive home. Gently pulling my jeans up over my ass, I go to leave. He stops me, and kisses me deeply. I told him thank you for fixing my tattoo, and he walked me out the door.

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