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Sex For Rent Granny Love

A widow women who I rent an apartment to sucks my cock a few times a
month. She is 68 and her only income is her social security check and
a piece of her dead husbands retirement. She started having some real
problems this past winter paying her bills. One day she came to me and
said that she would not be able to pay her rent for that month but that
she would catch it up on the next. I told her that she could pay me
another way is she does not have the money. She understood right away
what I was talking about, because she got PISSED and walked-out. The
next month she was again unable to pay her rent, so I suggested my
option again. She got mad as hell and called me a "very sick man".
The 3rd month it was the same thing, she coundn't pay and I made my
suggestion. She once again became very angry, only this time I decided
to put her in her place so I told her that if she did not have my money
by the end of the day I was going to kick her out. So after some
begging on her part she finally relented and I made her blow me 3 times
that day for back pay. So that has been out routine now for the last 4
months she sucks me off a few times a month and she lives rent free.

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