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Seduced by Teacher Part 1

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My wife and I have been together since High School and have shared many sexual adventures. While she remains a shy, quiet, and conservative woman, she is qickly aroused or seduced by an erotic moment or encounter under many circumstances.

Lyn was a serious music student and excited by the attention the new music teacher paid to her. The teacher was twice our age, married, attractive, and very attentive and overly physical with most of the young women in his classes. At private lessons or rehersals he would openly touch Lyn's thighs, or rub her shoulders, and offer a hug when he was pleased. Lyn was excited by ths attention, and aware he was also attentive to other students. She heard, and believed rumors that he was having sex with Debbie, a very flirtatious and large breasted senior who spent many hours alone with "their" music teacher. Other students were quick to say Debbie was a "slut", so sex with the music teacher was taken for granted.

Lyn accompanied the teacher to an out-of-town music conference where they stayed in adjoing hotel rooms. The first evening following the conference the teacher suggested they spend night by ordering pizza and watching a movie in one of their rooms. Lyn showered and put on a t-shirt and shorts, and her teacher did the same. They sat on adjoing beds and watched started an in-room movie. The movie was Lyn's first porn. She had never seen anything like this even though it was soft core, the actors were naked and similuating sex.

Lyn's teacher was flattering, saying she looked better than any of the nude actors in the film. The teacher also asked if Lyn had done any of the things shown in the film, like nude swimming, or showering with a man, and more intimate acts like full sexual intercourse or oral sex. Since Lyn and I started having sex together that year, she admitted to being sexually active with me, but confessed she was still shy and unsure. She also confessed she was excited when we were naked together and the feeling of bare skin rubbing together.

At some point the teacher offered to massage Lyn's shoulders, which she readily permitted, but then he offered to give her a complete massage. Lyn's was excited, but apprehensive as she didn't know what this might involve. Lyn was told she should undress and wrap herself in a towel and the teacher returned to his room where he said he would get some oil to give her a "real massage". Lyn undressed in the bathroom, then sat on the bed covered in her towel. The teacher returned, with only a towel around his waist and a bottle of oil and some small packages.

Lyn lay face down on her bed as the teacher began to oil and massage her shoulders, then legs, then he slid her towel down to continue down her bare back. He told Lyn to complete the massage he would have to remove the towel, she hesitated in her mind, but allowed him to take the towel and leave her completed naked.

The teacher oil her buttocks, then slid his hand between her legs when she felt his fingers at her pussy lips. Reluctanly, but still excited by the feeling she spread her legs to allow his fingers to massage her lips. Suddenly a finger probed then entered her pussy and the teacher was now stroking in and out. The teacher stopped, and told her to turn on her back, and she said she surprised herself when she did so automatically. Then she was completely exposed to her teacher. She looked up at him and saw he had removed his towel and was completely naked, on his knees and now spreading her legs apart.

The teachers cock was long and thick. As he massaged up Lyn's legs she felt his cock on her thigh. He poured more oil on her breasts and rubbed her nipples with both hands. Lyn's reaction was to reach for her teacher, pull him down to her face and offer his a kiss. When he began to kiss her she felt his naked body sliding on to of her. They embraced and she spread her legs wider to feel his body completely. The kissing was intense, but lasted only minutes, when her teacher broke away and asked if she was on the pill. Lyn said no, and she knew immediately he was preparing to fuck her. The teacher reached for something and she looked to see his pulling a condom over a very long and hard cock.

Suddenly the teacher was between her legs, she felt the head of his cock at the lips of her pussy, and he was inside her. The cock felt huge. He lifted her legs and began to fuck her hard in heep stroked in and out. Lyn's said she was excited, and aroused in way she never experienced. Being fucked by someone other than me, her boyfriend, and being fucked by this older married man she had watched and fantasized about, was still so wrong, and so forbidden. It excited her even more.

Lyn and her teacher fucked until he stretched and pushed deep inside her to cum. He pulled out and lay beside her. The teacher told her he shouldn't be doing this with her, but he flattered her by telling her he was so excited by her beauty he couldn't help himself. He made her promise that it would be their secret to share.

Later that night, they slept together naked in the same bed. During the night, Lyn held her teacher, and reached out to feel his cock in her hand. It was soft, then grew harder as she stoked him. When he was completely erect, they kissed, and he fucked her again.

During the weekend of the conference, they showered together, slept together, and spent the evenings fucking.

Lyn said she was so aroused and excited she couldn't wait to return the room and spend hours together naked. Lyn said he was a teacher, sexually, and she felt so ope and comfortable with him that when she returned home I discovered she was quick to engage in sex with me, like never before. I saw the difference in Lyn's attititude about having sex. I asked her about this new attitude, then quizzed her about her weekend with the teacher.

Lyn eventually confessed to having sex with the teacher, and all the details about what happened. I was shocked, but extremely aroused and made her repeat the story time after time as we had sex. This was the beginning of Lyn's sexually awakening. We would build upon this and share sex with the teacher in the following years. This was Lyn's first seduction, to be followed by many more.

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