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Satisfying The Woman

Its all about the womans satisfaction.If she is'nt satisfied then the experience was'nt even close to being complete.Too man men think that all they have to do is give her a little pickle tickle,and thats it.Too many men think their male members are the be all and end all of the sexual experience.Wrong,so very,very wrong.In my estimation,the lady has to be sensualy massaged from her head to her toes.She should be kissed all over,again from her head to her toes.After at least a half hour or so of this sensual treatment,she should receive oral for as long as she wishes,having several orgasms while receiving cunnilingus in the prone position,while sitting on your face,while laying on her side,but preferably all three positions before intercourse.Then after shes had a number of orgasms via intercourse,again perform cunnilingus for as long as she wants,or can stand.So you men who don't think in these terms need to rethink your techniques.If the lady is fully satisfied,then your climax should be elevated exponentially.This may come across as sexest,but she should be placed high on a sexual pedistal,fulfilling her wants needs and desires completely,and exclusively first and foremost.

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