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Ropes And Candy Couple

Ropes and Candy

"Say it," you curtly address
"No," defiantly expressed
from a mouth so soft and pink
and eyes and mind too far in sync
And rashness draws upon the rope
doling length through collar; choke
Rending my legs and limbs apart,
tying, flying knots of art
And there's the strain upon my neck
pulling me back to inflect my nudity upon my knees
one more tug; my senses seize "Please," I acquiesce to your finesse
while your taut rope and tether suppress~
And cloth is bound across my eyes;
a warm wet mouth between my thighs
I ride on a beach taffy tongue
as zippers rip your clothes undone
Your thumb glides across my lips
mouth and throbbing sweetmeat ellipse
Sucking lollipop affection
riding waves ~ craving injection
Licking spirals, drawing out
shudder and pulse my throat about
three confections quake en masse
climbing peaks in candy baths

End of Story