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Room 44

Room 44

It had been 3 long weeks before they could make a new date.

He had sent the entry code and the room number to her mobile and was waiting on bed.
He was showered, naked and remembering their last meeting when she entered the door.

“ I know I am late but you know how it is with two teenage girls”

He knew to well his girls gave him hell as well.

“ don’t you think you are overdressed?”
She smiled and opened her Dress leaving her naked except her High heels.

“Do you think I am properly dressed now?”

He rose from the and took her in his arms, kissing her and fondling her small but.

He was twice her weight and more than a foot taller but she felt cosy in his arms.

“It has been so long”

“Yes, you can not imagine how hot I am, I had to touch my pussy since I left home.”
He let his hand slide down her little belly until he touched her freshly shaven slit.

“Yes you are really wet”

“And I need a Cock right now, may I see if your cock is ready for me?

She grabbed his cock and pulled the foreskin back to see his dripping cock.

Are you ready to fuck me?

End of Story