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There was something enchanting about was her eyes...gentle, genuine, longing...they drew him in.

Her humility was captivating as well...such a feminine, submissive spirit. She elicited a tenderness in him that only a rare woman could.

He lifted her chin, meeting her eyes as she knelt before him to massage his feet. His affirming smile was all she needed to respond. Wanting him to have his every desire and need met, she quietly asked if there was anything he needed before she began. He cued no and sank into the couch.

She gathered the oil she brought for his pleasure, poured some onto her hands and gently worked it into his left foot then his right. She began with covering the whole foot....rubbing firmly, but gently, making sure to bring pleasure, not pain. After massaging the whole foot she worked on the heal, the ball of his foot, and then each toe. The massage was not the goal was his pleasure.

As she made love to his feet, all of the stress of the last week vanished...he was at rest....something he so often failed to experience because of the demands of his job.

He was constantly under pressure from all of the negotiations he was involved with and the need to direct things to meet his goals. He was always so engaged in business that he neglected his emotional life. This experience made that clear to him.

Soon after she relaxed him with her touch, dinner was ready. The meal's aroma filled the room, tickling his tastebuds. He could taste the fine delicacies as she led him to the table. Her eye caught his as she smiled seductively and laid the linen napkin over his lap. "Master, " she inquired, "am I still to lead?" "Yes, Precious," he replied as he lightly brushed the length of her arm. Her heart rested, assured of his answer.

Puzzled, he watched as she walked behind him, away from the kitchen. "Hmm, " he thought. "I wonder why she isn't serving the meal?" He eagerly turned as she disappeared into the bedroom to quickly change into a delicate, silk kimono. When she emerged, he was taken back by her beauty, grace, and mystery. As she approached him, he marveled at this enchantress.

When she neared him, she demurely asked him to face the table. He immediately complied. She removed the belt from her kimono, gently gathered his wrists, and secured his wrists behind the chair. His heart jumped. "What is she doing?" He panicked inside, trying not to make his dismay evident. However, his sense of alarm was very evident to her keen sense of intuition.

As she moved in front of him, she lightly brushed the length of his arm, just as he had hers. Calmly she uttered, "You can trust me, Master. I want to bring you pleasure, not harm." With that, she disappeared quickly into the kitchen.

She emerged from the kitchen with a luscious crock of french onion soup...full of caramelized onions and drenched with provolone and gruyere cheeses. She kindly spooned the soup into his mouth, perfectly anticipating each time another spoonful would be needed and gently dabbed his chin if any would dribble on him. Her care and concern for his well-being was quite calmed him...built his trust for her...opened his soul to her.

After the first course was complete to his satisfaction, the entree was elegantly presented...lamb chops imported from New Zealand, seasoned and seared on a grill. A cabernet sauce danced over the meat and around the edges of the plate. Once again, she fed him with such nurture.

After dinner was complete, she cleared his plate and modestly asked him if he still wanted her to lead. Having developed a great sense of confidence in her desire to cater to his pleasure and well-being, he closed his eyes and groaned, ?Oh, yes?please.? Never before had he experienced such a woman?strong yet submissive?so extraordinarily gracious and feminine.

Upon his request, she knelt behind him and untied his wrists. She then came around in front of him, took his hand, and quietly led him to the warm bath she had drawn for him. A gentle glow of light emanated from the small, fragrant candles that were placed around the room. Flowers lined the walls and a path of red rose petals lead them to the tub. Michael Franks played softly as she gestured for him to enter the tub. Once again he complied, but not without gazing deeply into her eyes. He was intrigued by her soul?mesmerized by her beauty?captured by her grace.

The warmth of the water comforted him after a long week.

There were so many pressures. Deals to be signed?people to meet...stress to be endured. But somehow, with her, that all melted away.

Once she washed and massaged every part of his body, she tenderly toweled him off and led him to the bed, there she gestured for him to lie on his back. Fully trusting now, he complied as she poured essential oils into her hands and used the sensual massage techniques she was trained in?.long, firm strokes?gentle circles?tantalizing finger tips. He quietly moaned as she massaged both sides of his body?.expelling the worries of his week.

When she finished the massage, she knelt down next to him/

Again, inquiring if he wanted her to take the lead. Longing for her warmth and nurturing tenderness, he gestured for her to just lay beside him. He stroked her hair as they chattered and giggled about nothing in particular?.he just enjoyed having her close to him. She made him feel like a man.

Soon, their playful banter led to other types of frolic?.butterfly kisses that evolved into long passionate kisses, ear nibbling, deep breathing. First, she set his soul on fire. Now, she was setting his body on fire but this time it was his turn to lead her.

He rose above her and gently settled himself over her?.kissing and nuzzling every part of her?he began with her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, ears, and lips. He worked his way down her neck, becoming more and more aware of his eroticism with each kiss. She moaned with delight as he lingered at her breasts?first kissing one, then the other. Slurping up the large, hard nipples between his lips and gently teasing them with his teeth. She ran her fingers through his hair, moaning and whispering, ?You?re such a good lover. Ravish me.? The fire within him arose again and with this, he dragged his tongue along her belly. It was comforting to him. He loved the softness and curves of this full-figured woman.

She continued massaging his head and running her fingers through his hair as he landed between her legs, her mound throbbing and longing for satisfaction?release. He spread open her legs and quickly latched onto her button, hard and perfect for sucking. He loved everything about her body?her aroma, her warmth, her wetness?.she was so inviting.

While pleasuring her button, he inserted his finger into her love canal?.stimulating her soft, spongy spot. She moaned deeper, ?Oh, God, you make me feel so good?.? Her back arched as he tended to her button and the spot deep within her. Pleasing her brought him such immense pleasure.

He sensed the tension mount in her as her hips moved in circles and her hands pushed his face more deeply between her legs. His fingers moved in and out of her faster and his lips sucked more deeply on her button. Just then, she exploded her juices all over him, his face drenched in her wetness?her taste and scent was so sweet and he was so hard at this point.

As she lay there, swimming in the ecstasy of the moment, he slid his mouth to her breasts, nudging them with his nose?latching on to the nipple again and gently massaging the free one. He then moved to her mouth, playfully kissing her and rubbing her nose with his. Together they exploded in laughter, rolling around the bed tickling each other.

Her fingers moved from his chest to his belly, stopping at his belly button, and anticipating what would come next.

She slowed herself down as she grasped and stroked the hard pole between his legs. She bent over him, massaging his balls tenderly in her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue. She then completely immersed his manhood in her mouth as she engaged his eyes. He moaned with pleasure.

?Oh, please, do it again.? She complied, gently massaging his balls as she stroked him with the length of her throat over and over. His tension building, she sensed that he was about to explode so she eased off him and pinched just under the head of his penis, preventing his orgasm and ensuring they could enjoy more aspects of lovemaking.

He looked puzzled as to what she was doing. Knowingly, she laughed and said, ?Silly man, I want more of you.? She climbed on top of him and eased him into her love canal. They moaned together from the pleasure it brought them both. Hearing each other moan, they laughed. She bent down and kissed him. He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her nose, then her cheek. She expanded and contracted her muscles as she moved up and down his shaft. His eyes closed tightly as he reached for her breasts, gently massaging them and rolling his eyes under the lids. She felt so good to him?.exactly the way a woman should feel.

His passion grew stronger as her momentum built. Soon, he rolled her over, gesturing her to get on her knees. He wanted to take her from behind with long, fast, deep strokes. This is how he wanted to explode?deep inside her. He pounded her over and over?faster and faster??Oh my God!? he cried?"I?m gonna cum! I?m gonna cum!" As he shot his load, his mind filled with ecstasy. He moaned and pushed in and out several more times.

His penis became so sensitive, he began to move slowly in and out and eventually eased himself out of her. They both gasped for air and he collapsed on the bed next to her, tickling her nipples and gazing into her eyes. They playfully smiled at one another. He longed to know the depths of her thoughts.

She followed his lead and laid down next to him, affirming him as a wonderful lover. She outlined in detail what she enjoyed about him?his trust for her, his ability to lead and follow, his expressiveness, the warmth they shared, and his wonderful playfulness and oral abilities. He just smiled, at rest and exhausted. But it was a content kind of exhaustion.

As the pillow talk came to a close, he stroked her hair, kissed her lips, her eyes, and her cheeks. He then tipped her chin to meet his eyes and said, ?This is how I want to fall asleep every night.? She just smiled with her eyes as if to say, ?Yes, master.?

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