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Rocky Mountain High

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Holly and Cheyenne were planning another get away for themselves. A weekend of relaxation, retreating from the world, and time together. Holly was to be in Colorado to plan for a wedding and had already made sure that she would have some time available for Cheyenne as well.

Cheyenne was to be entrusted with getting suitable lodging for them. After looking and looking he settles on a what appeared to be a nice little place on the river. Holly had said that she would plan all the meals. Little did each one know just how perfect it would be.

When May 16th finally arrived both Cheyenne and Holly were very excited. Arrangements were made to meet and soon they reconnected. Cheyenne had gotten down to the area a little quicker than Holly could make it but he did not mind. The anticipation he felt before each time he saw her was exhilerating. They met at a little truck stop in Colorado. Holly had told Cheyenne on the phone that she was a little hungry and he picked up her favorite meal for her.

As soon as Holly was clear of her other obligation she met Cheyenne in the back of the parking lot. It did not take long for Cheyenne to throw his suitcase in her car and they were on the road. Cheyenne took over the driving so that Holly could eat.

As always Holly looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was straightened and she was wearing a pair of brown shorts and a light t shirt top colorfully designed. Cheyenne's heart was racing out of his chest and the embraced and kissed. He could look in those eyes for days and never feel any different than he did the first time.

The drive up Highway 34 to Estes was relaxing. Some chat about what each one had been doing since the last time they saw each other, looking at the beautiful scenery and Holly eating her meal. After they had been in the car for about 30 minutes Cheyenne could not help but to keep putting his hands on Holly. Her soft skin, delicate smell, and stunning looks always had him on edge. Soon his hand had wandered up the leg of her shorts and he could feel the moistness of her wet pussy. Holly had no complaints and helped him to touch her,

Soon Holly was getting very wet and began to touch herself. This excited Cheyenne. Never before had he been with a person with such unbridled passion and lust. As they continued the drive Holly got her self off, With a little help from Cheyenne, not once but twice.

As they entered the town of Estes Park they realized just what a tranquil scene it was. The town was nestled in a bowl valley with mountains surrounding every side of it. It was idealic and peaceful. They continued on and soon found their lodging accomodations that Cheyenne had reserved.

After a check in they went to their suite. As they opened the door they knew that this would be perfect for them. As you walked in their was a large bathroom on the right and a stairway leading to the lower bedroom and rear deck on the left. On the main floor was a cozy kitchen, a nice sitting room with a fireplace and best of all a jacuzzi tub with a window view in the same room. The centerpiece of the room was a stone fireplace.

They went upstairs and looked at that bedroom. A king size bed with log rails and a full bath was on this level. They decided together that this is where they would be sleeping and more.

After quickly unloading the vehicle they came inside and put away the groceries. They then retreated upstairs. Both had been going hard that day and wanted a nice shower to relax. They drew the water and hopped in together. Cheyenne could not get enough of Holly. He loves the feel of her in a shower. Her skin, her touch, and her kisses.

They soon found their way out of the shower and into the bedroom. The tension in each was built up high and a release was needed. The passion was incredible as was the release. They were now free to think about other things.

Holly had left it up to Cheyenne to make reservations for a romantic dinner. He had done this. Holly repaid him by wearing the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. Black and white in color with no sleeves and it flowed all the way to the ground. She topped it off with nice black high heels. With her straight hair this was a side of Holly he had never seen before. She was not beautiful in this moment in time she was absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

Cheyenne readied himself. Dark denim jeans, a dark khaki shirt, laid open, and black sport coat. They made for a very good looking couple.

A short drive and they found themselves at the restaurant. They were seated at the bar and ordered two drinks, Crown Royal and Coke. While seated in the bar area they entertained each other with company and by looking at all the walls and ceiling of the bar. It was a tradition in this bar to take a dollar bill and decorate it before hanging it. Many of the bills were other lovers that had been in the same place. Before they would leave this evening they would have their own dollar bill on the wall.

Soon they were seated and ordered. Holly had the salmon and Cheyenne the Halibut. The meals were absolutely exquisite. From the salad to the pasta it was all good. After they had finished they were not ready to leave yet and made their way back to the bar. Holly took out a dollar bill and they began to decorate it. Cheyenne, Holly, 7-4-2011, 182, all were dates names and numbers known only to them. The owner of the restaurant was in the area and helped to select the perfect place for them to hang their bill. Cheyenne used a stapler and it now rests third beam from the south wall just above the edge of the bar. They both knew that they would be back to see it.

After this they returned to their suite. Holly had a dark and kinky side to her and Cheyenne was intrigued by this. Holly had gotten several toys and wanted to try them out. Cheyenne could not wait. Holly did her best to make Cheyenne truly at ease. Cheyenne had never placed his trust in someone like this and he loved it. He was opening himself fully to Holly as she was to him. There was no hiding, nothing left to the imagination this was raw and erotic.

After they had cleaned up they retreated to bed. Holly continued to relax Cheyenne and he was having the time of his life. This night was about making sure there were no taboos among them and breaking down barriers. Both Cheyenne and Holly wanted more and this is what they were going to get tonight. Holly let Cheyenne start and totally relaxed herself with him. Cheyenne was allowed to fuck her in the ass with her toys and he loved it. Holly's ass was so perfect. With tongue, fingers and toys he explored.

Soon it was Holly's turn with Cheyenne. She had brought a special toy called The Naughty Boy. Cheyenne relaxed on the bed as Holly gently inserted it in his ass. The feeling was intense and very pleasurable. Cheyenne could feel the sensation inside making his cock grow to unusual proprotions. Holly continued to stimulate Cheyenne till his cock was huge then jumped on top of his manhood.

With Holly's pussy around his cock and the toy in his ass Cheyenne began to pump. The feeling was incredible. Cheyenne knew that while this was the first time he would continue to push his envelope with Holly. She was a master of pleasure and could make him feel physical satisfaction like he had never had. The night was hot, comfortable and very erotic.

The next morning they awoke relaxed and content. Cheyenne had fallen asleep with his arm over Holly and this is exactly how they awoke the next morning. Cheyenne could not stand it anymore and just new that he had to have Holly again. He began to rub her back, her fantastic ass and her shoulders till finally his hands found her sweet, wet, swollen pussy. He rubbed it gently at first then harder. Soon he was sticking his fingers in and out of her Holly's sweet folds till he had spread her wetness around the outside of her inviting womanhood. He then entered Holly from behind. She was so wet, so inviting, his cock slipped in easily as he kissed her neck and then began to quicken his pace. Holly's pussy was divine and soon his thrusting had him about to cum. The paced quickened, the breathing hastened and soon they were both about to climax. Their bodies fit each other perfectly and never was anything so natuaral. And then, at the same moment they were both cumming in torrents.

Holly went downstairs afterward and prepared the most delicious breakfast that had ever been....fresh fruit, greek yogurt, honey and granola, one bowl, two spoons....Cheyenne and Holly took it out to the deck and ate while listening to the birds, the gentle brook and the sounds of the wilderness. It was sheer bliss. After breakfast they fell into a hot shower together and felt each others bodies yet again.

After breakfast they began to prepare for their weekend outing. Holly had begun by putting together a wonderful menu for a picnic in Rocky Mountain National Park. This menu included french bread, avacado, cheese, gr*pes, fruit and several bottles of wine. Soon they were on their way.

While driving Cheyenne could not help but notice just how terrific Holly looked on this day. She had chosen a green bra with a white shirt on over it, denim jeans and comfortable shoes to wear. She looked absolutely stunning. The thing Cheyenne loved the most is that Holly had no idea just how hot she really was. She saw herself as the every day girl. He knew she was something special though and loved the looks that she got when he was out with her.

The drive to Rocky Mountain National Park was stunning. Once they entered the park they saw bighorn sheep, elk, and lots of smaller animals and birds scampering here and there. Soon they found a nice little picnic area with a few other people in it. They chose a table under a tall pine and began to spread out their meal. as they ate they laughed, joked, chatted and just enjoyed each others company.

While they were eating a cute little bird kept coming up close looking for a few scraps of food. Cheyenne was able to put a small scrap of bread on the end of the table and soon the little guy had hopped up and was eating it just feet from them. They were able to get several good pictures of him and made memories of the event that will for sure last for a long time.

After the great meal Cheyenne and Holly decided to take a nice walk in the woods of Rocky Mountain National Park. They donned the back pack and headed up the mountain. After a short hike they found a very secluded spot in which to enjoy each others company. Holly and Cheyenne both wanted to get some good pictures while they were her by which to remember this special time and Holly was the perfect subject to photograph. The spot was perfect in a small, grassy opening with an old burned out stump at one side and a small patch of granite boulders at the other. The situation overtook them and the camera came out. Holly was ravishing and on fire. The camAfter lots of pictures Cheyenne could not take anymore. Holly forced Cheyenne's pants open and dug his hard cock out. Soon she wrapped her supple lips around it and was sucking and stroking. What a goddess! Cheyenne had Holly bend over on the rocks and pulling her panties to the side threw his hard cock into her pussy. She was so wet that it was sopping. He stroked in and out. The inviting sounds and warmth made him know what he wanted even more though and that was to lick that glorious pussy. Soon Holly was laid down on the blanket by the stump and Cheyenne was tasting her sweet clit. What could be said about Holly's pussy. Cheyenne could eat it all day every day. So sweet, so warm and the actions it invoked in Holly were stunning. She absolutely glowed in her passion and Cheyenne loved that he could make her feel this good. Soon she was writhing in ecstasy and cumming again and again. The last time that Cheyenne had gone down on a girl outside it had been with Holly, 18 years earlier, and yet, here they were again.

After they had composed themselves they hiked out and back to the vehicle. They were in no hurry though and took their time looking at the sites and enjoying the nearby waterfall. Eventually they drove away taking with them images, etched in their minds, that will never disappear.

They slowly drove back to their suite and soon found themselves in another warm shower. After that they just lay on the bed and chatted for a while...They needed their energy for the night had not yet begun.

Dinner that night was planned by Holly and prepared by Cheyenne. Grilled Chicken with dry rub seasonings, fresh vegtables and fruit, cocktails and each other. What more was needed? Nothing at all.

After just relaxing for a couple of hours they decided to watch a movie together. One that Holly had recomended but that Cheyenne had never seen. It was called "The Notebook". Before putting on the movie Cheyenne filled the spa in the main room with cool water and soon the movie was on and Cheyenne had Holly out of her clothes and in the tub. Not before licking that sweet pussy for a couple minutes however...:)

While watching the movie it was unbelievable the paralells between the main characters in the movie and the lives of Holly and Cheyenne. True lovers from the start that had drifted away due to circumstance only to find each other once again and realize just what each one truly meant to the other. While watching the movie Holly began to cry at the end. Cheyenne was so touched by this that he could not help but pull her closer and wipe the tears away. This was a side of Holly he had rarely seen, usually the strong, independent woman he was seeing her more vulnerable side and another part of him fell even deeper in lover with her at this time. It truly was a special moment.

As the movie ended Cheyenne and Holly freshened the bath with warm water. Soon the they were locked in a deep embrace and passionate kisses. Holly faced Cheyenne and gently straddled him, her inviting folds enveloping his cock under the water. As she rocked back and forth the water splashed over the edges of the tub, falling to the floor below them. Between the heat of the water and the heat of each other it was soon unbearable. As they kissed they stepped out of the tub, and after donning robes, out onto their private deck for a quick smoke and some refreshment.

After some time they retired upstairs and rinsed off before falling into bed fully nude. The night before had been raw, it had been hard, it was all about the sex. Tonight was different. Tonight was sweet, gentle, compassionate. Cheyenne and Holly both were feeling something they had not felt with this depth before. Tonight was about making love, exploring each other and being there for each other. It was slow, soulful and methodical. Their bodies intertwined for over an hour. Rocking, caressing, swaying in perfect time with one another. After the climaxes had been reached they fell asleep in their now familiar position with Cheyenne laid against the back of Holly. Peacefully they fell asleep.

As late morning broke Cheyenne began to stir. Soon he had caressed Holly and had her aroused. After some prodding she let him go down on her as she lay there barely awake. Cheyenne would wake her every morning like this if he could. Cheyenne loved the taste of Holly. She was always so inviting. Though there had been others for Cheyenne Holly would always be the one. Although it started out soft they soom were into it full swing. The passion between them went from slow to having another meaning. Soon Cheyenne had Holly laying one her back, legs together and straight up in the air as he pounded her pussy while standing next to the edge of the bed. Oh my god was all he could say.

Once up and packed they carried the luggage out to the car. Not wanting the day to end they took their time and strolled down to the river behind their condo. They took some nice photos then, begrudgingly, headed into town. Cheyenne had suggested a lunch in town before they left and Holly was more than happy to accompany him. They found a nice Mexican restaurant and took a seat outdoors on the patio. The meal was good washed and they washed it down with cold Corona's.

Soon their time in Estes was over and they headed out on Highway 34. They had not made it very far down the canyon however when Holly suggested that maybe they should find a place to pull over for a moment. They soon found a wide pullout meant for fisherman to park when the fished the river just below the road. Holly knew what was on her mind and out came the Spongebob Squarepants window shades and they were quickly thrown up in the front windows.

Cheyenne and Holly clambered into the back of the Escalade and Cheyenne relieved Holly of her shorts and panties in quick fashion. The middle seat was folded down and with Holly laying over the top of it Cheyenne split her legs and dove his tongue into her pussy. He could feel the pulsing of her clit as he bit at it and licked up and down the sides of her labia. Although behind tinted windows they were there for the world to see as highway traffic continued to flow by just feet from them. It took only minutes before Holly was pumping her body in orgasmic throws and moaning loudly. Now it was Cheyenne's turn as Holly ripped his cock out and eagerly swallowed it. She then swung her leg up and over his lap and pushed his dick into her cunt. She rode his cock expertly from front to rear grinding her own clit as she did. So intense was this fucking that Holly was giving Cheyenne that he could not last long. His thick cum soon shot deep inside her cunt. Then, like nothing had happened they got back into their clothes and continued their journey, after one photo of course. era burned as the images of her were burned into it.

At the conclusion of their weekend Cheyenne and Holly bid each other farewell and headed back to their other lives. However I feel that this weeked may have changed what their lives are to be. Both had discovered each other knew now, more than ever before, that they were happiest when they were with each other. The sign at their suite has said it well "Relax, Renew". They had certainly relaxed and their relationship had seen a renewal. Something they both wanted and desired.

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