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Rockin the Casbah!

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Its me, Muffin back with her latest adventure. If you remember my earlier stories, you will know im a 24 yo sales assoiciate for a radio station who has a fiancee that gets turned on when I have other men. Heres what transpired last Saturday.

I have one client who advertises with my station who always flirts with me. Hes treated me to lunch a few times and I must admit hes very charming- even for a 48 yo arab man whos old enough to be my father. Hes asked me out of town a few times but fiancee always said no. Last week I mentioned to my man that I was asked to go to Detroit and for the first time, he said YES. I let Basem know I could go and he arranged for us to meet somewhere at 3pm. I told him to just pick me up at my house ( just so fiancee could see). At 3pm, a super nice car pulls into driveway, I kiss fiancee and head out. I know my fella is gawking out the window, so when I get in, I made sure to give Basem a nice hug and away we went.

On the hour drive, he made sure to compliment me alot and put his hands on my legs a few times- i let it stay. We get to Detroit and he goes into a nice hotel parking lot- turns out he has a suite for the night. This guy is loaded! We get to room and although I was dressed nice, he said it wasnt good enough. He gave me a box and told me to go into bathroom. I open box and its a strapless black tiny dress, a corset, and high heels. I looked so good.

After I dressed, we went to an exquisite restaurant. He bought me wine and since restaurant was dark he took turns rubbing under my dress. When he wnt to restroom, I texted fiancee relating details and he said " have fun." After a few more leg rubs, and a very steep bill- we left to go to next event.

Since he is Arab, he wanted to take me to a club where they had belly dancers. Club was very dark but many beautiful women dressed provocatively and dancing was even more sexy. It must have turned him on because after a few songs, I felt his hand go under my panties and start rubbing my pussy. I was wet. I went to bathroom and when I returned, he had another box and asked if we could go back to suite.

We get back to suite and he gives me the box and says put this on. He somehow purchased one of the bellydancers outfit for me to put on. It was a tad small because my areolas wer popping out the top and my ass could barely be contained but it made him super aroused. He put on music and asked if i was paying attention because he wanted me to dance like the ladies at the club danced. He sat down in a chair and I started bellydancing around him. When I was behind I rubbed my breasts on the back of his head and moved my hands to his chest. When I got infront of him, I turned around and just wiggled my ass in his face. As i danced, I felt my bottoms pulled down slightly and then felt kisses on my ass cheeks. I LOVE MY ASS PLAYED WITH! When I didnt pull away, he saw the sign and kept kissing my ass and then grabbing my ass cheeks very hard. The harder he grabbed the more i moaned. I then turned around to face him and when I did, his tongue went to my shaved pussy. I was stiull standing and dancing as he licked my clit. I was swaying to the music and the more I swayed, the more I grinded my pussy into him. After a few minutes, my knees went week so I straddled him.

I kept gyrating on his lap as his hands went to my ass again. I leaned into kiss him and could taste my pussy on his tongue- this made me kiss him deeper. So here I am, his hands on my ass, me grinding on his cock, my tongue tasting my pussy on his tongue. Was so hot. He took his tongue away long enough to pull my top off to expose my 36c tits. He took turnsd licking each hardened nipple. I took that treatmenty for awhile but then I finally undid his pants and preceded to suck his cock. I sucked for a good 10 minutes when I felt him tense up. I went to let him cum on my tits but he grabbed my hair and kept my mouth on his cock. A full load was shot down my throat. When he let go of my hairI leaned back and saw he was still rock hard. I got up and pushed him onto chair andmounted his wet cock.

I rocked and gyrated on his cock HARD for another 10 minutes before my first orgasm sprayed all down my legs. I just kept on riding through the cum. He flipped me over andpunded me doggy style for all he was worth and shot another load ofcum up into my pussy. All told, we each hada few orgasms. We went to bed and I awoke to my pussy being licked- so all morning we fucked more. He finally dropped me offat home at 3 pm Sunday. I went and put belly dancer outfit on as I told fiancee ofall my hot sex. He was hard so what was a gal to do- yup I got even more cum! What a weekend!

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