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Road Trip and Game of Pool

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It was my wife's birthday coming up and I also had a business trip to Cincinnati. So we decided to combine the two for a Saturday to Monday trip without our kids. Nothing like a little "hotel sex" to spice things up.

As the trip approached I kept teasing my wife that for her birthday I got her two big cocks to suck and fuck at the hotel. My wife always says she doesn't want "any strange" but she doesn't mind sucking her big black vibrator while I fuck her from behind and talk dirty in her ear.

I kept up my tease all week by text. Suggesting she dress up really slutty (without a bra on her big bouncy tits) and come and pick "us" up at a bar. She agreed to dress slutty and shave her pussy and pick me alone up in a bar.

While packing for the trip I made sure to charge the video camera and pack a couple of her toys. She in turn packed some sexy see thru lingerie and flashed me her cleanly shaved pussy before getting dressed for the trip. I told her to wear a skirt so I could get good access to her pussy on the drive down.

We were a couple hours into a four hour drive and I spotted a billboard for an "Adult Store" just off the highway. Gail asked why I was pulling off and I told her we should get some DVDs for the hotel. We pulled into the lot and I told her to go in and buy something she thought I would like and then I would go in and buy something she would like. After 15 minutes she returned to the car smiling holding a bag. I then went in. I scanned the DVD sections and went to the Big Cock section and found a DVD with a few pictures on the back that had a busty girl taking down two very large cocks. As I was going up to the register I also grabbed a pair of fur lined hand cuffs.

I got back in the car and got on the highway. While driving Gail put her hand on my pants and exclaimed "it seems like someone is thinking naughty thoughts". She rubbed my growing cock and then pulled back. I would occasionally put my hand on her legs and lift her skirt but she would never let me all the way in.

We got to the hotel and checked in. We had a couple of drinks and Gail decided she was going to take a bath. I told her that I would go and find a bar and call her with the address. I also suggested that when she gets out of the bath that she uses the camera on her mobile phone to shoot a little video to show me at the bar what would be waiting for me after she picked me up. She said "we'll see".

I went down to the concierge and asked where a nice lounge with a piano bar would be. He directed me to a bar right around the corner. I sat there having a few drinks. The bar started to fill up leaving a few stools open but none next to me. After 30 minutes I phone Gail and told her where I was. She said she would be there in twenty minutes or so.

When Gail arrived she looked hot. She wore some black high heels, black dress slacks that accented her ass, a low cut shirt showing plenty of cleavage. Gail sat at the only empty stool at the bar and ordered a Cosmo. She texted me "I see you didn't save me a seat". I replied, "With that cleavage I see you didn't follow my instructions". "I followed some", was her reply.

The bar was busy but not crowded. I could hear Gail order another Cosmo and the bartender ask her if she was waiting for someone, and Gail replied something to the effect of "No I am just in town hoping to have a good time". I don't know if the guys sitting around her overheard her or if it was the sight of Gail's tits but the group of guys sitting next to her started making small chat with her.

After a half hour Gail excused herself to go to the bathroom. While walking to the bathroom the guys next to her made sure to take a good look at her ass. I texted her that she may have ?a following". She texted back, "not likely".

While Gail was in the bathroom I could hear the guy that was sitting next to her say to his buddy, who was standing, "I wouldn't mind putting something between those tits". His buddy replied, ?motor boats".

Gail came back and the buddy moved back and slid Gail's stool out from the bar so she could climb up. Gail ordered her third Cosmo and texted me "are these the guys that you set up for me?". I replied, "No. But they are very interested in doing things to your tits".

I decided to put my name up for the pool table. This vantage point allowed me to get a better look at what was developing. Gail saw me move and decided to spin her stool around away from the bar so she could survey the bar better. This also spun her more into the conversation space of the two guys that were admiring her boobs.

It didn't take long for me to get on the table. I was lousy but the guy I played was worse and sewered the eight ball to lose the game. As I was the last on the board no one was waiting to play me. So I decided to rack the balls and wait. Gail saw this as her opportunity and collected her phone, purse and Cosmo and came over and asked "would you like to play with me". I said, "Sure". While we missed a lot of shots I could see the guys at the bar watch Gail move around the table. Nothing quite like the sight of a busty gal bending over the green felt with the view from the back as good as the one from the front.

During our first game, which lasted 20 minutes at least, I bought Gail another drink. And as Gail worked around the table she made sure to get in my personal space between shots. I commented to her that it would appear the two guys she left at the bar wouldn't mind her bent over the table. She told me "I bet they would but I have other things in mind". Gail finally won and one of the two guys came up and asked if he could challenge. Gail said "let's play partners" but Gail indicated I would be her partner. Gail added. ?Let's play for drinks?.

Gail continued to flirt with me during the game. Bumping in to me. Casually touching my arm as we talked. We won the first game and they ordered another Cosmo for Gail and a beer for me. They challenged us to another game and Gail said, "Rack-em boys, but I have to go to the bathroom". While Gail was gone I said, "I wouldn't mind playing with that rack". The guys (whose names were Carl and Todd) chuckled and said, "We were talking about that rack a little earlier ourselves".

With four Cosmos down and one more on the way Gail was getting pretty loose. She came back from the bathroom with her shirt?s zipper noticeably lower. Todd asked, "Same bet?" Everyone agreed. Gail lingered over her shots so as to give us all a good look at her tits. We beat them again and Carl went to the bathroom as Todd went to order another round. Gail still hadn't finished her last Cosmo

It was at this point Gail handed me her phone with two videos cued up. She said play them in the queued order and she left to the washroom. The first video was what she shot in the hotel room. Gail was standing in see though black bra and panties in her heels infront of the mirror. She started to narrate her video, "Hey baby. I hope you like what I bought at the store. I see you did some shopping too". As she held up the dvd case. "I started the video when I got out of the shower and now it is at this point". She turned the camera to the TV. There was a girl crouched between two guys sucking and stroking massive poles. She turned the camera back to the mirror and she had her big black vibrator in her other hand. "Baby, would you like to watch me do that?" As she continued to film she started to lick and suck her toy. "Baby do you like that?" She then kneeled on the swivelling desk chair facing over the back rest and continued to suck her toy. She swung the camera back to the TV and the girl was now on a couch bent over the arm sucking one guy while the other guy slid into her from behind. Gail narrated, "Baby I bet you would like to fuck me while I suck a big cock like that". I was getting rock hard. The camera swung back to the mirror. Gail?s big tits were resting on the top of the back of the chair. She seductively sucked her toy. Then pulled it from her lips and dragged it down her chest between her tits. She purred at the camera phone that she held in her other hand, "where should I put this next?". She slid the toy down to the seat of the chair and mounted the vibrator. She slowly rode the length up and down and said, "I wish I had your cock in my mouth". At this point her phone rang. The camera shook and lost the focus on the mirror. When the camera stabilized back on Gail she said, "ohh that's you on the phone, Baby. I guess we can continue this when we get back to the room. Love you". That whole video was under 5 minutes.

I hadn't gotten to the second one yet as Todd came back without the round. He said the bartender was backed up as he was pouring last call. When the round came the waiter had indicated that this was last call but we could have another game of pool. Carl came back from the washroom and Gail followed shortly thereafter. Gail grabbed her half-finished Cosmo.

Todd and Carl informed Gail that it was last call and we could squeeze in another round, but the wager would have to change. "Whatever should we bet", Gail said. "How about this." Gail pulled out her room key. "Whoever wins gets my room key". She places it on the side of the pool table.

My jaw hit the floor. Gail was obviously drunker than I thought. Todd said, "I think you need to clarify the bet." Gail said, "It is pretty straight forward. We win and I take Craig here back to my hotel room and fuck his brains out. If you two win you take me back to the hotel and fuck my brains out. That is if you do not mind sharing me".

I said, "I am game for that", figuring I would be getting what I had been teasing Gail about all week. Todd and Carl looked at each other and grinned. ?Ok, let?s play?.

Gail circled around the table and said to me, ?Wow, you were willing to take your chances after watching the video?. I replied, ?I never got to the second video?. She halted and turned to look at me, as she prepared to break and said, ?Now would be a good time to watch the second video?. I queued up the video? Gail was in the bathroom of the bar, ?Hey Baby, remember that fantasy you have of watching me fuck two guys. It could happen tonight. I think Todd and Carl would go for it. But Baby there is a catch. You can only watch. You cannot touch yourself or jerk off, and when I am done I won?t finish you either. I also found those hand cuffs and they will be on you behind your back for the entire show to make sure you behave. Your call.?

Ohh shit? But still not a bad bet. However, I still had a raging hard on from watching Gail mount her toy on the swivel chair. I was much more interested in winning the pool game than watching my wife fuck two guys without me joining in. Gail sunk two solids off her break. She lined up for a solid to ?declare? and she missed. She came and stood by me. I asked her, ?Are you planning on throwing the game?? She replied, ?I never thought you would take the bet after seeing both videos?. ?You forgot to ask if I had watched both videos before making the bet?.

Todd line up a solid and drained it. Todd and Carl were now solids with three balls of seven down not including the eight ball. Todd high fived Carl. I told Gail, ?If you want to take me back to the hotel alone, you might have to influence this game a little.? Gail winked at me? Todd was lining up for a tough corner shot. Gail bent over the pocket so her boobs hovered over the pocket. Todd tried to keep his eyes on the ball but kept eying the proverbial prize. When Gail got his attention she unzipped her shirt even farther to show off the round tits and black lace bra. Todd shot and missed.

My turn? I went up and had an easy tap in. Down it went. I missed my next shot. Carl?s turn and we are still down two balls. Gail slid up next to Carl as he was lining his shot up and reached for the chalk. Her tits were pretty well in Carl?s face. Carl waited for her to move and knocked down a long straight shot: four down. He moved to his next target. Gail put back the chalk and reached down and grabbed is cock through his jeans. Carl said, ?No fair.? He shot and missed. Gail went to line up her next shot. Todd was standing behind her. Gail turned and said, ?Do you have any ideas?? Todd replied, ?Oh yeah.? Gail shot and sunk a ball: 2 down. She turned to Todd and rubbed his crotch and said, ?Keep your cue ready.? Gail went and sunk another ball and then missed her next shot.

Todd, with a noticeable hard on, sunk his next shot. Carl and Todd high fived. Gail sauntered between them and asked, ?Who wants my mouth first and who wants my pussy first?? Gail?s plan on getting them worked up and distracted worked as he missed. My turn? Gail came up to me and said, ?They are packing some big wood. You sure you want to win??? She reached down and rubbed my cock as she said it. As much fun as that sounded, getting into what was likely a very wet pussy sounded better than a raging case of blue balls. I went on a mini tear and sank three balls. Tie game 3 balls to the win. I miss.

Carl gets back to the table and Gail walks behind him as he is lining up his shot and bends down and starts sucking his earlobe. Carl is trying to concentrate and he sinks his shot. He says to Gail, ?Two more balls and you will be sucking something bigger than that?. Carl gets his next one. The eight ball is the last ball left for Carl and Todd. Carl misses.

Gail?s turn? ?Let?s see if we can make this interesting?? Down goes a stripe. Then Gail downs another stripe. Nothing but the eight ball on the table. Then a miss.

Todd?s turn. ?Bring it on!?, Todd exclaims. Gail walks over to Todd and takes his hand and runs it over the top of her breast. ?That?s for good luck.? Todd misses. My turn. Tough shot. Gail comes up to me and says, ?Well we?ll see if you are trying to win on this one.? She pulls her panties from her pocket and says, ?These are for good luck.? The panties were soaked and that was from before the game.

I shoot and the eight ball stops, hanging over the middle pocket. Well I guess I am going to get to watch my wife get fucked by Todd and Carl. Todd and Carl were ecstatic. Carl line up his shot and called, ?side pocket?. Gail called out to Carl and when he looked she started sucking on her fingers. He struck the white ball and it tapped the eight ball into the side pocket? Todd and Carl high fived each other and were reaching for the room key from the side of the table. But the white ball had travelled down the side rail and gently plopped into the corner pocket. They lose.

I grab the key card from Todd and said, ?Well I guess this is mine. Let?s go Gail.? Gail zips up her shirt, finishes up her drink, picks up her purse, and gives Todd a quick peck and then Carl and says, ?Same time tomorrow??. And we walk out.

We get outside and I tell Gail she has got some game. We can barely keep our clothes on in the elevator to our room. We get into our room. And Gail starts unbuttoning my jeans. My throbbing hard on pops out. She gets on her knees and starts sucking it. I regain some composure?. ?Honey, I think you might not recall where you left off in the first video.?

?Oh I forgot??. She stood up. ?I guess a promise is a promise?. She sauntered to the middle of the room and reached for the remote for the TV. She flipped it on and then turned on the DVD. The scene had not advanced very much from when she last had turned her camera phone to it. The two guys were on the couch fucking the busty blond. ?That could have been me?, Gail purred. She turned and slowly slid out of pants, but then stepped back into her black heels. She slowly unzipped her top to reveal a very tight lace see through bra.

?So Baby, what would you have done if they had won??, I asked.

Gail said, ?Well a bet is a bet. I would have brought them back here, handcuffed you to that chair, with your new toy. And then let them undress me while you watched. You would have to sit there as their hands roamed all over my tits and slid down to my pussy. You would watch me undo their zippers and pull out their hard cocks. My guess is your cock would be getting pretty hard. After I go their hard cocks out, I would crouch down between them?.She walked over to the bed and picked up her black vibrator and her purple vibrator. ?When I was shooting the video I only had one hand.? She squatted in her heels and slowly sucked one toy and then another. ?When they were good and hard I would bring them back to the bed to get some for me.?

She sat down at the top the bed with a mountain of pillows. She looked gorgeous with her heels and bra. She propped herself up and began slowly sucking one vibrator and then the other. Gail kept sucking the purple toy while dragging the black toy down to her shaved pussy. She slowly inserted the head of the black vibrator into her very wet pussy. The girl on the TV now had one guy licking her pussy while she sucked the other guy?s hard cock. Gail asked me why don?t you come and do that to me?. I took off the rest of my clothes and crawled up the bed toward Gail. I licked up her legs to her thighs. Her pussy was drenched. She removed the toy so I could start licking her clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth. I slowly worked my fingers into her very accommodating pussy. The girls on the video was then lying between the two guys alternating sucking and jerking off. Gail said, ?Scene change.? And I moved up the bed. Gail was so fucking hot. When she wasn?t sucking me she was sucking her toy while staring at me. She slowly worked her hand up and down my hard shaft. She fondled my balls.

The girl on the video was on top of one guy while sucking the other guys cock? I said, ?I think this is where you left off on the video?. ?Ohhh you liked that part didn?t you?? I got off the bed and stood on the side. Gail took her black toy got to her knees and mounted it. Once she slid up and down a couple of times she bent and reached for my cock. Watching my wife pussy slowly encase her black toy had me so fucking hard. The girl on the TV was furiously sliding up and down reverse cowgirl on one cock while sucking another. Gail started to pick up the pace on both the black cock and mine. Gail said, ?Baby, I want to come on your cock.? So I lay on my back and Gail climbed up. We were both very close to coming. I offered Gail her purple toy and she took it from me and started sucking it. I grabbed her soft boobs and pressed them together. She started sliding the purple toy between her boobs. I could not take it anymore and emptied myself into her, bucking up against her wet pussy. Gail grabbed my chest and started bracing herself for an orgasm. She took a deep breath and came violently as I felt her juices run down my cock and balls. Gail collapsed on me.

?Gail baby, you are so fucking hot.? Gail rolled off onto the bed exhausted. I told her, ?I bet Todd and Carl are drowning their sorrows. Their loss is my gain.?

Gail responded, ?Well they slipped me their phone numbers we could always invite them up tomorrow night. But this time you can film it. Or we could???

I could feel my cock growing hard again.

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